Friday, October 13, 2006

The Good News From Denmark

First, from Danish commenter Asger:

Hey, we are winning!

If you want to observe a positive development, you should turn your eyes on the present situation in Denmark.

There has been a lot of fuss about the Dansk Folkeparti youth organisation.(a patriotic local party)

You probably know the some of the story. But here are the latest developments:

  • The Dansk Folkeparti decided to publish an article about a book about Mohammad being a pedophile — as a response to the criticism of their youth organization.
  • Everybody more or less now has given up on them; even the local Imams are ignoring the provocation.
  • Everybody is so g*****n tired of the muslims, and saying so publicly.
  • There have been a few uproars in the middle east, but nothing has happened here in Denmark so far.
- - - - - - - - - -
Conclusion: Well all this uproar and talking is just — talking. And it doesn’t work — if you just continue using your freedom of speech, telling the truth, in the end the muslims street will give up, because it does not work. In the process the muslims also lose a lot of good will and credibility, because they act totally stupid.

So after all, the weapon Freedom of Speech is as potent as ever, if we dare use it

And an email from regular commenter and translator Kepiblanc:

Today is Friday, the official “Seething, Whining & Rage Day”.

The Danish ministry of foreign affairs is on high alert. The recent publishing of a movie from a private party where some members of a Danish political youth organization amused themselves by depicting a certain prophet as a drunken camel has triggered the usual reactions around the Middle East, especially in Iran whose PM, Mr. Ahmadinnerjacket (or some such) has called for yet another ban and trade boycott on Denmark (wasn’t the first one effective?).

The Pedophile and AishaThe Danish PM, Mr. Rasmussen, and various political leaders have tried to downplay the incident, calling it “some childish provocation by drunken teenagers”. Without any effect, of course — the Danish Tehran embassy was immediately put ablaze by Molotov cocktails.

Poor Mr. Rasmussen: This morning Denmark’s third largest political party — The Danish People’s Party (part of his parliamentary base) — published its monthly magazine Dansk Folkeblad. On page 26 one can find a review of a book by German author, Dr. Armin Geus, who describes the prophet Mohammad as a sexually depraved man with a pedophile character. Worse yet, the article is illustrated with a not-so-flattering drawing.

Needless to say, the local imams are up in arms and “phoning home”. If you intend to go to the mosque tomorrow, better turn down the volume on your hearing aid…

Kepiblanc has thoughtfully provided us with a copy of the illustration from Dansk Folkeblad. Investment advice: Buy stock in butane lighter companies right now; also manufacturers of Danish flags.

We have a number of very pessimistic readers who comment here. Heck, I’ve been known to be pessimistic myself, when the times warrant it.

But I like to celebrate good news when it appears. So, before all the doom-and-gloom crowd gets here to micturate on my Muesli:

Let’s hear it for the Danes!


Kaptaan said...

Freedom of Speech can't be taken for granted by people on either the left or right of the spectrum. Though I would submit that by virtue of their actions, lefties don't believe in the FOS for people on the right. This development in Denmark should set an example for the other Euros out there that perhaps this irrationality (motoons rage) can be counteracted by repeated exposure to the initial reagent used to trigger this exothermic reaction. Eventually there won't be this irrational rage around Eurabia and other parts unknown because it will cease to be possible to continue through sheer exhaustion. It isn't humanly possible to stay in a state of perpetual rage. Maybe continued exposure will result in some of the clowns involved having their heads explode due to the stress of seeing these things over and over again :-)

kepiblanc said...

I couldn't possibly agree more, Kaptaan. And it seems I was mistaken about my dire expectations. It's evening over here, and not a single "incident" from our local Muslims - so far. Actually, today they behaved like grown-up, normal people and thereby earned brownie points. One Imam, interviewed on TV, said : "We've chosen to ignore it, although we are sorry some people insulted our prophet".

Only time will show if this is a turning point, but right now their goodwill is on the rise. And by choosing common sense rather than rage they've taken the wind out of the cartoonists' sail. Who bothers drawing cartoons of Mohammad when nobody cares ?

So, the tactics seem to work. Give them resistance, and they'll come to reason, eventually. And, as is my main mantra on these matters, it's not the Muslims per se who is the problem - they don't have a chance by themselves anyway - but our own useful idiots. Today, our Muslims gave them the middle-finger-salute.

Zerosumgame said...


Do you think the rather quiet reaction of Muslims in Denmark is due to the fact that Muslims now believe that they cannot scare the Danes into silence?

Also, out of curiosity, what are they saying about this incident over the bridge in Sweden?

kepiblanc said...

zerosumgame said : Do you think the rather quiet reaction of Muslims in Denmark is due to the fact that Muslims now believe that they cannot scare the Danes into silence?

Yes. For several reasons. Until now every escalation on their side - like further threats and death-fatwa's - have backfired, provoking only more "insults", ridicule, debate and disgust. Not one single demand for more sharia has been met, on the contrary : companies have forbidden the wearing of headscarves by Muslim employees and nurses, genital mutilation of little girls is now a felony even if performed abroad, family-excecutions are now punished by the law's most serious paragraphs including all participating family members and subsequent extradition, "youths" are sent back to their countries of origin after jail time etc.., etc... A recent survey reveiled that hundreds of Somali Muslims have fled from Denmark to Britain where the "climate" is considered less "Islamophobic".

But maybe one of the reasons for today's quiet reaction is the fact that the cartoon published in Dansk Folkeblad touches a very delicate subject : the pedophile prophet. If they had started the usual rage and riots it would be very hard to avoid focus on this aspect. Better try to ignore it, maybe it will go away...

Also, out of curiosity, what are they saying about this incident over the bridge in Sweden?

Nothing. Even whispering about Islamic problems is strictly forbidden in Swedish MSM. Haram. And BTW they have no shortage of other problems : their brand new government already has three ministers caugt in fraud, corruption and tax-avoidance. Almost on par with the Social Democrats. Poor Sweden. - But next week the new PM will pay a visit to our Anders Fogh Rasmussen in order to get a few hints on politics. So, maybe ...?

Zonka said...

Zero... are you kidding, the Swedes have a strict policy, of never referring to Danes and Immigrants, unless the statement is devoid of facts but only refers to Danes as xenophobic, racist, islamophobes... etc. What really goes on in the minds of Swedes, you have to be able to bug their houses and hear what they say behind four walls.

So the "official" Sweden is saying nothing!

Zerosumgame said...

Kepiblanc, Zonka (and other Danes)

Please correct me if I am wrong, but Swedish and Danish are similar languages, close enough that if you speak one fluently, you can at least understand some of the other language.

If so, then do Swedes get news from Danish television? Can they get Danish newspapers in Malmo? Do Swedes go to Danish news sites on the web?

The Swedish media might say nothing on this subject, but unless Sweden is jamming Danish broadcasts, seizing Danish newspapers at the border, or blocking Danish websites, it would seem that many Swedes CAN find out what is REALLY going on?

And that does not even include the fact that Swedes usually speak English well enough to read conservative American websites.

kepiblanc said...

zerosumgame asked :
If so, then do Swedes get news from Danish television? Can they get Danish newspapers in Malmo? Do Swedes go to Danish news sites on the web?

You're rigt, Swedish/Danish are just dialects of the same language, something like Bostonese/Texan. Of course the Swedes can get Danish newspapers and Danish radio/TV. But why should they ? - Danish MSM are - with a few exceptions - almost as lame as their Swedish counterparts. But the two cultures are light-years apart. Sweden has become a Soviet-style gulag under some 70 years of nearly uninterrupted socialist rule, with self-censorship, extreme political correctness and - this will please you - anti-semitism.

Denmark is the 'bad boy' in Europe. Noone here trust authorities, we say what we please and laugh at most things, such as self-righteousness and hypocracy. In our country journalists have the lowest thinkable esteem - on par with lawyers.

Even so, there are differences in the MSM : Swedish media do not allow controversial opinions in any way, manner, shape or form. Danish ones aren't quite so consequent. Even Danish TV lets deviant people in once in a while. Yesterday they aired a funny report : A Danish toy factory has sued some - so far unknown - blogger for 'misusing' its brand by publishing a 'reutered' photo showing a box containing little plastic pieces. Those pieces can be assembled into almost anything, but the picture on the box shows a toy Mohammad raping a little girl. The box adviertises : "Contains Mohammad + 32 wives and 9-year old Aisha". - Now, the story isn't about insulting some prophet, but the fact that the toy manufacturer being abused !

And - speaking about bloggers : You won't find 'controversial' bloggers in Sweden. They are censored by Swedish ISP's after a 'friendly' tip from the Swedish Gestapo ("SäPo"). So the Swedes resort to reading Danish ones like :
Read it. I isn't that hard for English-speaking people - you'll get the idea....

kramperen said...

And BTW. there have been reports about the social liberals(Det radikale venstre, one of the most dhimmified politicalparties in denmark) youth group which also have been drawing cartoons of muhammed at a late night party. Less provocative drawings, but still...

Zerosumgame said...


OK, just for the record, I didn't bring up anti-semitism in this did.


Zerosumgame said...


Regarding Swedish bloggers, can't they just agree to be hosted by a foreign web hosting service?

Belgium is just as bad in that regard, so Paul Bielen's Burssels Journal is hosted on a site in the USA.

Zonka said...


What Kepiblanc posted is a bit exaggerated, it isn't so black and white, though the situation in Sweden is very depressing and serious. The real problem with Sweden is that it has become an institutionalized form of the Social Democrats who have ruled Sweden for 66 out of the last 70 years, and with such a monopoly on the power in Sweden, everybody from politicians, civil servants, the whole bureaucracy, the media and everybody else who wants or have even a modicrum of influence in the Swedish system, is a Social Democrat, and have been using their influence to further the goals of the rulers and rejecting opposing views.

Sure there are Swedes who aren't happy with the situation, but to voice their dissent in public would be on par with political suicide, or even lose your job, your status and basically become a paria in society. That is unfortunately how far Sweden have devolved.

There are a few brave souls in Sweden who stand up for their right to dissent, but they are having a hard time to be heard. Swedish newspapers and media are heavily dependent on state subsidies to exist, and don't even allow common readers to write letters to the editor that will be published in the newspapers, one has to be approved to be able to write ones opinion in the newspapers. So information in Sweden is very much controlled, but as I said there are a few critical voices but they are few and far apart, but they can be found if one looks for them. Some Swedish bloggers only dares to blog in anonymity, but even then they are often stalked by "political correct" Swedes that do everything to demonize them, just as what happened with the Sweden Democrats (Swedens answer to Danish People's Party) just before the election in Sweden... Where the newspapers refused to carry their campaign ads, the postal service refusing to deliver letters and information material from SD to potential voters, and they were discriminated against in the voting locations (The Swedish voting system is designed to make the secrecy of the ballots an illusion... The voters have to pick a ballot from the party they want to vote for, and it has been reported that several voting locations put the ballots for SD far away from the other parties ballots so that it was easy to spot who would pick up a ballot from SD). The Swedish election procedures are indeed a farce and not up to what everybody else would call Democratic minimum standards for a secret vote.

Belgium is a bad case, but it is water compared to Sweden. And the Swedes in general is afraid and terrified by what is going on but is left without a way out. Many are fleeing the cities in Southern Sweden to move to the countryside, for safety reasons, as the cities are becoming increasingly more violent due to a growing muslim minority, that will in some cases soon be a majority... and still a roaring silence from the official Sweden, denying that there is even a problem. Sweeping everything under the rug!

Baron Bodissey said...

Zero, Kepi --

The photo kepi sent me (mohammed in Lego) I already posted back in February. The post is here. The image is here.

eatyourbeans said...

Dear Europeans,

Speaking as an American friend, we read your comments of fear and helplessness. We hear about that philosophy professor in France in hiding for his life. We see governments unwilling or unable to protect you.

Have you considered brief visits to the USA for the purpose of learning how to use firearms? Finding instructiors and shooting schools isn't hard over here, and I'm sure we Americans here would be happy to ask around on your behalf.

As to actually obtaining weapons, well, why did God invent the black market? But first things first.

Forgive my frank speech; it's late in the day for wishful thinking.

kepiblanc said...

eatyourbeans --

Thanks for your kind offer, but I don't think it will be necessary to visit your fine country in order to learn how to use firearms. I certainly know a thing or two about the stuff, and I think most other men have at least basic military training. And you can easily find weapons of all sorts all over Europe, legal ones or not....

So far firearms aren't needed. The Muslims can't take us on in an open fight anyway. Our primary enemy is our useful idiots and their organization, the EU. They are vulnerable to logic, reason and satire. So - until further notice - that's what we'll do.

Zonka said...


Thanks for your concern, but the situation in Europe isn't solvable with firearms, you can't cure stupidity with firearms, you wouldn't be able to afford the amount of ammunition you'll need, and the second problem is that it would be our own people that we have to shoot, and thus giving the muslims an even greated numerical advantage!

And the problem is stupidity and idiocy in the heads of the politicians, the media and the elites and unfortunately a large crowd of the common people, who have bought the official line.

We need tools to get the right kind of information and solutions on how to solve the problems with the muslim immigrants, before we become a minority in our own countries.

So it's a change of policy and a change of attitude that is needed... and as for personal protection, there might come a time when guns could help, but we are not there yet. It is still more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than to be the victim of an act of terror!

eatyourbeans said...

Zonka, Kepiblanc:

Well, you know better than I. But do let me remind you of that wise observation of Gibbon,
A martial nobility and stubborn commons, possessed of arms, tenacious of property, and collected into constitutional assemblies, form the only balance capable of preserving a free constitution against the enterprises of an ambitious prince.

Or, nowadays, against the enterprises of insolent political elites. So we must all be both stubborn commons and martial nobility.

If you change your minds, don't hesitate to call out.
Good luck.

Terry Crane said...

I agree, the dynamics looks good. A couple more months like that, and Muslim rage will become a permanet fixture, and as such largely ignored.