Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Vikings vs. the Taliban

This is a news video in Danish, with English subtitles, of a firefight in Afghanistan.

Hat tip: Rolf Krake.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to any of you wonderful vikings fighting out there. You are doing a hell of a job.

no2liberals said...

Good hunting, Danes!
Informative video, I wasn't aware that the Danes used Colt M-4's.

Dymphna said...


So tell me about this Colt M-4...?

Rolf Krake said...

Aint they just wonderful :-)

I love the spirit, go Danes, go, show the world how never to give an inch away.

The soldiers objective is to force them back [taliban] and kill as amny as possible - It couldn't be said more clear.

Another uplifting News report: Danish forces responds to intrusion by Taliban

I love this one - It is made by some of the soldiers - The advert at the end tells - The Army - Holidays where do don't want to go home - The video touches all the strings the Danes love from their ancestral 'Giants'.

Danskere i sandkassen [Danes in the sand-box]- Hands of Doom

Rolf Krake said...

The link didn't seem to work - Here is the URL

Henrik R Clausen said...

I notice from the 2nd video that the Taliban seems to be not only trading drugs, but also using them themselves, as a matter of routine.

It's a drug mafia, nothing more. But it exploits the guise of religion to ward off criticism.

christian soldier said...

Thanks to Rosetta Stone-Danish-I almost understood everything the Danish soldiers were saying!

Thank you - Danish troops - for fighting alongside my troops.

You also breed and train some great Dressage horses.

no2liberals said...

The Colt M-4 is also what the U.S. military uses...mostly, and is a variant of the venerable M-16. It differs from the full size M-16 by having a shorter barrel, and a collapsible stock.
Personally, for troops in the field, I think they would be better served by having a full size M-16, as the longer barrel offers more velocity for the NATO round, a heavier bullet, and stabilizes it better for accuracy.
Even more, with some of the newer weapon systems, I was a little surprised that the Danes would use this system, instead of say, the HK 36 series, or the HK 417,with a larger caliber bullet, being a European weapon maker.
Currently, the DOD is evaluating an OICW(objective individual combat weapon) system, which some have claimed will increase the individual soldier's lethality by 500%.
Many have sited the overheating of the M-16/M-4 carbine, and it's overall reliability. While the Colt does have it's limitations, it has served our military well for over forty years, and is the weapon I fell in love with when I was in the military, and shot service match with. Of the maybe more than one million rounds I have fired in the M-16, and it's variants, I never had one malfunction, with the lone exception of my personal Olympic Arms civilian version, and that lone malfunction was my fault, not the weapons.
The short barreled M-4 the Danes are using in the video, is best used in close quarters situations, and not for the type of battle they are having in this video. But with "fast movers" dropping 500 pounds of pain on them, they don't really need a long range weapon. If I had my choice, and I was in their position, I would prefer a weapon firing the 7.62NATO round.
BTW, the IDF is slowly replacing their M-16/M-4 weapons systems with the new Tavor 21, which appears to be an excellent weapons system.

kepiblanc said...

This Afghanistan campaign marks a fault line in the midst of the Danish anti-jihad movement. Although an overwhelming majority of Danes support the troops, their motives differ. The official point of view seems to hold that we are in some sort of "war on terror", helping the Afghan government against the Taleban terrorists, thus trying to establish democracy and civilization in that godforsaken country. Accordingly, the military engagement must be followed by civilian aid, education and eradication of the poppy agriculture.

On the other hand, Afghanistan is a 100% Muslim country. And so far the Afghan government hasn't deviated one bit from Islam. We've seen people sentenced to death for leaving Islam and for defending women's rights. Creating a civilized society in an Islamic country is utterly futile, so our troops are in Afghanistan for other reasons, such as solidarity with our American allies, killing as many Muslims as possible and gaining combat experience.

But more and more people ask themselves why on earth we send our sons and daughters into a gang conflict between two equally barbaric factions? - Let's pull our troops home and let the Muslims kill each other to their heart's content. After all that's what Muslims do, basically. And soon enough, we'll need the troops in our own streets...

Henrik R Clausen said...

Kepiblanc, I wouldn't call it a 'fault line'. There's no fundamental disagreement or rabid argument internally over this.

But there _is_ cause for concern. We've raised the issue in parliament, and it are wondering how much longer to stay, and what would be the criteria for a suitable exit.

The regime surely is way too Islamic for anyone's taste. We have to figure out just how to deal with that.

kepiblanc said...

I agree completely. The M4 (a Canadian modification of the M16) has too little stopping power and accuracy. It was a mistake to replace our standard H&K G3 with the M4. Besides, the G3 uses the same 7.62 mm NATO round as our LMG - "The SAW" and thus reduces the burden on logistics.

By 'fault line' I mean the difference between our government's "Democratic Afghanistan" and reality. What would you call such a difference?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Kepiblanc, I don't consider our government part of the anti-Jihad movement.

Western Resistance said...

What the hell are white soldiers doing in Afghanistan? The only benefit of sending our troops to the MIddle East and Afghanistan, is that they will gain some valuable fighting experience that they can use at home. Let's be honest about it. We need our troops back in Europe and North America, for when the civil wars start.

Zenster said...

I'll try to put this as diplomatically as possible.

I hope that each and every single Danish soldier returns to Denmark alive and well.

All too soon, their mother country will most likely have dire need of such combat-seasoned troops.

Those few European nations that actually fielded troops in anti-jihad actions will be effing glad they did when the other shoe finally drops on the Continent.

Just sayin' ...

no2liberals said...

The G3 is a great weapon, and I would prefer the 7.62NATO round in this type of fighting. The problem with equipping an Army is the many different scenarios they will be in, and studies had shown that seldom does a rifleman need a rifle that can be accurate at 1,000 meters. There were several reasons the 5.56NATO round was selected by the U.S. military, from the original designation as .223Remington. The primary reason was weight. A soldier could take almost three times much 5.56 ammo with them, with the equivalent weight of the 7.62 round. This was important, as when a unit was engaged in combat, especially in an ambush situation, volume of fire is critical to overcome the enemy. Another reason, which is seldom discussed, and something of a dirty little secret, is that the 5.56 round is lethal, but more importantly, when it isn't, it creates horrible wounds, due to it's low weight/high velocity. An injured soldier requires more people to care for/transport them, than a dead soldier, thus a wounded soldier removes more people from the battle field.
I have found more discussions of arming more of our troops with the M-14, as some of our SpecOps troops do, which is chambered in the 7.62NATO.
In the U.S. military, the SAW(squad automatic weapon), is the 5.56NATO chambered M249.
I don't think Canada had anything to do with the M-4 conversion, as Colt had been making small variants of the M-16 since the 1970's. Like this GAU-5a/b from the USAF, which is now out of the inventory.

Profitsbeard said...

Kicking ass and taking names!

They fight like the proverbial "cowboys" that the U.S. is always criticised for being (although Vikings is probably the best local equivalent).

Get 'em, boys!

Good experience for the battles to come on the Continent.

Holger Danske Vagner!

Whiskey said...

I have seen on Fox News that surveys in Denmark after the Pakistan Embassy bombing show that most want to apologize for the Mohammed cartoons and surrender free speech so as to not be hit again.

I have seen on the web various assertions that there is even support in the Government and among the people to put the cartoonists in jail to appease Muslims.

Can anyone comment on the Fox News survey, and the general mood in Denmark wrt the Embassy Bombing and perhaps the idea that Denmark must surrender?

kepiblanc said...

It would be interesting indeed to see those surveys! - Links, please?

Regarding the Islamabad incident, where some Muslims blew up some other Muslims in front of the Danish embassy, I can assure you that most Danes wondered: "What? - do we have an embassy in Pakistan? - and why?". And suggesting that we should apologize and surrender free speech is absolutely absurd. Yes, we have a political party with exactly that idea ("The Radical Left"), but they represent no more than 6% (mostly Muslims, I guess). On the contrary: after the incident its leader, one Margrethe Vestager almost got laughed out of parliament and the support for "The Danish People's Party", surged to around 15-16%.

But almost nobody seems to care one bit about the Islamabad affair - "Muslims killing Muslims - yawn - just another day at the office".

Now, my question: Isn't FoxNews supposed to be relatively decent? - What were they smoking when you saw this 'survey'?

Henrik R Clausen said...

I second the notion by Kepiblanc. There's no public pressure for us to apologize for anything whatever, and the threats made by Al-Qaeda that this will lead to more terrorism is basically shrugged at.

Yes, Vestager panicked. And was largely ridiculed for doing so, trying to explain that she didn't mean to give in to terrorists. That contained the damage - the stupidity is left to herself to deal with :)

We're fine in Denmark. Please tell your friends elsewhere. If Fox runs a story to the countrary, posting that they're wrong, pure and simple, is useful.

We're challenging MSM for a reason, and while Fox is better than New York Times at standing for the West, they suffer from haste and superficiality, too.

But A-Q did one thing that I cannot easily forgive: They destroyed a copy of Dannebrog hanging in front of the embassy. I would like to make up for that by doing something similar to a book they hold dear...

Anonymous said...

Fox reported what?
June 5 was Constitution Day in Denmark. All party leaders (Not counting the usual traitors De Radikale Venstre and Enghedslisten who together gets around 5-7 % of the votes)unconditionally backed the danish civil rights especially freedom of speech. No one (not even De Radikale Venstre) have aired the posibillity of saying sorry for the cartoons. On the contrary. Everybody spoke for the opposite.
I sure would like to see that survey. And find out who is behind it.
As Henrik R Clausen wrote:
"We're fine in Denmark."
To recommend any kind of excuse to the islamic world because of these cartoons would be political suicide. Big time.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Regarding the Islamabad incident

Eh, shouldn't that be 'Islamisbad'?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vikings.

easy said...

no2liberals, long time no see.

no2liberals said...

Hey Easy!
Yes it has, old friend!
Hope all is well down in the Big Easy.
Mostly hang with a few of our old friends at Nuke's.

easy said...

I'll check it out.

Zenster said...

kepiblanc: "Muslims killing Muslims - yawn - just another day at the office".

While I really don't enjoy my sense of humanity being deteriorated in such a fashion, I could not agree with you more, kepiblanc.

If there is one lesson the West must take away from these modern era MME (Muslim Middle East) campaigns, it is that Muslims excel at nothing quite like the way they excel at killing other Muslims.

We must all bear this in mind because once they've done with their trademark internecine slaughter, it will be us that they focus their bloodlust upon. The atrocities and predations we've endured so far are mere hints at what awaits a further empowered Islam.

Henrik R Clausen: ... the threats made by Al-Qaeda that this will lead to more terrorism is basically shrugged at.

I could not agree more, Henrik. Even were we to sit idly by with our thumbs stuck where the sun doesn't shine (an apt description of most current foreign policy vis Islam), there would still be a spontaneous increase in terrorism. Remember:


But A-Q did one thing that I cannot easily forgive: They destroyed a copy of Dannebrog hanging in front of the embassy. I would like to make up for that by doing something similar to a book they hold dear...

Again, as someone of direct Danish descent, I could not agree more save that—instead of incineration—my approach would tend more towards matters of personal hygiene. After all, why waste perfectly good paper?