Saturday, June 07, 2008

Putting the Screws on Norway

We’re all familiar with the Islamic Protection Racket. It’s standard operating procedure for Muslims who live in the West. The process runs something like this:

Step 1: A trivial incident — a cartoon, a video, a book, an interview with a prominent public figure — is inflated into a huge outrage against the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims.
Step 2: During Friday prayers, fire-breathing imams exhort the faithful to “defend the honor of the Prophet”.
Step 3: Muslims in Jordan, Pakistan, and Indonesia take to the streets, burn infidel flags, and kill a few of each other.
Step 4: Muslim countries institute a boycott against products manufactured by the offending Western nations.
Step 5: Moderate spokesmen for Islamic groups appear on television and offer soothing words about peace and understanding, but… the violence of some of their co-religionists, regrettable though it may be, is understandable and hard to prevent, given the offense to their Islamic sensibilities.
Step 6: Muslim ambassadors pay calls on heads of state and government in the Western countries involved, and insist that the host country needs to do more to understand Islam and promote constructive dialogue.
Step 7: Officials in Western countries offer abject apologies and make concessions to Muslims, which usually involve massive “aid” programs to poor Muslim countries, all-halal menus in school lunchrooms, allowing women to wear burkhas on public transport, etc.
Step 8: Muslim leaders proclaim that Islam is mollified (for the moment), and the world returns to a state of multicultural harmony.
Step 9: Repeat steps 1 through 8 as often as necessary.

The other day I posted about a Mohammed-insulting cartoon that was published in a Norwegian newspaper. Now it seems that Norway has reached Step 6 in the good ol’ Islamic Shakedown: the Pakistani ambassador to Norway has issued some thinly-veiled threats (as translated by our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc):

Kong Harald ans Ambassador Rab Nawaz KhanAmbassador: Caricature is Terror

Pakistan’s ambassador to Norway calls the caricature in Adresseavisen ‘terror’ and fears that Norwegian lives might be lost as a consequence of it

[Photo caption: Visiting the king: Ambassador Rab Nawaz Khan was received by King Harald at an audience when he arrived in Norway 2006. Now Khan firmly opposes the drawing in Adresseavisen.]

Notice in the photo how much the ambassador resembles a Mafia don — or am I just prejudiced?

The article continues:
- - - - - - - - -
Earlier this week the newspaper published what is seen by many as a caricature of the prophet Muhammad. The ambassador fears the consequences when the drawing becomes more widely known in large Islamic countries, such as Pakistan.

“Muslim societies all over the world will be offended. This is an act of terror,” says ambassador Rab Nawaz Khan to TV2.

He thinks that the publication might stir up strong reactions and that people might lose control. Consequently, Norwegian lives might be endangered, he opines.

“Don’t forget that there are many Norwegian companies in Pakistan,” says Khan.

The embassy has handed over a formal note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD).

Spokeswoman Anne Lene Dale Sandsten of the UD says that the protest is taken seriously, but she declines to comment in detail about the ambassador’s claims. She fears that doing so might escalate the whole affair.

Kepiblanc included with his translation an afterword with some background on the situation in Norway:

Translator’s notes: Adresseavisen is a very old, historic term originating way back when newspapers were more like ‘bulletins’ or ‘journals’ combined with advertising. This particular daily is Norway’s oldest, situated in Trondheim — one of the best-known Viking settlements.

By the way, according to the newest poll in Norway, Fremskrittspartiet — Norway’s version of “The Danish People’s Party” — has surpassed the other political parties in Norway and is currently the biggest party in the country. It is strongly opposed to immigration, especially Muslim immigration. If Norway had an election right now, the party’s chairwoman, Siv Jensen, could become Prime Minister. Alas, the Norwegian Constitution doesn’t allow elections outside a fixed, four-year schedule.

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Dymphna said...

such balderdash...

Offended Muslims ought to report to the nearest medical clinic for a sensitivity-ectomy. Then, having had this organ removed, they can function within the normal limits of civil society. They could even carry cards proving they've had their surgery.

Unoffended Muslims, who do not grow this tumor, wouldn't need it removed to begin with. They could welcome their recuperating co-religionists to the human race...

The only problem? We would still have the lemming Left to contend with. They'd have to find a new cause....oh, wait. They already did: socialism is all its malignant forms.

Well, when life hands you lemmings, make lemmingade. Preferably in the blender...

Henrik R Clausen said...

She fears

Important. People who act out of fear usually make mistakes. They should get someone else...

Frequently these days I get the idea that we have to discard a lot of politeness and finesse. Not only when dealing with Muslims, also when taking care of EU matters.

Just be straight. It cool.

Zenster said...

"Muslim societies all over the world will be offended. This is an act of terror," says ambassador Rab Nawaz Khan

People must remember that just because a Muslim calls any given thing "an act of terror", doesn't mean it actually is an act of terror. Hell, they adamantly refuse to call their own terrorist activities acts of terror, so why on earth should we be listening to any interpretation by them of their pseudo-reality?

This is more of the usual gangster blackmail and extortion specifically designed to make the West get all titty-fingered about how they deal with perpetually aggrieved Muslims.

The proper response to a Muslim thug like Rab Nawaz Khan calling stinking cartoons terrorism is to laugh aloud in his face—if not slap it hard—and then forcibly strap him down like Alex DeLarge, pry his eyes open and make him watch a few hundred hours of footage about the 9-11 atrocity looped over and over again.

Pushing him naked out of a high altitude aircraft rates a close second.

Henrik R Clausen: Frequently these days I get the idea that we have to discard a lot of politeness and finesse. Not only when dealing with Muslims, also when taking care of EU matters.

Before this is all over, such niceties as the Marquess of Queensberry rules, The Order of the Garter and Robert's Rules of Order will all be a fond memories. Ones to be duly restored in their proper places once this unpleasantness ends but certainly recognized as being unapplicable for the nonce.

"Fighting fire with fire" must cease to be a euphemism if the West wishes to survive.

I'd also wager that Europe had best learn to shut the Hell up with all their America-bashing about us being so many gun-toting yahoos and start taking notes regarding how a nation serves its people instead of the EU's perverted vision of political servitude and Abject Socialist Slavery (a term whose acronym speaks volumes).

the doctor said...

Dymphna , I disagree with your treatment protocol , I suggest that the only cure is 158grains of lead injected inter-crainally at 1100fps.
It is the only sure cure to a great many Muslim conditions .

Dymphna said...


In order to do that, you have to get up close and personal and your patient is not always willing. I'd like to see actual change, and it may or may not be possible.

With the Arab tribal mentality, perhaps not. But not all Muslims are Arabs, thank Allah.

randian said...

Mafia don? There's some evidence that the Italian Mafia itself was a response/derivative of the Muslim occupation of Sicily.

no2liberals said...

Hold onto your knickers and lederhosen.
Pakistan to ask EU to amend laws on freedom of expression.
Let's see if that call gains traction throughout the ME...and Europe.