Monday, October 09, 2006

The Sins of the Father

Mikael has translated an article from Danish TV2 about an immigrant teenager who was pressured by his father into attempted matricide:

A 49 year old man has been charged of pressuring his teenage boy to stab his mother with a knife.

The mother was stabbed in the stomach in October of last year, in her apartment.
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Shortly thereafter her son, then 13 years old, turned himself in. He brought along the knife, packed in kitchen-roll paper, with some blood still on it. But, according to the prosecution, the now 14-year old is not the only culprit. They believe the boy’s father is the mastermind behind the crime. The father denies the charges.

The husband has previously been convicted of threats against the wife and a social worker.

“I’ll kill you and cut your head off” was one of the messages he made his oldest son to send via SMS.

The couple came to Denmark in the early ’90s because he was persecuted in Iraq.

Tomorrow the woman and her son, who did the stabbing, will take the stand. Sentencing is expected on Thursday.


Mother Effingby said...

Well, that was interesting. The press bends over forwards and then puts its head through its legs, and then firmly up its sphincter. Pray tell: What were the "Iraqis" being persecuted for in Iraq? Were they Shias, Kurds, Sunnis, Chaldeans? Jews? Why, they never say!

X said...

Crimes like this are ignored in the UK. I wish our government would adopt a similar practice to the Danish government in this matter, because this is one of the areas where we can push Islam back. After all, they can't protest about it without looking like murdering scum.

X said...

Perhaps I should have said ignored by the media, then. I'm certain that there ahve een more honour killings in Bradford than have been reported across the entire country, as an example. If the police are dealing with it then it needs to be publicised more.