Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When Taboos Are Broken

Ramadan rages on.

Paul Belien posted this short piece over the weekend:

Yesterday night, a police officer was hospitalised after being hit in the face with a stone in the Parisian suburb of Epinay-sur-Seine. According to the police union, the officer and a colleague fell into an ambush and were surrounded by about 30 youths, some wearing masks. The youths blocked the police vehicle with their cars and sprayed the officers with tear gas. The two officers escaped after firing their pistols into the air.

Similar incidents occur regularly. Already 2,500 policemen have been wounded so far this year. The taboo of attacking officers on patrol has indeed been broken. It looks as if some want to kill at least one policeman during this year’s Ramadan. The French police also registered 10 to 12 anti-Jewish incidents per day in the past 30 days throughout the country.

Ramadan. AgainM. Belien notes elsewhere that this situation has been labeled an “infitada” by The Telegraph. It well may be. That is, it could be a coordinated series of attacks designed to bring down the rule of French law in the Muslim banlieues of Paris suburbs. And what would fill the vacuum left by the infitada’s victory?

Would it be peace and harmony and sharia law?
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Probably not. More likely, France would have little Gaza Strip clones encapsulated here and there near French cities. Having finished off the police, they would proceed to tear one another apart, just as the Palestinians do now.

In this second post above, “Civil War in Europe - Hardly Mentioned in the Press,” Brussels Journal gives details from The Telegraph of the necessity for armored cars when police go into these areas. Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like Iraq in areas of Baghdad? All that the French “youths” are missing are the necessary IEDs. How long do you think it will be before they acquire them?

In the opening Belien quote, I emphasized the breaking of a taboo: the continual, deliberately planned attacks on the French police. Two thousand five hundred police have been wounded in the line of duty just in the past year. For Americans, it is hard to comprehend these numbers, or to understand why a country would permit this large scale decimation of those who serve to keep the peace. Nor could we imagine our police officers “firing into the air” after having been stoned and tear-gassed. Were that to happen here, an emergency would have long since been declared. The National Guard would be in there, rounding up the perpetrators. Fellow police officers from other cities would be offering assistance. To coin a phrase, we would be up in arms.

Here is the key phrase: a taboo has been broken. Successfully smashed. It is now permissible, in some places in France, to attack police officers with impunity. American cities have had their share of police-citizen conflict. In the recent past, Cincinnati comes to mind. And in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s the rapid expansion of expectations and of cultural changes brought on conflagrations that scarred our historical memory — on both sides of the divide.

But there is a large difference in this country: ongoing efforts to resolve long-standing racial tensions began immediately and continue to this day. Community groups and municipal authorities, while they clash, have an unspoken limit on permissible levels of violence. Police are punished for excessive violence in the course of their duties, though some African American communities would declare that they often get away with more than we know or can change. Nonetheless, the attempts to ameliorate the situation have gone on for at least a generation now.

And the taboo against attacking the peacekeepers remains in place in the US. That may be changing in Los Angeles, which like Paris, has taken in enormous numbers of unassimilated aliens. The “no-go” Muslim areas in France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway (and perhaps Britain) haven’t a parallel in the United States. At least not yet.

As is often the case, California is the cutting edge for cultural change, and we may see similar situations in L.A. before too much longer. Similar, but not exact: the language of the unassimilated will be Spanish, the “youths” will be Mexican or Central Americans. And like Europe, we will have brought it upon ourselves; in our case, it will be the result of our lazy failure to demand respect for our sovereignty and our borders.

We do not hear what private French citizens are doing to protect themselves. We do know the cultural response in the American southwest to invasion. We’ve been there, done that. And we’ll do it again.

However it turns out, I know one thing: the deliberate wounding of 2,500 police officers would never go unaddressed by the citizens who, in exchange for obeying the law, expect protection. If that taboo is broken here, the results will be different. The Civil War in the US will have a different complexion.

On the other hand, we are blessed: we do not have an emasculating European Union to get in the way of our survival. Unless you want to count “hate speech”, the EU sees no need for taboos. None at all.


Zerosumgame said...

How quickly will it be before the Islamofascists make a power grab for controlling all of France?

I would venture it will be well before they are a numerical majority.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

But the politically correct left will say, "no, we must embrace this multiculturalism." Cultural Marxism, if you ask me. Our freedom is being manipulated and used by the Islamic Radicals, and they are literally getting away with murder. Give the police the authority and the right to profile, I say. But alas, the dark shadow of Islamic Fascism continues to spread. Europe is destined to fall as is the U.S. if we don't stop this problem now.

Da Bear said...

After seeing firsthand the Muslim stronghold of St.Denis, (in Paris) where French taxes are not collected, Parisian police are frightened rabbits, and the local Imam runs the judicial system, I easily realize that our own inactions and apathy will soon come to be deeply regretted.

Baron, we have had our Civil War. You remember, Lincoln, Lee, Shilo and Vickburg. We need a much more desciptive name for the coming confligration in our streets between the jihadists and the Ameican infdels. Here are three...er four... quick and dirty attemps..others welcome

War of the Soroses (who's the Lancastrian?)

The Last Ramadan War

This Is Why PC and Mutilculturliam Is a Stupid Idea, War

Hey Ali Baba ! The 2nd Amendment Doesn't Refer To Hunting, War.

Da Bear

Frank said...

It seems to me that its true that the breaking of taboos can be a watershed, and if the European Muslim situation has seen an escalation, the breaking of the particular taboo against killing police will come soon enough.

Largely un-noticed by the western intellectual right is the breaking of taboos on the other side; the social taboo against critiquing religious egalitarianism and multiculturalism is long gone, the taboo against criticizing moral relativism is rapidly breaking down; even the dread "r" word has less ability to shut down debate than it did before 911, or even last year.

Violence is coming, soon enough. But if the west cannot be the one to start it, at least we have to be prepared for it, and breaking our own taboos is a necessary start.

X said...

The last time violence like this erupted was the student riots in the mid 60s, when the government effectively lost control of Paris. My mother was an Au Pere in the city at the time and recalls the sound of bombs going off in the distance as she was being chided by a french madame for wearing a miniskirt. She also recalls stories from very reliable friends, of students being dragged in to the front of police stations and cart-loads of bodybags coming out the back. She never went out without an ID card, because people without ID would often simply disappear for days, or sometimes never come back.

You see, the french are like that. Individual frenchmen are honourable andbrave, as far as each individual m ight be, but s a group they're cowards, when it comes down to things, which means that they won't react in a rational way when faced with extreme danger. I reckon, in the next six months, they'll be sending the army or armed police in to clear the banlieux out. A lot of people will be killed. It'll be very messy, and it'll see a repeat of some parts of the student riots. What I doubt we'll see is a successful coup of any kind. Something scared Chirac last year, enough to have him mention his nukes, and their recent start of deporting thousands of illegal immigrants makes me wonder if they haven't already started an attempt to clean up their mess in a typically french way, by pretending they're doing something else.


Saharians said...

Good comments. I would agree the West is making headway, but we do have a long way to go. We're not going to make any progress in defending our countries, our civilisation, and our children if we don't start taking direct action. I see signs that this is already starting to happen.

The current impotent elites in Europe and the US are reluctant to employ the necessary actions (apart from persecuting their own people), which is why they will be eliminated, either brought down by alien Muslim colonialist regimes or replaced by Western nationalist parties/actors (or both).

Breaking the taboo against applying force and violence against Muslim and other third world settler communities, as well as left-wing collaborators, will do wonders for Western morale and our defense of the West.

Saharians said...

I wouldn't be surprised in the least if we saw the return in France of something like the 1961 putsch attempt. I'm not saying it would be successful, just that the sentiment is probably already there, and increasing.

Incidentally, it's been argued that the current riots are simply an extention of the Algerian war. I wonder though if the French will have the courage to treat their Muslim and African settler populations in the same manner in which the pieds noir were treated by the Algerian nationalist regime. The survival of France now may depend on it.

eatyourbeans said...

I put this gingerly: One taboo that needs to be broken is that against the extreme right. Don't we have to admit that, however hatefully they expressed themselves, that they were ahead of us all on this issue?

Please, Zero Sum, don't have a stroke. Frankly, we'll need these people. We don't need their fascism crap, we don't need their brutish anti-semitism, we don't need their longings for brown shirt parades (or whatever costume is de rigueur nowadays), and we don't need their self-defeating stupidity. But let's be honest: They and they alone never heeded the lullabies of the elites that put respectable citizens asleep to the peril.

Holding our noses, we will have to talk to them, educate them as to what is the good cause, who are its friends, who are the real enemies.

Frank said...

eatyourbeans, you are treading in a minefield here, and one which contains the extremely active and unstable Father of all Mines: Zero. Hopefully he's still recovering from his fit of apoplexy from the flamings at archonix's blog, but if not, he's sure to wrap you in a Nazi flag and set you on fire in the name of...whatever it is he thinks he's doing.

But seriously, I've watched the morons at Stormfront, and they are entirely oblivious to reality. They seem to "know" there's a plot out there run by sinister Jews, but they're not quite sure what it is except that it involves banks and money and funny hats and beards and stuff.

The left is at the moment their ally of convenience if anything, in that anti-Israeli agit-prop aligns with their own anti-Jewish agitprop, but they seem to lack the intellectual grace to make any sort of distinction between Jews, Aarabs, Negras an' them Furners in general. Cept' for Whites, who are way cool. If they ain't Jews or Furners that is.

They might make good muscle someday, but they'll probably blow their own heads off before they get to the front lines.

Saharians said...

Unlike the European far right, the traditional extreme right (Stormfront et al.) in the US is pretty much a joke. Whether it was planned that way, is hard to say. They are clowns. However, there has been a sensible, reasonable, more intellectual version of what I would call (for lack of a better term) 'white nationalism' in existence for a number of tears, best exemplified by the good folks at American Renaissance, Occidental Quarterly, and VDare.com, among others.

X said...

Hitler the socialist.

The "far right" are usually nothing of the sort. They are called "right wing" when they display racist ideas, in order to discredit the right, but the truth is most "far right" groups are very authoritarian and hardly displaying any sort of classic liberal/libertarian principles. Even the fact that neo-nazis call themselves right wing shouldn't fool you; they follow a very leftist philosophy, and it's only their overt racism that seperated them from the communist/socialist left. That seperation has all but disappeared now, with socialist groups overtly displaying anti-semetic and racist behaviour little different from the "far right" groups, and with pretty much the same goals in all respects.

Zerosumgame said...


Please, Zero Sum, don't have a stroke. Frankly, we'll need these people. We don't need their fascism crap, we don't need their brutish anti-semitism, we don't need their longings for brown shirt parades (or whatever costume is de rigueur nowadays), and we don't need their self-defeating stupidity. But let's be honest: They and they alone never heeded the lullabies of the elites that put respectable citizens asleep to the peril.

First of all the "far right" is really just a variant of the "far left". Second, you would just be trading one type of virulent Jew-baiting totalitarianism for another.

Frankly, these three factions -- extreme nativists, hard left, and Islamists, can fight each other in a battle to the death -- a battle that I hope ends in a three way tie.

And Scottsa, I am willing to keep the personal attacks over on Archonix's blog and off this one -- but if you can't agree to that, well - if you have problems with Jews who are permanently pissed at Europe, too bad. Start your own blog and ban me.

Saharians said...

I think the paranoia surrounding "extreme right" parties is just that--paranoia; it's a red herring that distracts us from the larger task at hand. As you know, as we are seeing today, the far right has been right all along about the dangers of mass third world immigration, multiculturalism, Islam, and transnational progressivism, among other things. The greater danger, of course, is the nascent alliance between Muslims and domestic liberal left-wing collaborators. That is the threat.

greginboise said...

Leave it to the French police to shoot their pistols into the air, after having been assaulted. Next time, maybe they fire, say, into the crowd of youths, instead. At the very least, there might be a blood trail to follow.

Oops. Sorry. These are French police.

Papa Bear said...


Realistically, I think most of the popular "far right" organizations in the US are just a bunch of FBI informants sitting around figuring out how they can get some stupid joker entrapped.

But I do think it a good idea to be a member of a gun club, and to be on very good terms with fellow gun owners in the neighborhood, and never let your mouth run faster than your brain

eatyourbeans said...


By extreme-right I was thinking of the FN, BNP, and, in my country, the Buccananites, and not the pathetic neo nazi crowd. But certainly some of the brighter adherents might be usable.

But the theme of this blog lately has been a civil war in Europe, and that by definition means armed violence between its inhabitants. Where are fighters to come from, if not from the despised and ostracized Right? From a queue in Starbucks?

Personally, I'm an old-fashioned Conservative in Edmund Burke's sense, hating all the 'isms' that have plagued the world in the past 200 years. There's no room for fuhrers, dear leaders, mass rallies, bellowing speeches, secret police, government by thugs, or any of the panoply of modern tyranny. There'll be plenty to talk over with rightists of other stripes when this thing is over. But first things first...

Sorry, Zero-sum. I'm not willing to let Europe go to hell. They're family. But the anti-semitism needs to be soundly slapped out of them. "When you fight like the Jews do, then you can yell about them. Until then, shut the f- up."

Lordy! It's hard to build an alliance