Monday, October 02, 2006

Life in Denmark After the Motoons

Support Denmark!In the comments on yesterday’s post, two commenters with inside knowledge of Danish affairs left us some interesting information. I’ve cleaned up the spelling, syntax, and punctuation to present their comments here.

First, here’s Yorkshireminer:
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What is really interesting is what has been happening in Denmark.The Danes seem to have got their second wind, and dumped dhimmitude.

Kurt Westergaard [the cartoonist who drew the turban-bomb Mohammed] gave an interview for a Danish paper a couple of weeks ago including his picture, and said that he hadn’t been in hiding and had just carried on as if nothing had happened. Laban the Imam who started the row has been backpedaling for all he is worth and puts his foot in it every time he opens his mouth.

I read in one Danish Blog (I wish I could remember where) that when he was traveling on a bus in Copenhagen, an old lady getting off the bus turned round and said to him, “You are a very stupid man,” and the bus cheered.

A cabinet minister is supposed to have accused somebody in public of lying like an Imam. If only that phrase could come into general use here in the west. Wafa Sultan has given a speech for the Democratic Muslim association, here is the video link.

The best selling book at the moment is a book written by Karen Jespersen og Ralf Pittelkows Called ‘Islamister og naivister’ I think you can work out the meaning of the title for yourselves. Both [writers] have been in the Danish Government and I think one was a minister.

So for Denmark things are looking up.

Then Phanarath responded with this:

The man who was accused of “lying like an imam”, or as he put it: “speaking with two tongues like an imam” was the Socialist mayor of the city I live in, Århus. His reaction was to say: “That’s a very rude comparison.”

The Democratic Muslim association “Demokratiske Muslimer” where the Video was taken, have really been brave. They have been getting a lot of harassment, mostly on an individual level, from other Muslims, the non-democratic ones I suppose. The organization was created as a result of the Motoon-crisis.

I don’t think anything will happen tomorrow. They have had their fun, and it made Islam much more unpopular than it was. Many people who didn’t have an opinion before have one now, and it’s not good.

Any readers with more information or additional links on these topics are welcome to add them in the comments.


Zerosumgame said...


Don't worry about "60 Minutes". 20 years ago, it was probably the most popular program in America, but as a conservative media grew and pointed out the bias of the "Mainstream Media (MSM)", the shows rather blatant far-left bias has made it a laughing stock among all but our leftist elites, and it is not even in the top 30 anymore.

They are nothing but all-Bush-bashing, all-the-time.

And as you probably know, "60 Minutes" was the show that showed forged documents two months before the 2004 election, hoping to destroy Bush. It ended up destroying them instead.

Dinah Lord said...

I can't tell you how good these posts from the Danish commenters makes me feel.

I took Sammenhold seriously. So seriously that last March my husband and I decided to travel to Copenhagen and spend our vacation in support of it.

We were taken aback by the apathy we encountered when it came to speaking about the whole issue of the Motoons. We did see one glimmer of hope when a woman in one of the amber shops saw my American/Danish flag lapel pin and in a hushed whisper acknowledged the 9/11 attack, saying that it was a monstrous event we should never forget. Maybe I am too much of a brash American but I expected more fighting spirit to be expressed by the good Danish citizens.

Having said that, we had a wonderful trip and wish our Danish friends nothing but the best. It is encouraging to see them speaking out and standing up for their wonderful country and culture. I still make it a point to buy Danish; Carlsberg Beer, havarti cheese and Danish Butter Cookies have become staples in the pantry...

Cheers - Dinah

Ronbo said...

Just two words: "GO, DENMARK!"