Friday, June 20, 2008

Ramming Harmony Down Camden’s Throat

I wrote a couple of posts last month about Camden, a small town near Sydney, Australia, and its successful effort to resist the construction of an Islamic School. The proposed institution was sponsored by the Quranic Society, which depends entirely on funding from Saudi Arabia.

The Australian establishment, like that of most Western nations, doesn’t approve of its own citizens’ opinions. It’s determined to “educate” the populace until everyone gets with the program and toes the line on politically correct Multiculturalism.

The people of Camden, having demonstrated their backwardness and racism, are about to be subjected to some special attention from the government. According to the Camden Advertiser:

Camden set to get funds for harmony

The Federal Government has identified Camden as an area that could benefit from funding to promote multiculturalism in light of community reaction to the Islamic school and accusations of racism.

A spokesman for the Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs, Laurie Ferguson, said Camden Council had applied for funding for programs that promoted harmony, diversity and multiculturalism.

“In view of recent controversy around Camden I guess there is some added urgency to this issue,” he said.


Camden Council general manager Greg Wright said the funding application was “not necessarily” a direct result of the controversy surrounding the Quranic Society’s school application.

“There’s a package of things we’re working on,” he said. “It’s not a direct result but [the debate] has brought it into sharp relief that these sorts of programs can be useful in a community to promote a better understanding of varying cultural backgrounds and issues.”

Remember: “promoting better understanding” means “making sure that local community opinion lines up with government-enforced PC attitudes”. Ignorant and backward citizens will be re-educated to help them find their way to more enlightened views.

The article continues:
- - - - - - - - -
Ruth Lesmana, 18, was involved in setting up “Carmony” a 2006 program that promoted awareness of different cultures in the Camden area at special theme nights.

I hate to tell the well-meaning members of the Australian federal bureaucracy, but ordinary Australians are already well aware of different cultures in their midst.

Teenagers, for example, quickly learn in high school that “multicultural” students tend to be very close-knit, and very bad news. Kids learn the hard way that the Turkish and the Lebanese are the ones who start the fights, and use knives.

From the elite perspective, the problem isn’t awareness, it’s awareness of the truth.

She said promoting multiculturalism and harmony in Camden was important.

“To be able to get along with each other, we’ve got to try and understand the differences as well as similarities that we have,” she said. “It’s really all about community. In the end that’s what it all comes down to.”

But what if we do understand those differences? What if we are all well aware of them, and recognize that they are fundamental, irreconcilable, and often dangerous?

Perhaps the swanks who run the country are really the ones who are unaware. Living in gated communities, sending their kids to schools where no underclass kids — especially “brown” ones — ever appear: why should they ever be aware of the real differences? What do they know about the racial and ethnic fault lines that ordinary Australians face every day?

MultifestThey are the “We Are the World” crowd, the people who can afford to hold on to an imaginary picture of all the rainbow cultures with their quaint ethnic costumes joining hands across a stylized globe and singing in perfect harmony. The rest of us can’t, because we have to live with the consequences of their idiotic and myopic visions.

Australia, like other Western nations, can choose the Swedish route to multicultural perfection. It can criminalize dissent, crack down on the internet, monitor people’s phone calls and email, enforce quotas on all employers, send police escorts with the fire brigade when “youths” burn schools in the no-go zones, and ignore the high incidence of rape committed by immigrants against native women.

Australia could do all these things, but it won’t help create “harmony”.

Because ordinary Australians know what’s going on.

Hat tip: Nilk.


Diamed said...

lol Baron.

Your sense of humor is among the finest, and your rhetoric is scathing, I can't add anything here.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Before I go any further, let me just say that this comment is not a pop at Australia or America. I'm British, and you both are, after all, my children. And I love my kids.

I think the Australian elites should go ask an Abo what happens when a nation allows a totally alien culture into its territory. American elites should ask the same question of the American Indians.

And mum and dad (that's me - Britain) should be asking themselves the same question - that we should be doing it is just sheer stupidity. Haven't we learned from what we did to so many other peoples around the world when they were foolish enough to let us get a toehold in their territories? And here we are actually encouraging an utterly alien culture into our own territory.

I despair sometimes.

Fjordman said...

shm: It's not "we." Ordinary citizens have not been asked to take these people in, and we are under no obligation to accept them in our countries. We have every right to expel them, by force if necessary. And it will probably come to that in the end.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Ah - I meant the elites - I remembered that in reference to Australia but forgot to say it about the rest of us.

And yes - it will come down to that in the end.

PS Off Topic, butYou might like this email I sent to the European Parliament web editor (ref talk of controls on blogging):


You really don't quite understand this "free speech" business do you

I don't need a "quality mark" - I get my quality mark automatically from my readers. I definitely don't need one from you. You are not my betters you know - I don't have any betters. I have my peers, and that will do just fine, thank you.

As for "misinformation and malicious intent". Well if I misinform, you can be damned sure plenty of people will let me and the rest of the world know about it - that's how blogging works, didn't you know. Malicious intent? Well I suppose you might have a point there - everyone who reads me knows I have nothing but malice for Islam and want its practitioners gone from my country and continent. I also have a bit of a downer on immigrants in general. I'm quite happy with having a bit of the world where I and people like me can say: 'This is our little patch of the Earth. Here we make the law and we make it to suit the way we like to live. If other people don't like and respect that, then they can just shove off back to whichever patch of the Earth they came from - back to where they can make their own laws.'

I also have a serious downer on the EU (NOT the same thing as 'other Europeans') and will do all I can to destroy it.

Any controls you try to introduce will fail. We will find technical workarounds to nullify such controls and just carry on as if you don't exist. And you aren't clever enough to stop us.


PS My real name - I'm not afraid of you, you bastards."

My anger does sometimes get the better of my good sense.

Anonymous said...

Voices of dissent in Australian public schools are quickly silenced, not by the government or administration, but by the very people who they speak out against.

For instance, at a certain public high school in Melbourne, there is a rather large population of international chinese students, a dispropotionate amount of whom are involved in illicit or "disharmonious" behaviour. As stated in the article, this group of students is very tightnit, and It is very dangerous at this school to offer any criticism of this group.

One such fellow (who was actually a real jerk anyway, but that's not the point) made some rather indelicate remarks about the mentality and behaviour of the chinese student population. Word of this quickly spread and he was met at the train station on the way home by a bunch of thugs who then proceeded to 'rough him up'.
Needless to say, I have never heard of him again.
This is very disconcerting for me, as I am frequently accused of being racist for making accurate factual statements about recent chinese history in my history class.

And so, like everyone else cowering in fear, I too may have to keep my head down, if only to avoid being beaten up on the station.

On a side note, the head of the gang that disposed of this dissenting voice, simply flew back to china to escape prosecution, and now (after being acquitted) is back at the school.

Ah, the wonders of multiculturalism...

Nilk said...

Vagner, if you're in the Socialist State of Melbournistan (or is it now Brumbystan?), drop me a note.

You're not alone and I know a few anti-jihadis here.

Back on topic, I had a young relative living with us on the outskirts of the Eastern suburbs - Dandenong area - and at her school there were a lot of problems with a particular demographic.

On one occasion, the kids were going on an excursion to the and the muslim kids kicked up such a stink that they never actually went through the door.

What a waste of a day.

Then there was the "multicultural" day where all the kids had to put together a display based upon their culture.

YR was majorly upset because she wasn't allowed to come as an aussie. She joined the slovenian contingent.

By all accounts, none of them official, the kids weren't allowed to celebrate as "Australians". They were anything but.

For those true blue skips, who could trace their ancestry in Oz back generations, they had to be British.


Nilk said...

Apologies for forgetting to close the tags.

Zenster said...

Living in Harmony