Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wilders to Ezra Levant: Hate Speech Laws Should Go

The video, below the fold, is a conversation between Wilders and Ezra Levant following the former’s acquittal. In sum, Mr. Wilders says hate speech laws have to go. To which I will add, “Amen”, though not nearly as fervently as does the battle-tried Mr. Levant.

The following quote is excerpted from the Youtube notes put up by user sdamatt, who posted the video:

…in his closing statement, Wilders said that his controversial statements against Islam were protected by the right to free speech. Wilders said he believed the process of Islamization presents a threat to Europe and that it is his right and duty to warn the public about it.

If he had been convicted, Wilders could have faced up to one year in jail or a fine of up to €7,600 ($10,865). At the peak of the controversy over his statements, Wilders was once even banned from entering the United Kingdom.


Wilders’ comments sparked a massive debate on the integration of Muslims in Europe that has helped fuel other populist movements around the continent. In Germany , politician Thilo Sarrazin wrote a bestselling book warning that Muslim immigrants were dumbing down the country.

Meanwhile, don't forget the OIC is certain that the phenomenon known as Geert Wilders is due solely to those naughty Swiss who voted to ban minarets (no I don't have the link anymore. Look for their 2009 summary. It's a pdf and a real slog).

OIC officials continue to harass the Swiss government. They are sure the Swiss could simply void that referendum if they wanted. It appears that the OIC is not ready for prime time when it comes to a full grasp of the elements of democracy. We may have a chasm here that no amount of explaining will bridge.

Mr. Levant’s “Victory Conversation” with Wilders is below the fold…

Notice the tone of both voices. Very happy warriors indeed.

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Ralph Lynn said...

Dymphna,I too fear that Europe's permenant bureaucracy(The Party) will continue to pursue Wilders. They may have lost the battle, but they are determined to win the war against 'intolerance'.

I stumbled upon the 2010 Annual Report European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI, a Council of Europe quango). It's sinister stuff.

They are asking The Party to get a whole lot tougher:

"Racism has become widespread, consolidated and 'legitimised' in Europe, fostered by the rise of extreme right-wing parties and referendums on religious minorities and foreigners. This is an synthesis of the alarm raised by the Council of Europe in the commission's report against racism and intolerance published today. According to the ECRI commission document, in 2010 racist and intolerant speech and behaviours ceased definitively to be solely the domain of extremist and marginal groups in European societies. Over the past year growing electoral success was achieved by extreme right-wing parties in many European states, accompanied by an ever more frequent use of xenophobic arguments by political leaders and a worrisome increase in referendums against religious minorities and foreigners. Faced with this legitimisation of intolerance and racism aimed at minorities, whether the latter be the Roma ethnic group, immigrants, or Muslim, ECRI says that the current laws prohibiting ''hate speech'' are no longer adequate. According to the Council of Europe body, members of parliament must take on a clear ethical code which makes it ''impossible'' to make use of racist speech, and that all parties and politicians voluntarily sign a document obliging them to adhere to ''good practices''. ECRI has also warned of the danger inherent in the ever-more widespread speeches based on the idea that some communities are so different form each other that they cannot live together."

'Intolerance' WILL be abolished. Eventually it will be made 'impossible'.

The whole sorry thing is available as a pdf from

It matters not to this body that the growing Europe-wide political movement against colonisation and dispossession is legitimate and democratic:
"...racism and intolerance are no longer limited to the fringes of society. This is evidenced by the electoral success of extreme right-wing parties in a number of
member States in 2010; the holding, on a worryingly regular basis, of referenda targeting non-citizens and religious minorities and, unfortunately, their outcome; and the increasing use of xenophobic and anti-Muslim arguments by mainstream political leaders. Legal means alone do not seem sufficient to counter this trend."

The ECRI is of the opinion that WE should be doing a lot more to adjust to the Submitters:
"As ECRI has repeatedly stated, integration is a twoway process, based on mutual recognition, which bears no relation to assimilation. That migrants and persons with a migration background feel empowered to make certain demands related to the preservation of distinct group identities is a sign of successful integration. Many of these demands must be accepted because they are in
accordance with the law, while others can be reasonably accommodated. Dealing with the majority’s reactions, which sometimes take the form of racism and intolerance, should be seen as part of democratic States’ responsibilities."

The free pass for Submitters is non negotiable.

Arguments against The Party's Utopian project have not penetrated and nor will they going off this report. The will of the people will soon be illegal!


Kufar Dawg said...

Wouldn't Geert's punishment if convicted also have included impeachment? If convicted I wonder if he also would've lost his state-supplied 24 hour armed security as well -- and who doesn't have to wonder what the upshot of THAT would be?

matism said...

For cornholio:
I doubt the upshot of a conviction resulting in loss of state-supplied security would be much different that what will happen ANYWAY now. After all, it IS "state-supplied" security, and the individuals performing same take their direction from State "Leadership". I have no doubt that said "Leadership" is already plotting the best way for the security to fail at the "wrong" time in the "wrong" place, resulting in the "unfortunate" demise of Mr. Wilders. I mean, US "Law Enforcement" is already pretty damn good at disregarding their oath of office and bowing and scraping before their Masters. Why would one expect European "security" to be significantly better?

Dymphna said...


If we follow the example set by Belgium against Bart Debie, he would probably have lost his civil rights.

As for their scenario, not so sure. See, they did that with Pim Fortuyn and it got them Wilders instead. It may be that they're hoping the higher court will take him out.

I agree with you re his likelihood of being killed, however. The unwritten law in the Netherlands is to make the rebels non-persons and then take 'em out if people continue to support the trouble makers.

Just look at Gregorius Nekshott in his burka to get a feel for life after The Purge.


What makes me bloody tired to have to listen
to is the following stupid statement repeatedly
varieted by diverse spokesmen:

Says Ezra Levant:
"He [G.W.] told us he has nothing against muslims but he is worried about islam itself as an ideology. He called it a totalitarian philosofy, like Communizm and Nazism; he has even compared the Koran to Mein Kampf in terms of its antisemitism..."

Islam is nought without its Muslims -
Muslims are no Muslims without Islam.

During WW2 the allies in their gallat enterprise to
annihilate Nazism's Third Reich killed millions of
civilian Germans, of which certainly a great many
were no Nazies or even Anti-Nazies.

So kill the Muslims and there will be no Islam !!
Killing 1,7 billion Muslims - or 54 millions in Western Europe, to get rid of Islam is most probabely an
impossible mission. (-;

Then kill Islam and there will be no Muslims !!
Killing Islam can only be done by chaps like
Luxenberg, Lüling, Böwering et al.
This process of reluctingly destroying Islam,
if at all possible, will take centuries.

Have you ever heard the fabel of king Christian X of Denmark (1870–1947) standing behind the curtains in
one of the huge windows of Schloss Amalienborg in Copenhagen on the 9th of April 1940 looking down on
the castle square wher there was a life and a strife, muttering to himself: - I have nothing against Germans, certainly not - Germans are good people. What I do not like is their Prophet, that Herr Hitler and his self-made religion, that queer and vulgar antisemitic Nazism.

What shall we do?

First of all - STOP BEING NICE!

We must take the consequences -
we must not necessarily hate the Muslims -
but how the hell can we refrain from disliking them,
resisting them and combatting them?

The Western World is no place of abode for Muslims.

Stop giving the occupation forces the friendly nod!

And even, as in stupid Sweden, do not drag them into Parliament.


Zenster said...

ANTI-ISLAMIST: What makes me bloody tired to have to listen to is the following stupid statement repeatedly varieted by diverse spokesmen:

Says Ezra Levant: "He [G.W.] told us he has nothing against muslims but he is worried about islam itself as an ideology.

You still don't get it, do you?!?

If Geert, Elisabeth, Tommy and all of the other European anti-Islam fighters unambiguously declare both Islam and Muslims to be the unequivocal enemy, THEY CAN BE DETAINED, ARRESTED, TRIED, CONVICTED AND JAILED FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE NATIONS' SO-CALLED "HATE SPEECH" LAWS.

Capiche? Got it? Verstehst du? ¿Me entiendes?

These people are often risking their lives as it is. Do you really insist, in order to please people like you and Hesperado, that they stop mincing words in a way that specifically keeps them out of jail WHERE THEY MOST LIKELY MIGHT BE KILLED?


matism said...

Zenster is indeed correct. Which is why the REAL enemy is not the "Leaders" creating these "laws" which outlaw free speech. The REAL enemy is "Law Enforcement" who arrest the Wilders and Fortuyn and such. And until "Law Enforcement" fear for THEIR lives, they will continue to enforce WHATEVER they are told. Or do you REALLY think you have credible a way to "elect" officials who will go against "multiculturalism?"

1389 said...

I think that this is the PDF link that you are looking for.

Kufar Dawg said...

Eliminating Geert is as simple as taking away his state-funded, armed security detail and publicising the fact. They don't need to put him in jail -- although that might make the coverup of Geert's assassination that much easier.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Lynn: I really appreciate your post.

Hesperado: The ball is in your court. All of the submission to submitters is a clever ruse to enforce slavery upon a forcibly silenced population.

If you think that butterflies and fairies are behind PC MC then you are just as delusional as Muslims.

P.S. Why the need to VIOLENTLY silence the indigenous population if the indigenous population agrees with PC MC?


Zenster, "indeed you are right". Of course truth must be manipulated and affronted if you as a figurehead being hard pressed want to stay away from the clink.

Christian X of Denmark did not object to the German occupation, he chose to show his supposed (mild?) loathing for the occupation of his native Country by every morning, as nothing had happened, ride a tour through the city. However, wasn't this rather cowardly by someone being an example for his people? Adolf would not primarely have put him behind bars.

Someday, soon, it must be stated, however, who is the enemy of today. Prevaricating and avoiding coming to the point leads nowhere but to totale defeat.

Not were Eisenhower, Patton et alia sitting in some secure headquarter fighting Nazism by condemning Adolf and calling his book a hatefull collection of antisemitic tvaddle.

I have not yet read the recommended: Panacea or Pathetic Fallacy? The Swiss Ban on Minarets. Sure the ban was no finale remedy, but it was a first courageous demonstration showing that we do not accept this intrusion.

By all means we must stop being KIND and GOOD.

In Sweden there are seventeen gullible, unreflecting ignorants more or less agreeing with PC-MC or actively and consious PC-MC-sympathizers and Islam-huggers on every mohammedan-conscious and/or islam & PC-MC-critic voter.


Is there any hope?