Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Council Winners for October 6th, by a Hair's Breadth

Watcher’s CouncilOctober 6th was a red letter Gates of Vienna win. “Peace” and War on an Autumn Afternoon took first place.

ShrinkWrapped shared second place with Joshua Pundit for There Are No Words and The Horrors of Club Gitmo... and Camp Pendleton, respectively.

By a curious coincidence the first and second place winners on the non-Council side were both ones I wanted to nominate for this section.

I ended up nominating the winner, Rants and Raves, for his first-hand Observations on Arabs.

But first I lingered a long time over One Cosmos’ brilliant On Perversions, Pedophiles, and the Homophobes of the Left. I believe that’s the post where he refers to the “psychological Left.” Great term. I was happy to see that someone else nominated him anyway.

Everything else is still at The Watcher’s Place, including an entry by Michelle Malkin and an excellent Wretchard post.

Enjoy, amigos.