Saturday, June 14, 2008

With Muammar Behind Him, How Can the O-Man Lose?

Another prominent person of color has announced his support for the campaign of Barack Obama. Notice that not only is Qaddafi offering rhetorical praise for an American presidential candidate, but also financial support.

Also, note the innovative concept of “Israstine”.

According MISNA:

Kadhafi All Out: From Obama to “Israstine” And Oil

“Africa and the Arab world are ready to back and finance Barack Obama as long as he helps the oppressed populations”, said the Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, calling however on the US democratic presidential candidate to not always defend Israel at all costs, as all American presidents have done so far. Kadhafi, speaking in occasion of the 38th anniversary of the expulsion of the Americans from an old base near Tripoli, also urged the government of Tel Aviv to accept the prospective of cohabiting “with the Palestinians in one state” that could be called ‘Israstine’ (also ‘Isratine’, according to another version). In regard to the exiting US President, Kadhafi merely said that he proceeded in his “evil warmonger” policies, accusing him of being behind the skyrocketing oil prices, also because he managed to weaken the value of the dollar used to calculate the price.

In other words: “If you want any money from us, Mr. Obama, better refrain from helping the Zionist Entity.”


We don’t have a TV. Has anyone seen this in the MSM?

Hat tip: insubria.

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no2liberals said...

I haven't been around much today, and haven't even looked at the news.
They are running the entire Stephen King series, The Stand, on the SciFi channel.
I'll do a little snooping around.

no2liberals said...

Went to the search engine, typed in Qaddafi Obama in the news, and only came up with articles that had Qaddafi critical of B-HO.
Go figure?

randian said...

I assume by "help the oppressed populations" he means "subsidize (pay jizya) to the Muslims".

I can't believe it would be legal for a sitting US President to receive financial support of any kind from a foreigner.

Findalis said...

It is illegal for a Presidential candidate to accept a contribution from a foreigner or foreign government.

While most individuals are free to make political contributions, three categories of individuals are prohibited by law from making contributions: foreign nationals and Federal government contractors and, in some instances, minors. These and other prohibitions on contributions are explained below.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals may not make contributions in connection with any election--Federal, State or local. This prohibition does not apply to foreign citizens who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States (those who have "green cards").

A US President (sitting) can only receive and keep a present equal in value to $100.00 otherwise it must be gotten rid of. Many are placed in the Presidential Libraries.

turn said...



Are you suggesting Clinton/Gore 1996 might have broken a law?

Riatti, anyone?

Rules only apply to the stupid party. Dems get a pass.