Friday, June 20, 2008

Will Geert Wilders Be Arrested?

That’s the speculation in today’s De Telegraaf, on the basis of an international arrest warrant which is expected to be issued at the behest of the Jordanian government.

Here’s a translation of the article by our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan, followed by his commentary on the state of civil liberties in the Netherlands:

Wilders might soon be arrested

Geert WildersAmsterdam — Geert Wilders fears he will be arrested soon when traveling abroad, due to his movie Fitna. Jordan is working on an international warrant for the arrest of the PVV leader in order to prosecute him.

Last Monday the court in Amman found the complaint filed to be acceptable. Wilders expects that the court will soon appeal for an international warrant for his arrest, reports De Volkskrant.

Jordan can possibly make a request through Interpol. Such an appeal can be fought by the Dutch government.

It is also possible Jordan will ask individual nations visited by Wilders to extradite him. In any case, the Wilders’ freedom of movement will be severely restricted. Wilders complains about the uncertainty. “One never knows when it will happen. My freedom of movement will be enormously limited and I cannot operate as a politician,” according to Wilders in De Volkskrant.

The risks are being mapped by the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Commentary by H. Numan:

Given the brave attitude of the Dutch government in protecting this bothersome politician and our constitutional rights, I expect the mapping of the Foreign Ministry will be limited to pointing out where Jordan is on the geographical map, and issuing a statement that since this country is far away from the Netherlands, there is actually no risk at all. Or, Mr. Balkenende will use his by now famous megaphone diplomacy, to update interested nations where certain politicians are presently traveling to.

Nothing personal, mind you.
- - - - - - - - -
It didn’t attract much attention, but last week we had a parliamentary debate about the arrest of Gregorius Nekschot. The government admitted the case was somewhat mishandled, but saw no reason for further investigation. The parliament accepted the explanation.

Not long after the arrest of Gregorius another Gestapo team raided the house of a person. For a middle aged cartoonist a ten men SWAT team is sufficient. In this case the police found it necessary to send in twenty officers. This person was and is involved in the management of the site Holland-Hardcore is a very big site (well over 10,000 visitors per day) dedicated to hardcore music and politics. The tenor is nationalist. Nothing remotely extreme about it. It certainly isn’t extreme right-wing or neo-fascist, as media would like one to believe. After interrogation and confiscation of his pc the young man was released and no charges have been filed as yet.

Hoeiboei — one can call this hardly a right-wing blog, let alone extreme — received a summons to report to the local police station, to answer questions. In the summons no charges were filed. This alone is an offense, as it is legally required that the police state the reason why someone is summoned to the police station.

The owner of the site received a warrant last year for his arrest, due to two postings by visitors considered offensive. The case is still pending.

In short, The Netherlands is still a democratic nation, in the same sense the DDR was a democratic republic.


Anonymous said...

Arrest him on what charge? I can't believe that this kind of thing could possibly be allowed.

talnik said...

Randian: Face it, it's over. They'll soon be coming after us.

Fjordman said...

This is the logical conclusion of the political direction of the European Union. We have debated the European Arrest Warrant here before, which ranks "racism" (which means "Islamophobia") next to rape and murder in seriousness, and specifies that one member state can arrest any person from any other member state, without national interference. They are also doing legal cooperation with Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Syria etc. with the stated goal of integrating them into the EU.

Fjordman said...


Advice: 'Morocco Towns' in Dutch Cities

Districts like 'Morocco Town' of 'Little Istanbul' should be created in Dutch cities. The "stimulation and promotion of ethnic-cultural theme districts or areas" is an explicit recommendation by the expertise centre for urban policy (Nicis).

Nicis presented the research report 'Economic opportunities of ethnic diversity' yesterday. This says that in Amsterdam and The Hague, 47 percent of the non-Western immigrants do not belong to the working population. In Rotterdam, this is as much as 52 percent. The report makes recommendations on getting them into work and improving the economic position of the cities.

"The encouraging of structural ethnic-cultural areas can lead to more incoming tourism and to more foreign investment," the report says. Examples from abroad are known. "Little Italy and Banglatown in London are impressive examples of the enrichment that ethnic diversity can offer. As well, a city like Brussels has an entire Moroccan street." According to Nicis, "Encouraging ethnic-cultural districts and events must certainly not be limited to just shops" as these should be a "sensation".

Nicis does not believe the proposal will run into popular opposition. "The indigenous Dutch are becoming more and more interested in other cultures," according to the report.

Nicis notes that 20 percent of the Dutch have an immigrant background. Among residents of the big cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht), this figure is 50 percent - and among the babies now being born in Utrecht, 70 percent.

Nicis welcomes ethnic concentration. "We must get rid of the dogma of (ethnic) distribution in the cities." The researchers also criticise the fact that "in municipalities, 'white' people are thinking about the opportunities for ethnic diversity."

The institute expects its recommendations could reduce the number of non-Western immigrants on welfare benefit by 25 percent, which would mean annual savings of 270 million euros for the four major cities. "For the whole of the Netherlands, the benefit payments would come down by as much as 550-600 million. By cutting the high level of sick-leave among immigrants another 220 million euros could be saved."

Zoetermeer municipality tried for years to develop a Chinese theme park called Sweet Lake China. Zuid-Holland eventually gave a negative verdict on the building plan. According to Nicis, this was partly because this park "would portray a picture of a tolerant and culturally diverse China contrary to the present human rights situation." The institute did not say whether it expects any Arabic districts to be rejected for the same reasons.

CarnackiUK said...

"Little Italy and Banglatown in London are impressive examples of the enrichment that ethnic diversity can offer.

There's a well-known Chinatown in central London, but where the hell is 'Little Italy'? These idiots must be thinking of New York - and the Little Italy there has been squelched by neighboring Chinatown after some bloody turf wars. Diversity? If you want egg cream you better settle for egg noodle.

In Britain the Italian community is pretty well integrated and dispersed.

Zenster said...

Would someone please remind me what vital product—other then Islamic terrorism—it is that Jordan exports to the rest of our world?

This puny backwater POS needs to be slapped down hard. All countries that support free speech and have constitutional provisions for same need to establish a permanent economic boycott. No goods sold to Jordan, no travel permitted, no purchase of whatever measley crap it is that Jordan produces, no telecom services, no Internet traffic, nothing, repeat NOTHING for this stinking Islamic $h!tbag until they wise up.

It's getting more than a little annoying to have these repressive Islamic tyrannies lecture the Free World on how we should be running our lives. A major hurt needs to be laid down thick on these snotty little turds until they find themselves being scraped of the heels of our jackboots.

As to this outrageous horseradish:

"The encouraging of structural ethnic-cultural areas can lead to more incoming tourism and to more foreign investment,"

This is nothing but code for: "Establish no-go zones where shari'a law predominates and hope like Hell that shari'a compliant financing will make a dent in the massive economic drain these Islamic cesspits cause for local economies".

I dare anyone to tell me otherwise.

America needs to offer Geert Wilders honorary citizenship. What is the basis of Jordan's complaint? Hatespeech? Stirring up racial hatred?

I seem to recall that "Fitna" consists almost wholly of quotes from the Qa'ran. If that constitutes hatespeech, then isn't the Qa'ran—by logical extension—hatespeech in kind?

This crap's gotta end. It's time for civilized countries to place sanctions on all nations that practice shari'a law. That America liberated Afghanistan and Iraq only so that they could re-impose shari'a law was a total abortion of justice.

Shari'a is the complete antithesis of freedom. That the Free World simply cannot bring itself to recognize this and begin acting upon it is the very worst form of moral cowardice and appeasement of tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy this site. It has definitely contributed to making me more aware of what we are up against. There's so much news here that we never get in the traditional media (I live in Norway). But reading about all these developments makes me very frustrated. I want to do something! Has anyone considered starting a local 'counter-jihad'-group in Norway? I imagine this would a group that would 1) educate its members in themes like western civilization, freedom of speech, etc 2) educate other people by spreading information on various theses 3) conduct non-violent and legal actions to make the extremists show their true hearts 4) support and offer protection to individuals and groups who become the target of violence motivated by religion.
It's interesting to note that we, here in Norway, (used to) have one of the largest organizations for secularism and critique of religious dogmas of its kind. It has some 60.000 members. However, it has completely failed to respond to attacks from Islam(ic extremism) on our society. HEF (that's the abb.) just keeps on ranting about Christianity (which is ridiculous, since Christianity today has lost all its power) - it's composed to a large extent of extreme leftists ...

Fjordman said...

I've just made the decision that I will create an online book called "Defeating Eurabia" (or something similar if anybody has a better suggestion), composed of a number of my essays regarding the European Union and the Islamization of Europe. I hope I can make it available at some point in July, and probably post it here. It will be available for download and can be translated into any language and republished, also in print, for free by anybody who wants to.

Paul said...

Dang, Zene, chill. Relax and have a nice soothing Tuborg, or even some refreshing tea.

I do appreciate your comments however, as always.

Concerning this, "As to this outrageous horseradish:"

Good imagery. I'm going to borrow that one. Have good evening.

Paul said...

Old Lime:

"HEF (that's the abb.) just keeps on ranting about Christianity (which is ridiculous, since Christianity today has lost all its power) - it's composed to a large extent of extreme leftists ..."

I would not classify what you refer to as Christianity, even though the ranting leftist scoundrels you mention may control a church building or organization. I think it more correct to refer to these folks as counterfeits rather than Christians.

Unknown said...


You should think about trying to get your book printed by a publishing house. It would reach more people that way.

John Sobieski said...

Oldlime, doesn't Bruce Bawer (While Europe Slept - must read book for Europeans' awareness of Islam) live in Norway? Be great to have lunch with him and discuss what can an individual or small group do.

Anonymous said...

He'd better not travel to Canada.

Defiant Lion said...


That article about Holland is frightening. Note the Orwellian thought-control buzzwords "enrichment" and "diversity", the counter-weapons to those who speak out against the marxist multi-cult EU-topia.

We have to call this for what it is: Colonisation. Look at the birth-stats, especially for Utrecht. That is replacement of the population and is an act of genocide and is against the UN convention of Human Rights - not that marxists ever bother about their own rules.


The problem isn't Jordan or any other Islamic cesspit nation. Rather - and I'll say this especially for the EUSSR - it is the enemy within who rot the nation from its core outward.

These are the traitorous scum who are selling out their own nations and who are willingly dancing to the muslim tune.

We are being betrayed by our own, we are being colonised by the deliberate actions of our own and western civilisation is being wiped out by our own.

And while these traitors hold the reigns of power, there is no chance of the west resisting Islamic jihad in all of its forms.

Zenster said...

Defiant Lion: And while these traitors hold the reigns of power, there is no chance of the west resisting Islamic jihad in all of its forms.

Agreed. During the Iraq campaign's onset I had thought that there was some sort of actual resolve to turn the Islamic tide. Concession after spineless concession by Western leaders now has convinced me otherwise.

Communism's penetration of our academic institutions and the fact that these same institutions churn out our elected leadership has literally assured that liberal and conservative politicians alike all march under the same banner of progressive transnational multiculturalism.

The vast lot of them are sufficiently wealthy whereby they need not be subject to the predations they've knowingly unleashed upon us lowly rabble. I can only hope that there comes a day of reckoning before open courts when their mass betrayal and treason are brought to light.

GeorgeOfTheJungle said...

Just an aside. I was living in Saudi Arabia for a while some years ago - contracting, and after finishing was going to drive my car through the middle east to Europe. My Saudi friends advised me that it could be done as Turkey and Syria were ok, but they very strongly advised me not to travel through Jordan because of the corruption, an hatred and strict Sharia laws there. Well, the Saudis should know about Jordan!
This story about the court in Amman requesting an international arrest warrant from Interpol leaves me gob smacked! How dare a primitive, Sharia and Islam-ridden ignorant backwater court from a backwards and despicable country try such an outrageous thing - try to close in and destroy free speech. It's the typical knee-jerk, irrational, and absolutely childish reaction that one has become so used to from Islamic countries. Take for example the reaction to the poor old teddy bear. Did the Christians of the world get up in arms about "The Life of Brian"? No, because we are way, way more civilized, and respect free pseech.
If the west and especially the Dutch Government would wake up to the very dangerous threat from Islam, then they should throw the bloody book at that jumped-up country, Jordan.
Has anyone got evidence of hate sayings, literature or threats that have been heard or seen on any Jordan web sites or media? If you have, then please advertise the links here, and then we should all get a representative body to go to the Dutch and EU Governments to petition that they issue Interpol arrest warrants for those jumped-up, ignorant and stupid camel-drivers who reside in Jordan, or anywhere in any Arab country. Let's play them at their own game, and they will lose.
No way should any western government or judicial body feel threatened by a people who follow the psychotic. idiotic and raving ramblings of a bloody pedophile who lived 14 hundred years ago, and is still running the death cult of Islam in this modern day and age. Islam is NOT a religion, it is an evil and despicable ideology that should be brought down, and brought down hard.
Those ignorant, childish middle easterners make me so, so angry.

GeorgeOfTheJungle said...

From Amnesty International Human Rights Report - 2008:

Migrant workers

The authorities failed to protect thousands of migrant workers from abuse. Employees’ passports were confiscated, and residency permits were denied, putting them at risk of arrest and deportation. Overtime working was enforced, wages were withheld, some living conditions were inadequate and access to proper medical care was denied. Physical abuse and sexual abuse of employees were reported.

Freedom of expression

On 9 October the SSC sentenced former MP Ahmad al-‘Abbadi to two years’ imprisonment for “undermining the prestige and reputation of the state” and “for belonging to an illegal movement”, the US-based Jordan National Movement. He had allegedly written a letter to a US Senator citing corruption and human rights abuse in Jordan.

And this is the despicable, archaic, ignorant country that wants to request an International arrest warrant for a person who values free speech and freedom of expression? Will Europe and the EU ever get it into their heads that Islam is evil?

GeorgeOfTheJungle said...

Have a look at:

Their map data is based on the very accurate count of Islamic atrocities in the world from:

where there are 11,300 Islamic irrational atrocities counted in the world since 9/11. That works out to 4 atrocities (beheadings, bombings, murder, rapes, stoning, honour killings, aggravated assaults, and other irrational and insane atrocities) PER DAY since 9/11.
And Jordan wants an International arrest warrant for a true believer in free speech. Well, Jordan... kiss my ar***ole, you fu**ing freaks.