Saturday, October 21, 2006

When Will the First IED Explode in Paris?

Paris burningAs I predicted last week, the French Youngsters are going into intifada mode:

Des jeunes ont lancé deux cocktails molotov qui ont éraflé le véhicule. Les policiers ont utilisé des balles en caoutchouc pour se dégager.

If you don’t read French and you want a good laugh, put this sentence into Google’s translator. The rubber bullets (des balles en caoutchouc) the police are using in the face of the Molotov cocktails being hurled at them translates into “rubber balls.” The latter would probably be just as effective in their retreat, no?
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Meanwhile, The London Times is reporting the breadth of the problem. They are also talking to the French police union:

Before next week’s anniversary of the Clichy riots, the violence and despair on the estates are again to the fore. Despite a promised renaissance, little has changed, and the lid could blow at any moment.

The figures are stark. An average of 112 cars a day have been torched across France so far this year and there have been 15 attacks a day on police and emergency services. Nearly 3,000 police officers have been injured in clashes this year. Officers have been badly injured in four ambushes in the Paris outskirts since September. Some police talk of open war with youths who are bent on more than vandalism.

“The thing that has changed over the past month is that they now want to kill us,” said Bruno Beschizza, the leader of Synergie, a union to which 40 per cent of officers belong. Action Police, a hardline union, said: “We are in a civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists.”

In reading about this level of destruction and hatred, one can’t help but compare again. What other civilized Western nation would put up with this chronic level of lawlessness and destruction? Officer Beschizza is spot on: there is a civil war going on, and the French police are the target the French jihadists are using to get on with the battle. The police perception that these criminals poor, deprived youths are planning to murder them is a reasonable conclusion. The police are the ones on the scene, they are the foot soldiers daily experience; they can calculate the changes in the terrorist weather much better than the airheads in government who promise change and deliver nothing.

This is a problem largely made by the French. They are snobs. They don’t integrate easily — Quebec’s drooling dreams of a state separate from Canada is a good example — because they know they’re better than these immigrants. Actually, they know they’re better than anyone else.

Who can break the impasse? Were the government to attempt to start a robust, realistic jobs program, all those protected French native job-seekers would go on their own rampage.

So instead:

  • One hundred and twelve cars a day are torched.
  • Three thousand police officers have been wounded.
  • The youths are attempting to use their Molotov cocktails on the police now, rather than just burn automobiles.

Anyone want to start a pool to bet on the date the first IED explodes in Paris?

Hat tip: Tom Pechinski and No Pasaran.

The latter says:

French youths are keeping all the goodies on a slow burner just waiting until the situation is just right. Don't worry about the 500 pound Islamic elephant waiting in the corner and please parrot the State Party Line©: the kids are depraved because they're deprived.


Zerosumgame said...

I don't care what happens to the French so long as the Jews and nukes get out in one piece without the Islamofascist getting a hold of either.

(Monomaniacal post of the day)

TonyGuitar said...

Cultural Warriors?

Wouldn*t it be funny if becuase of sensitive times just before an election, the administration continued to pull punches in the ME, failed to hold the fort against the infidel world fatwa, unleashing an unstoppable avalanche swarm of jihadist cells who quickly, with razor edged shmitars, shaped us into queasy bearded ragheaded bhurka wearing dhimmi slaves?

Now theres an exciting cultural shift for you.

BTW, I was amazed to learn that Nuclear power plants were being propped up by powerful invested lobby groups and the techplan is outdated, inefficient, costing us a fortune thru it*s specialized secret [security, y*know], fraudulent public funds rip-off.

In fact, world class,[Germen tech experts],state that the nuke gen system should have been in the Tech Museum by now.

Google *BendGovernment* for proof & links. = TG

Link to the pro- nuke lobby there too.

snowonpine said...

islamsforlosers--Hate to burst your bubble but, the fabled French resistance, "The Maquis," was just that, a fable. It was mostly a PR entity, often mentioned or seen in WWII movies, whose effectiveness, numbers and reputation were grossly inflated by the Allies to boost morale and what Maquis there was, was so heavily infiltrated by the Nazis that most of the agents the Allies parachuted into France to meet up with the Maquis were sold out and captured on landing or soon after. Another resistance group that is sometimes mentioned "The White Rose,"--they've even got a monument to them in Germany--turned out to be a few naive German college students who passed out anti-Nazi leaflets in person, were arrested, tortured and executed by the Nazis, post haste.

TonyGuitar said...


Odd that you pose the question, * did they issue the French police water pistols?*

The gendearmes union did in fact request their government supply armoured vehicles and battle equipment so that they could have some effect against the roaming muslim gangs.

The link is not handy just now, but this was carried in several reliable news feeds.

You were either speaking tongue in cheek or you have ESP. = TG

Clovis Sangrail said...

I'm delighted that zerosumgame is posting with his usual optimistic turn of mind. Speaking as an assimilated Brit who despises but seeks to understand the typical Frog I would suggest that they won't put up with it. When it's at the point where any reasonable observer would suggest that the last moment has incontrovertibly passed, the French will react. And the muslims won't know what's hit them.

Vol-in-Law said...

I think Canker is probably right. The French are much less subject to moral constraints than us guilt-ridden north-European Protestant types. I can see the Dutch and Swedes accepting sharia for sake of a quiet life, but the French are different. In the '60s (relatively peaceful) Muslim Algerian demonstrations in Paris were suppressed with extreme brutality, many bodies found floating in the Seine. The EU has sapped patriotic impulses in much of Europe, but the French see the EU as a French Empire, the Frankenreich of Charlemagne writ large, and they really couldn't care less about the European Court of Human Rights when La Patrie is on the line. This is why I'm a bit sceptical over suggestions that France will be the first European nation to go sharia.

Vol-in-Law said...

Hopeful news from Sweden:,,2089-2415525,00.html

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

I too agree with Vol and Canker.

Chirac is not France, though Chirac has been in power so long it sometimes seems that way. No western country has been betrayed by its political elite more than France over the last century.

You don't need to go back to the 60's to see French agression either, the French army has agressively propping up various African cronies right up to the present, and using extreme violence and dirty tricks to do so whenever the world isn't looking. And France, unlike Britain or the US leads when it comes to repressing of Islamist symbols like hijabs and even head scarves with legislation.

They, like all of us, are facing the dreaded moment that direct action needs to be taken, and all the options are bad. As long as it stays in the banlieus I imagine they'll let it fester as the lesser of two evils. If (when) the Islamists spill into the real France, the day of action can no longer be put off and it is inevitably going to be ugly.

Greg Brown : It would be ironic if ... France tried to invoke the NATO defense pact Theres no provision in the collective defence article 5 of the NATO treaty for that. What would be likely is trading off foreign and external commitments to allies, while withdrawing own forces for internal use. What would be ironic would be France stomping on its Islamists (Huzzah!), and the outside world intervening to "protect" the poor defenceless victimized Muslims from those eeevil christians and patriots (which we all the west have already done in Bosnia and Kosovo). That would REALLY suck.

Zerosumgame : (Monomaniacal post of the day)
Congratulations Zero! Recognizing that you have a problem is half way to treating it. :)

chuck said...

islamsforlosers--Hate to burst your bubble but, the fabled French resistance, "The Maquis," was just that, a fable.

The resistence museum in Paris is certainly rather thin and shabby. And the French resistence, such as it was, was split between the Communists and the Free French. Nontheless, it did manage to get a number of Allied pilots out of the country, Chuck Yeager for one. Yeager would never have made an ace after being shot down if he hadn't made it out to Spain, and hence back to Britain.

eatyourbeans said...

I have a question. Is anybody saying these things to the guy in the street in France? Germany? Spain? The UK? Sweden? Denmark? etc, etc? Or are the political-correctness police too watchful?

Somebody described the beginnings of the French Revolution as "1,000 babblers launched 1 million fanatics." Will it bave been it the contribution of the blgosphere to have supplied the babblers? (I must really brush up on my French)

hank_F_M said...


When I lived in Paris (mid 70’s) there was a joke in the American community that the French equivalent of Miranda rights is “you have the right to medical attention after interrogation.” Of course, especially for the Algerians, this did not mean there was any need for medical treatment before interrogation. There have been major attempts to clean up police procedure since them. Unfortunately, at least when they the think someone is looking, the police are getting scared of their shadows about brutality claims. But the French seldom believe in a middle ground.

I suspect that there will be reversion of de factopolicy pretty soon. Various reports indicate that the French are taking a tougher policy where they are out of glare of the press.

One of the things about a government controlled and dominated press is that it reports what the government wants. When the socialist government wanted to settle old scores against the police and trivial compliant could get major play. On the other hand if the French Government wants a tougher policy outside of the Gates and a few other place who will know.

In a military sense the French won the Battle of Algiers, if it is allowed to get the worst case they will win. Wretchard pointed out two articles long ago by LTC Timothy Thomas (Retired) of the U. S. Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office at Global Security and in the Army War Collage's magazine Parameters describing what is likely to happen if they don’t get the situation resolved soon. The tactics he describes were the insurrection tactics at Fulujah.

Despite the gloom and doom “Eurababia” is doomed. The appeasement policy will not work. If a more reasonable policy of immigration, assimilation, and law enforcement is not taken there will be more serious action taken. I would really prefer if the problem was not solved by genocide.

Charles Martel said...

Unfortunately, leftist policies which have disallowed a moderate approach will leave the West with few options when the ugly job of cleaning up this mess is finally addressed. And Islamic barbarism will leave precious little good will to temper the West's eventual response. As I've said before, Milosivec will be regarded as a moderate and Western hero before this whole mess is over. The study of Jihad and the West's response is replete with unmitigated savagery on both sides. But make no mistake, there is no moral equivalence here. The West, when faced with extinction has reacted as it must in providing for its own survival. It will be the left who is to blame for the coming genocide. They are the progenitors of the upcoming bloodbath. I just hope that mankind has the sense to finally recognize the left for what it is: the embodiment of pure distilled evil.

Zerosumgame said...

David S.

Wow, Zerosumgame... I hate to say this, simply because the word is so abused by the left, but what a racist comment. You don't care what happens to anyone in France if they're NOT a Jew!?

No, not really. Why should I?

What did the French ever care about Jews except to persecute and kill us?

BTW, go to websites like Free Republic and you will see a lot of non-Jewish Americans feel the same way.

X said...

See, zero, this is my problem with you. You lump all of france together, when I know for certain that a good portion of them support Israel's right to exist, and aren't in any way anti-semetic. If you ignore those people then you're no better than any other racist.

Even in my darkest moments of frog bashing I don't assume that all french people are equally bad. Not only have I got to know too many of the good ones to make that assumption but I don't like to put people in groups and then hate them. It's not Godly for one thing... as an example, your people would never even have had the chance to enter the land of Canaan if Joshua had simply treated Rahab as another Jerichoite who shouldn't be trusted. I know you aren't particularly observant, but perhaps you should consider your heritage before condemning an entire people.

Zerosumgame said...


I will respond to your post on your blog's most recent thread

eatyourbeans said...

Zero, Archonix, like it or not, we either hang together or we hang apart. Semites....anti-semites...if they fight the muzzies, I'll love them all.

X said...

I will respond to your post on your blog's most recent thread

Why don't you answer it here where everyone can see it instead of hiding it away on an insignificant backwater like my blog?

However, since you start out by saying you don't care what I think then I guess the rest of it was meaningless rambling.

So. There we go I guess.

X said...

eatyourbeans, whilst I can see why you might think that and can sympathise with the position, anti-semetism is half of the problem we face today. They're more likely to side with Islam in the early stages simply because they have a common enemy. By rights the left as expressed through feminism and gay rights (to take two examples) should be our most vociferous allies against Islam, but often as not they side with them to fight against us. If they side with us then, sure, we should accept them, but it's got to be a wary alliance. The danger is that a lot of energy will be expended on internal conflicts, as we've seen demonstrated already, to the point where it becomes hard to see the point of keeping such "allies" amongst us. Churchill was very wary of the alliance with the Soviet Union and predicted quite accurately what the result would be if the alliance was allowed to influence the post-war behaviour of the allied nations.

Some sort of compromise needs to be reached, but it must never be seen as a permanent thing, and I'd advise against any entanglements with such people unless there's absolutely no other choice.

Zerosumgame said...


Why don't you answer it here where everyone can see it

Because the proprietors of this blog asked us to take this bickering elsewhere?

instead of hiding it away on an insignificant backwater like my blog?

Hopefully it is not so insignificant that YOU don't read it occasionally....

Gordon Pasha said...

No point in asking why the French police don't act. At this stage, the police could do little, other than going in on a daily basis and fighting pitched battles that would lead to no resolution, and inflame the muzzies even more. If the cops are asking for armour, its only to protect themselves when they have to follow orders and patrol in les banlieus. At this stage, it is no longer a policing matter, it is a military matter. Historically, the French military has been good, errr, efficient, at dealing with separatists on French territory, as the Chouans and the Vendéens learned when they tried their hand at counter-revolution. I don't know if they still have the stomach for it, but if they do, it will be rather interesting to see the French using the methods that all of their bien-pensants derided in South Africa, during apartheid, i.e. using APC's and such to go into les banlieus, to pacify them. Once pacified, then what? Expulsion? Fat chance. The French are in very deep, very deep indeed.

Gordon Pasha said...

p.s. I didn't mean to impy I supported apartheid, by the way. Thought I should make that clear.

snowonpine said...

I recently saw a story that mentioned that some large proportion of the French military these days are Muslims. I don't remember the exact figure 15% or 25% but it certainly did not bode well for turning the French military on the Muslim rioters.

X said...

Zero, in this case the "bickering" is entirely pertinent to the story in question, as it illustrates some of the problems we as a group are facing, chief being the dismissal of entire nations by mere dint of a negative reading of their history. Now, as I said, I know France, probably, a lot better than you do. I can be quite racist about "The French", in a sort of silly humorous way, but that's reciprocal. For one thing, there's no such thing as "the french", and there never was. France is ethnically split in to at least a dozen smaller areas that include the more obvious places like the germanic Alsace and Lorraine areas, but there's also more subtle ethnicities. The Breton north-west, Norman north-east, the Occitans in the south and the Franks in the middle are just the major groups. By itself this doesn't prove too much except that France is not the homogenous nation you think it is.

Now, on top of that, as I said, the French aren't all anti-semites as you seem to believe. The truth is most of them probably don't care a jot either way, whilst another lump hate you, a third adore you and some others go along with whichever crowd happens to be shouting loudest. The adoring crowd doesn't have as much influence at the moment because the media is so dominated by the left and I believe that blogs aren't taking off in France the way they have in the US, since most people see them as little more than a plce for wannabe philosophers to strut their stuff. There are very few french political blogs with any real insight, and fewer still that you would ahve read. I don't know how good your french is.

Once again, therefore, we come to the crux of the matter, which is the extent of the left's control over what people know and see, and what it's polite to say. People have to hold their tongues lest they "offend" someone, and what you can and cannot say greatly affects your behaviour, much more than you might at first believe. Nevertheless, the French are nowhere near as tolerant of the muslims as you might think. Witness the story a few posts above this one that shows just where the French are in terms of their tolerance. A few years ago I was against the law that sparked that story but Iv'e since come to realise that it's actually very sensible, if somewhat overbearing, given the threats France faces.

I think we should all take note of that. The French media are very powerful, and the picture we see of the place is filtered through that. It's a very one-sided image. It picks and chooses what to portray of France to the French and right now the plan seems to be telling French people just how racist and evil they are for not tolerating muslims.

So, Zero, by all means keep on treating the French, and all of Europe, as the scum you so obviously think they are. I believe in turn I shall call you a racist for doing so, because that's what you are, and I'll keep on defending them for as long as you attack them simply because I prefer the French to the muslims. Both of them whine a lot, but the french make better cheese and at least they share spiritual and moral values with us. Well, after a fashion.

Incidentally I wish to apologise if I've ever called you rude names. All those "idiots" and "morons" (and whatnot) were entirely out of place in a rational argument.

X said...

Tresho, one of the ironies of the situation you envisage is that France has spent most of the last 40 years trying to get NATO disbanded and sidelined. THe EU's current pathetic attempts at creating a unified "rapid rection force" are part of the political game being played to further that goal (and incidentally buggering up the UK's ability to field a decent set of armed forces as we try and re-organise our military within that sphere). If things do reach the point you envisage, it seems likely the French government will regret that particular play.

Petey said...

I got a six pack and a ham sandwich on the week of January 15th. I'll give 2:1 odds on anyone in Nebraska at that time.

And to the rest of the conversation: Can any of you see France succeeding land in a/this civil war?

Nelson said...

It's amazing that in the face of such developments, people here in the US want to move their nation in the direction of France.


Exile said...

Considering that the french police have said that 112 cars per day are being burned by "youths", and that the tactic now appears to be attacking the police directly, I don't think we should be worrying about IED's. Warfare has begun already. The question is, how will the french people react?

Vol-in-Law said...

Mao's 3 phases of Insurgency Warfare:


Phase I, The Strategic Defensive: The insurgents will concentrate primarily on building political strength, Military action will be limited to harassment attacks and selected, politically motivated assassinations.

Phase II, The Strategic Stalemate: The insurgents gain strength and consolidate control of base areas. They begin to actively administer some portions of the contested area. Military activity increases as dictated by political requirements.

Phase III, The Strategic Offensive: Only after the correlation of forces has shifted decisively in their favor do the insurgents commit their regular forces in the final offensive against the government.


I think that France (and Europe generally) is still in stage 1, but may be moving into stage 2. I think stage 3 in Europe is probably still a couple of decades away, even in a worst-case scenario, but living through stage 2 won't be pleasant.

Vol-in-Law said...

Quoted from: