Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Ethiopian Woman Says “Khalid Adem is Innocent”

I have sat through enough acrimonious divorce proceedings to know the levels to which people will stoop to get their own way. Divorce hearings have got to be some of the ugliest experiences in the world, even to those just forced to observe or testify. You can leave the courtroom wanting a drink and a shower — in that order.

Khalid AdemUnfortunately, judges don’t have time to read child development research, or even basic, long-proved data on the harm that interrupted attachments have on developing children. Tangentially, just think of the repeated, thoughtless replacements of au pairs and nannies by those who can afford to hire them. The kids no sooner get attached to one caretaker only to find her replaced by someone else. And they no sooner form a bond with one mommy or daddy only to have her or him replaced by the next brief alliance in a string of serial marriages. I mean, in case you wonder why Hollowood children seem a bit messed up, those are two contributing factors right there.

In the Female Genital Mutilation case in Georgia, the discrepancies in the case are so large that anyone reasonably versed in child development — say, your average parent — would be able to drive a truck through the holes in what appears to be a cruel scam.
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Today, a comment came in from an Ethiopian woman whose opinion validates what I also suspect: Adem was set up.

Here is what she says:

As a woman from Ethiopia, I can tell you that there is no way Khalid could have circumcised his daughter.

Men never ever do the actual circumcision of girls. If done, it is arranged by the grandmother or mother with a female practitioner.

The grandmother and mother did it to help their divorce case. They should be investigated for hurting the girl. The mother did not notice the circumcision because it was not done until she did it herself with her grandmother. She is lying.

Please see my blog on this issue

The whole case is a farce

Her post is here. This is a snip:

However, FMC is also no longer practiced by significant portions of the urban population of Ethiopia. Talk to a random group of young Ethiopian women from Addis Ababa and they will tell you that they have not been circumcised (unlike their mothers). A lot of urban Ethiopians don’t even know what this practice entails.

Khalid simply does not fit the profile of an Ethiopian who would insist that his daughter be circumcised. He is not a nomad or peasant who immigrated from rural Ethiopia. He grew up in metropolitan Addis Ababa and came to the US at the age of sixteen. He is an educated, urban and modern African man who became an adult in America. It is extremely unlikely that a person like him would even think of having his daughter circumcised — let alone do it himself.

In Ethiopian, men never ever get involved in the actual ritual of female circumcision. FMC is a female ritual, and it is always the women (especially the grandmothers) that insist on and arrange for the circumcision ritual by a traditional practitioner.

So. It may be just as I suspected. Certainly, it is just as Hirsi Ali described it. Only she was five years old, not two. And there was no anesthesia or pain medicine, as there may have been in this incident.

This case cries out for justice. May the jury see what seems so plain from here.


Mike from Detroit said...

Oh who cares. Can't we have MORE of these people immigrate to the US and other Western nations? They belong with us. They are just like us.

Unlike any other women, among ALL women on earth, white women have absolutely no solidarity, no identity with their own people. Fjordman, where are you?

Maybe this will help:


Name any non-Western nation you ladies would prefer to live in. Africa, perhaps?

Mike from Detroit said...

Yep, all men are just the same. After all, they're just men. But do see this too before you agree with that lie:


Beach Girl said...

Mike from Detroit, white men don't seem to have much solidarity either. Matter of fact, that is one of white folks problems. We believe in the notion of "individual" rights and responsibilities. One white man suggested a few years back that white people needed their own lobbying group, similar to the NAACP. He was howled off the stage as a racist. White people in America, at least, are just not trained in group-think.

My word, this father did not mutilate his daughter. Will he be convicted of it? Probably. I think along with immigrant application forms, new immigrants must get a booklet on how to manipulate our legal system.

Dymphna said...

Mike from Detroit:

Sorry, but whatever your point is, I'm not getting it.

The point of *my* post was to say that this man may be the scapegoat of conniving women.

I talked to his lawyer's office today, and the intern thought the case looked hopeful for Adem. I do hope he gets cleared of this bogus charge and then sues his tormentors for defamation.

I didn't cut and paste your link because I don't understand what you're saying.

Men often get a bum deal, esp. in divorces. Not always, though. Sometimes they simply abandon everyone to their own fate...it depends on the individual character of the man.

Please don't generalize. This story is about one case, one man, and I think he's innocent.

So what is your point?

justmom said...

This man may or may not be guilty of the actual cutting . . .but it was done by his acceptance. Neither he or his wife prevented this 'cultural' ritual from taking place. It's also obvious that neither he or his wife sought medical care for this precious child - since that would have tipped off authorities.

Neither parent or grandparent should receive custody. This child is not a weapon for use in a legal battle. If I had my way to impose JUSTICE, both the mother and father would be castrated to prevent this from happening again.

El Grumpo said...

Justmom is prejudiced and biased. She thinks that there is no way that a mother could take her daughter off and have something done WHILE DAD IS AT WORK. Then she would make up something when Dad comes home about daughter being sick and so dad misses seeing her.
Again, she thinks that neither mom or dad took baby to the doctor, but who knows how this mother manipulated dad?
Open your eyes Justmom!

heroyalwhyness said...

My eyes are open, thanks anyway el grumpo. Turns out Dad was convicted. http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.washingtontimes.com/upi/20061101-030904-3061r.htm

United Press International

Front Page > UPI Page
Man convicted in daughter' circumcision

Nov. 1, 2006 at 4:11PM

A jury in Atlanta found a man guilty for what human rights activists call the genital mutilation of his daughter.
Khalid Adem could be sentenced up to 40 years for his conviction of aggregated battery and cruelty to children charges, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said Wednesday.
Adem, 31, cried after the verdict was read, the newspaper reported.
A sentencing date has not been scheduled.
Authorities say Adem, 31, circumcised his daughter in 2001 when the girl was 2; the mother reported it in 2003, the Journal-Constitution said. Health and human rights activists call the procedure female genital mutilation.
During the trial, Adem claimed his ex-wife and the maternal grandmother circumcised the girl, now 7, the Journal-Constitution said.

OMMAG said...

So if the women involved are volunteers are they charged too? As accomplices!

Beach Girl said...

NO, pgp. In America, we don't think women would do such a horrible thing to their daughters. We are wrong. I hope this man has good attorneys who will appeal.

Mike from Detroit said...

Ok, Dymphna, here is what I'm trying to say:

I'm sure you are a wonderful woman and that the Baron loves you dearly. But it boggles my mind how so many women (yes, including you) don't seem to realize just how primitive these people are. And that definitely includes Mr. Khalid Adem.

I see you ladies talk so casually about people who are in actuality VERY alien from us. And it's not just me. Fjordman and many others have noticed it too. I'm wondering, is this just the nature of most women (especially white women) or what. My wife isn't that way and she seems at a loss for why that is too.

It's not about hate. It's about the plain reality that human beings are distinctly different from one another. Yet many either really don't see this or pretend there are no differences. I just don't understand it. I see the many problems Europe is having, problems that will no doubt eventually reach us. Why? Because we don't recognize our differences with other people. We do this at our own peril.

Ditto for Beach Girl. She doesn't get it either!

Mike from Detroit said...

By the way, I think Mr. Khalid Adem should be released from prison. How can we condemn him or anyone else for practicing their own cultural and religious beliefs? The problem is that he and his family were allowed to immigrate to the US in the first place. Will we ever learn from Europe's mistakes? Apparently not. Does anyone even understand my point of view? These people have completely different world views and traditions than we do. I don't condemn them for that. But they need to practice those beliefs in their own countries.

mia said...

He is not innocent. He is GUILTY!
I'm a victim of FGM. I come from the same tribe that he comes from. I know what's going on.

History Snark said...


Sorry to hear about you going through this, but I have a question that ties in with it. How likely is it that his wife was also involved? If so, then she should also be imprisoned. That's the main point of the article- that FGM is the responsibility of the women- Mother, Grandmother, etc.

Jen2006 said...

I am a strong believer that Khalid was set up. I've followed this case closely. It was all about revenge.
This case if full of loopholes
- How can a mother and a grandmother (whos is a nurse) who both cared for this child not know that the child was circumcised?
- She was circumcised when she was 2 years old. I can imagine this is a painful process and that it takes quite sometime to heal. I am assuming that some sort of treatment was done to heal the wound and stop the bleeding... how did the mother/grandmother not see it? How can a mother/grandmother as a care giver know this ... especiallywhile they are changing her diaper or cleaning her!!!
- Why did it take the mother so long to come forward with this issue once she found out (2years after the fact) . - Why only during custody battle did she bring it up? - Circumsion is also practiced among the Zulu in South Africa where the wife emigrated from. Why was this not taken into considerartion?
- How can a 2 year old remember that her father used sicissors to do the act? - The mother claims that the father told her that the child should be circumsed .... so what action did you take as a mother with this kind of comment? If you know your husband has a strong opion on FGM wouldn't you be on the look out and check your daughter frequently .... she claims she had no say!!!!! and here she is living in the United States claiming she didn't have a right... why didn't she inform the social services!
- This was a set up during trial Khalid mentioned his ex-wife supposedly called him over for "dinner" along with many of her family members and confronted him in front of the family. So this sounds like the parents instead collaborated on this act.
People that have read this case strongly believe that the mother/grandmother had a part to play in this case.
Khalid (who is now serving his 10yr sentence) has family across the US. His sisters/friends were on the local radio stations in DC yesterday .... and they mentioned that Khalid and his hatefulex-wife were going through a nasty custody battle and which ended up in a revenge. They all spoke sobbing on the radioabout Khalid.
The mother also claims that Khalid married her only to get his legal paperwork (greencard) through her. She now believes this was the only reason he wanted to marry her and that this was her way of getting even with him.
It is highly questionable that the mother is "innocent" and that she has no knowledgew of this crime and instead accuse her ex-husand and set herself free.
Khalid's background and profile does not fit the crime.
Men Watch Out!!