Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Latest Skinny From DOI

Wretchard has put up a couple of posts about the internet filtering system at the Department of the Interior. He now has his own mole at DOI, one who confirms what happened last week, but asserts a different reason for it:

Image by Are We Lumberjacks?What apparently happened was that the DOI had embarked on a program of blocking access to sites the management deemed objectionable; due to the phases in implementation the effort began with some well known conservative sites but eventually included the liberal blogsites as the program rolled forward.

That sounds plausible. Even if it really happened the way I have suggested, this version gives the folks at Interior a nice cover story, one that will help them save a little face.
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According to Wretchard’s informant, DOI’s filtering system — surprise, surprise — has finally gotten around to blocking Daily Kos. The list of forbidden fruit includes “porn, bikinis, alcohol, tobacco, racism and extremism, malignant software, narcotics, comics and cartoons, dating services, chat rooms, remote access software (gotomypc.com), peer to peer networks, online gambling, streaming audio and video, instant messaging, and, yes, web logs.”

What else is there on the internet?

I’ve asked Penpal, my own informant at Interior, to check and see what’s being blocked now. She says she’s going to be thorough about it, and may have something to report on Thursday.

So stay tuned.

Note: the new DOI seal shown above is by Lumberjack. Please credit him, and not me, if you borrow it


linearthinker said...

(Intercom crackles)

"Break time's over. Everybody back to work."

"...ummmm. First line supervisors report to conference room for new directions."

"...IM staff...check your emails for revised screening instructions...system backups postponed until Thursday..."

"Have a nice day."

(Intercom goes quiet. Crackling sound disappears.)