Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sue ’Em!

Shiraz blastBack in mid-April, there was a huge explosion at a mosque in Shiraz, in the southern part of Iran. Fourteen people were killed and over two hundred were wounded.

At the time, it was theorized that the blast was an accident resulting from some leftover munitions, which had been stored at the mosque. What a smart idea! Storing live munitions where people gather to pray is literally a no-brainer…a no-brainer as in anencephalitic. Unless…unless doing so could be a useful first maneuver in a plan to blow your own people up and blame some other entity.

“The incident could have happened as a result of negligence. A while ago at this site there was an exhibition commemorating the (1980-1988) Iran-Iraq war,” provincial police chief Commander Ali Moayeri told the Fars news agency.

“The munitions left at the site could have caused this explosion,” he added. The agency said he ruled out an act of sabotage.

Well, of course. What better place to store munitions than a mosque? An old Islamic tradition.

“Last night’s incident… was definitely an accident. We are studying the cause, but as of now but main reason is not clear,” Deputy Interior Minister Abbas Mohtaj told the Mehr news agency.

There were some naysayers right at the very get-go, ready to blame “unknown people” for the blast:

Shiraz MP Mohammad Nabi Roodaki said the explosion could have been caused by unknown people deliberately setting off the munitions used in the Iraq war exhibition, the student ISNA news agency reported.

Three guesses which villains now have been exposed as the evildoers?
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Iran’s judiciary said on Monday it would file international lawsuits against the United States and Britain, accusing them of providing financial support to those behind a blast in a mosque that killed 14 people in April.

Iran’s intelligence minister last week said Iran had arrested five or six members of a terrorist group with links to Britain and the United States who he said were involved in the explosion that also wounded 200 in the southern city of Shiraz.


“In view of the documents obtained the judiciary in cooperation with the government and the Foreign Ministry will file lawsuits with international authorities against their supporters, who on the one hand claim to fight terrorists and on the other hand provide them with equipment,” he said.

He was clearly referring to Britain and the United States, but did not give details on how Tehran would take legal action against them.

This is just another example of the good reasons for America’s refusal to submit to “international” courts. Every tin pot dictator on earth would be filing suits against Uncle Bully - and their media would go along for the thrilling ride of standing up to The Oppressor.

Whether America is involved or not - I have no idea what we’re attempting, or what exiled Iranians have up their sleeves - this is real chutzpah. Especially considering Iran’s clandestine arrangements for terror strikes throughout the Middle East.

Hey, maybe Israel could sue Iran in some international venue?


spackle said...

"This is just another example of the good reasons for America’s refusal to submit to “international” courts."

Lets just hope it stays that way. Under an Obama administration I could well see the US start to become more "global" as far as her sovereignty.

Joanne said...

Yah, 'cause the British and the U.S. are always blowing up mosques and killing numerous Muslims. These Iranian twits support and fund terrorism, but they are all aghast when it happens within their own borders? Wow!

How could anyone think they could have talks with the criminally insane? You can't reason with nutjobs, although Obama being one himself probably could see their logic - scary!

Henrik R Clausen said...

MeThinks that if Obama should ever make it to 1600 Penn. Ave., many freedom-loving Americans just might move to Denmark :))

While it's always nice to have good company, I prefer the US to remain strong and free.

History Snark said...

So in return, will the US file suit against Iran for it's role in terror attacks in Iraq?

Don't suppose I should hold my breath. After all, they're the reason the fighting has died down, right?