Saturday, October 28, 2006

An Immigration Blog to Visit: “Limits to Growth”

Limits to Growth is a great name for a blog dedicated to preserving the sovereignty of our borders.

This site is rich with links, stories, ideas.

The (current) second-down post was the one that gripped me first. The link supplied here will lead you to the original text in The LA Times… I didn’t see anything in the source HTML which would allow me to link to the site’s shortened version, so I snipped it and included the other link:

Gonzalo CerritosJanitor’s secret past: a death squad

He’s just your typical Los Angeles illegal alien, a hard-working janitor, nice guy to his girlfriend’s children, weekly church-goer. Oh wait, he’s also a convicted death squad participant.

Gonzalo Guevara Cerritos was arrested Wednesday for being an illegal alien and also a member of the Salvadoran military death squad that brutally murdered six Jesuits in 1989.

Martyrs of 1989The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said Guevara Cerritos was one of nine Salvadoran officers and soldiers implicated in one of the most notorious massacres in El Salvador’s history: the 1989 death squad murders of six Jesuit priests whom some in the army viewed as subversives.

A sublieutenant with the Atlacatl Battalion during El Salvador’s war against the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, a leftist guerrilla group, Guevara Cerritos was convicted for his role in the slayings.
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So he resettled his illegal self last year in a city with more than 250,000 other Salvadoran nationals and immigrants, perhaps not the brightest move. He attempted to keep a low profile, but was apparently recognized by one of his countrymen and reported to the US government as a war criminal.

What the blog post doesn’t mention, but the Times did, is the effect this slaughter has had on the people of San Salvador:

The priests’ murders created a worldwide furor in part because Guevara Cerritos and the other assailants had received training from the U.S. government, taking courses at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Ga.

The bloodshed occurred before dawn, Nov. 16, 1989, at the rectory of El Salvador’s Jesuit-run University of Central America. All but one of the priests were in nightclothes and slippers when they were shot. A dormitory cook and her teenage daughter also were killed.

Salvadoran courts ultimately ruled that Guevara Cerritos did not fire any of the fatal shots, but found that he was part of the conspiracy. He was convicted of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism and placed under house arrest for two years.


…Every year, the priests’ killings were re-created in his hometown of San Salvador and soldiers involved in the incident were burned in effigy.

Just as, every year, the 1980 killing of Cardinal Romero — while he was saying Mass in the cathedral — continues to be commemorated.

The bloody civil war in San Salvador, which began in 1980, lasted for about twelve years; it was one of the last of the Cold War hotspots hosted by the US and the USSR, and was responsible for the deaths of more than 75,000 people. Today, relatively peaceful, the government is headed by Antonio Saca, part of a previous Palestinian Christian exodus that landed in San Salvador a few generations ago:

Among the few immigrant groups that reached El Salvador, Palestinian Christians stand out. Though few in number, their descendants have attained great economic and political power in the country, as evidenced by President Antonio Saca and the flourishing commercial, industrial, and construction firms owned by them.

No doubt these left-overs from the civil war like Cerrito, who murdered so many and then disappeared into the latticework of California will continue to wash up in the news. It is only because there are millions of Salvadoran immigrants in this country that occasionally a piece of garbage is recognized and incarcerated.

Meanwhile, there is much more than this to see on “The Limits to Growth.” On the sidebar is the icon of the burning Twin Towers with a linked caption under it which reads Open Borders’ Inevitable Result. The linked essay is several years old, though still germane:

Decades of nonexistent borders, criminally permissive immigration and denial of the fact that America has enemies finally culminated on September 11, 2001. Thousands of Americans died because of delusions of a post-national world based on globalist commerce. Political and financial leaders imagined a world where the only zealotry would be the quest for profits. They ignored other agendas, such as religion and culture, at our peril. The ruling elites disregarded the growing desire of radical Islam to destroy the United States and western culture because of the threat they represent to the Moslem sphere.

Numerous signs of danger were ignored by a Congress under the sway of the powerful mass immigration lobby, consisting of cheap-labor business interests and ethnic hucksters desiring more political power for their group. The bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 should have been a major alert, with six dead and a thousand injured, but the issue quickly faded and the media paid little attention even during the trial of the fundamentalist Islamic perpetrators who were based in New Jersey. In 1998, two American embassies in Africa were bombed within minutes of each other, indicating increasing coordination and sophistication of the terrorists…

The essay goes hasn't dated; it remains fresh -- only we are getting older and more tired of the unrelenting onslaught.

That same page has other links to things I’d not seen at the time. For instance, there’s the essay from 2003 by Stanley Crouch, the music critic, suggesting that Muslim integration be suspended for ten years. Just Say No For a While to Immigration is still up at The New York Daily News website; it hasn’t been archived.

Visit “Limits to Growth.” We need these sites which keep us informed of a growing will in the US to contain the tide of immigration before it drowns us.

Unfortunately, President Bush’s stance on immigration will not be remembered as his finest hour.


Vol-in-Law said...

Check out Bill Lind's latest piece, Strategic Counteroffensive:

One of the Muslim Brotherhood imams said "They have the nuclear bomb, we have the population bomb". Those rioting French 'youths' are a far more potent weapon than any number of IEDs.

Dymphna said...


Yes, some of the Jesuits were the leaders of "liberation theology" in Central and So America. It was stupid and simplistic of them to turn to Marx as a response to the rights' severe repression of the church. They caused some damage. But it was a reactiion to from the loony left, frankly. And their ilk in this country are responsible for the sancturay movement in the is not gaining adherents in the last few years, however. Nothing like being mugged to change a leftists' heart.

OTOH, the Army butchers took out a dormitory cook and her 15 y.o. daughter,too. And on the second hand, the brutality was so over-th-top that years later the slaughter is still being commemorated.

It *was* a civil war after years of oligarchic rule. That seems to be a Spanish inheritance in many of its former colonies.

Were there decent govt south of the border we would not have nearly the problem we have now. But the other part of the problem is *us* with our drug needs, and our willingness to let our compatriots enslave's not a simple problem but we do have to start with a very simple basis: sovereignty must be maintained. From that everything else flows.

Constituent said...

The illegals here, are similar to the muslims overrunning Europe. They both must be stopped.

James Higham said...

Yes, a good blog - I'll come back and check it out further on Tuesday.

Profitsbeard said...

Death Squader Cerritos was "just doing a job Americans didn't want to do" obviously.

(Now his ilk'll have to go a little further into the wilderness to avoid that 700 hundred miles of not-yet-built fencing. Along with desert-hardened-already al-Qaeda types.)

Beach Girl said...

Just a note on El Salvador. It is probably more stable there now that 30,000 MS-13 gang members are running free in the United States - drugs, prostitution, beheadings. They have a good concentration of thugs in Northern Virginia.

Where is the mafia when you need them? I'm surprised that this guy was arrested. The invasion of our nation, the cheapening of our citizenship, and the eradication of our national sovereignty is one subject upon which I can hardly speak.

No "invaders" need worry. The only fence that will be built is being built by the Minutemen. Anything done by our government on that issue is only to placate some of us briefly. On this one issue and all of its aspects, I part company with the administration and for this and what they have allowed to continue, I shall never, never forgive them.

A friend of mine used to listen to me rant about illegal immigration and he listened politely but thought I was extreme. He went on an extended camping trek through the regional park areas in the south. When he returned, he called me immediately and said, "You are so right. The Mexicans are destroying our parks, our rivers, and streams, our lakes with all kinds of imaginable trash, excrement, etc.

The illegal Mexicans and others won't have as much problem getting to our cities now because roads are being improved along the border, etc. Must thank you for this post and leave this topic alone. But as Dymphna states, all stems from the loss of our sovereignty. Actually, it is not a loss in the traditional sense. It was and is being given away.

jillosophy said...

America is being attacked from all sides, from within and outside our borders.
My blog is dedicated to our battle for survival.
No one wants to believe the conspiracy behind the North American Union and the SPP. I have heard of groups in Canada against the NAU - but have not seen anything first-hand. I read your post that gave the story behind the forming of the European Union and it's obvious that the same blueprint is being followed in order to undermine North America as we know it. I live in New York City, and as it may be American, it feels less like America every day.
I know who our enemies are. And they are all around us.