Monday, June 30, 2008

Muzzled in France

I just received a message from Cyber-résistant, a French Counterjihad blogger. It’s a forward from the blog drzz, which has been suspended by its hosting service.

Here is my translation, with the original French version posted below it so that our Francophone readers may correct my mistakes:

Hello everyone,

The blog drzz was suspended by over-blog because it allegedly had not deleted an “illegal comment”.

The host gives page links and requests the deletion of the comment, but at the same time it has suspended the blog from the Web, and denies the editors administrative access to the blog. How can one delete a comment in this case, I ask you…? Over-blog’s announcement also states, “also any comment, article manifestly unlawful”… Understand: over-blog is undertaking this purely and simply so it can delete the blog drzz from the Web.

If you want proof of our success, this is a beauty… And this is happening in France, not the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe, even though we might confuse the two…

Be aware that the blog drzz is reported at least fifty times a week for “abuse” by militants of the LCR [the Revolutionary Communist League] and Attac.
- - - - - - - - -
I therefore call on everyone to write to over-blog demanding immediate restoration of service to the blog drzz:

Over-blog without a doubt is trying to let a deadline pass, after which the blog will automatically be deleted. We must therefore act, NOT WAIT.

Hoping to find you on the Web,

drzz (just entered the Green Card program, with the intention of leaving this diseased continent as soon as possible)

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:04:59 +0200
To: drzz
Subject: About your blog


Please delete the comment: # comment28507322
Comment No12 posted by jean 17/06/2008 11:16:08

and also any other comment, article clearly illegal.
The blog has been suspended in the meantime.

The Over-blog team

Le texte original français:

Bonjour à tous,

Le blog drzz a été suspendu par over-blog parce qu’il n’avait soi-disant pas supprimmé un “commentaire illicite”.

L’hébergeur donne la page en liens et demande de supprimer le commentaire, mais dans le même temps a supendu le blog de la Toile et interdit aux rédacteurs d’ouvrir le volet administratif du blog. Comment supprimer un commentaire en ce cas, je vous le demande… ? L’annonce d’over-blog précise également “ainsi que tout commentaire, article manifestement illicite”… Comprenez : over-blog est en train, purement et simplement, de supprimer le blog drzz de la Toile.

Si vous vouliez une preuve de notre succès, en voici une belle…. Et ceci se déroule en France, pas dans la dictature de Robert Mugabe, même si nous pourrions confondre…

Sachez que le blog drzz est signalé au moins cinquante fois par semaine pour “abus” par des militants de la LCR et d’Attac.

Je vous demande donc, à tous, d’écrire à over-blog pour réclamer immédiatement la remise en service du blog drzz:

Over-blog cherche sans doute à passer un délai après lequel le blog sera supprimmé automatiquement. Il faut donc agir SANS ATTENDRE.

En espérant vous retrouver sur la Toile,

drzz (qui vient de s’inscrire au programme de la Green Card, histoire de quitter au plus vite ce continent de malades)

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 16:04:59 +0200
To: drzz
Subject: A propos de votre blog


Merci de supprimer le commentaire :
Commentaire No12 posté par jean le 17/06/2008 a 11:16:08

ainsi que tout autre commentaire, article manifestement illicite.
Le blog a été suspendu dans cette attente.

L’équipe d’Over-blog


Dymphna said...

Orwell on tour in France.

Hope he likes the wine.

Stogie said...

I love that blog and often quote Miguel Garrote who is a talented writer there. I am utterly disgusted with Over-Blog and I will give them a piece of my mind.

Anonymous said...

What was the comment that got them in trouble? If other bloggers posted the comment and an explanation of the reason, would that be a good protest?

Anonymous said...

Taken from the drzz site, Babel Fish translates comment #12 as:
"you summers very persuasive Jean, but you n' do not be wrong! when qu' is thought; it leaves each year approximately 200.000 French our country and qu' it returns nearly 300.000 illétrés for the majority, without desire of s' to adapt, but to benefit from our advantages! the account is quickly made! with less qu' a rapid inversion… one can always dream!"

Hesperado said...

There's a discrepancy:

The "over-blog" order refers to:

"Commentaire No12 posté par jean le 17/06/2008 a 11:16:08"

But on the page currently at drzz, the 12th comment is by "mag" and it is at a different time:

"commentaire n° : 12 posté par : mag le: 17/06/2008 13:25:52"

Either the offending comment by jean has already been deleted -- and the numbering has been readjusted -- or the fascist police at "over-blog" are rather sloppy on details.

Anonymous said...

The Drzz blog is now back online, with a defiant tirade to its host.

The supposedly offending comment is perfectly reasonable. It accurately sums up the situation.

The similar blog Fdesouche had to relocate its hosting in the United States in order to protect its freedom of expression -- and it seems to be still frequently attacked by politically-motivated hackers.

Vincent Jappi said...

The censored comment was still available in its Google cache: gl=ch

And here it is for permanent storage: dKxqWo.htm id=dc...p62_1306m35x6qp

Hesperado said...

I realize it's a matter of principle, but why does drzz just set up their blog on Blogspot? That way, they can avoid the petty rules of officious French blog companies like over-blog.

Cyber-résistant said...

Dimanche, 20 juillet, 2008

Liberté, égalité, censuré !