Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poking a Stick in the Dearborn Hornets’ Nest

There was a spot of bother in Dearborn, Michigan yesterday. Two separate groups of Christians visited the Arab International Festival and upset some of the locals by saying negative things about Islam.

Two things can be learned from these incidents:

1. In Dearborn, devotees of the Religion of Peace tend to physically attack and throw bottles at people with whom they disagree.
2. “Arab” is a code word for “Muslim” in Dearborn, since there was no sign of any Coptic or Palestinian Christians at the festival.

Besides, why isn’t an “Arab festival” considered racist? What would happen if someone held a “Caucasian festival” somewhere?

Well, we all know what would happen. It’s all right to have African festivals, or Chinese festivals, or Ainu festivals. But a white festival is inherently racist, don’t you know?

Below are three news reports of what happened in Dearborn yesterday, followed by three articles, one of them cause for at least guarded optimism.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes uploading these videos to MRC TV:

The first news report is from WXYZ, and describes what happened to pastor Terry Jones when he attempted to walk from city hall to the festival:
Arrests Made as Quran-Burning Pastor Walks From Deaborn City Hall to Arab International Festival

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police have arrested at least three people who tried to block Pastor Terry Jones from walking from Dearborn City Hall to the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn.

The Quran-burning Pastor held a rally outside Dearborn City Hall. He began his march to the festival as a mob of people jeered at him, some spitting in his face.

Jones was picked up by Police and put into a black Ford Explorer with officers. He was escorted back to City Hall, where he decided he would head back to his hotel.

Pastor Jones and those with “Standup America Now” had requested the assistance of the National Guard as they expected “thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people opposing our rally.”

City and Community leaders have urged people to ignore Jones.

In April, Jones held a protest outside Dearborn City Hall, after being told by the court that he could not protest outside the Islamic Center of America, the largest mosque in the country.

Also from WXYZ, a report on a different group that protested at the festival:

Tensions High as Protestors Arrive at Dearborn Arab International Festival

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Arab International Festival attracts more than 300,000 people to Dearborn every year. This is the 16th year for the event that turned rowdy and at times dangerous when religious beliefs and protesters clashed.

The protesters waved signs plastered with sayings like ‘Islam is a religion of blood and murder’, many at the Arab International Festival saw hate.

“Talking dirty about the Koran. Dirty about Muslims,” said Mustafa Kahwaji.

They call themselves the bible believers — men and women assembled from all over the country.

Their posters and shouting caused the 16th annual festival to come to a standstill around 5:30 Friday night. Their organizer Ruben Israel comes from California.

“We’re here in Dearborn because they have issues with free speech,” said Ruben Israel.

He says the group was enraged about the four missionaries arrested last July at the Arab American Festival, for their shouting their own religious message. It was a protest that officials deemed disorderly.

“When you arrest men for passing out literature, you’re going to get guys like us,” said Israel.


“Why are you going to come to our city and disrespect us like that,” said on angry onlooker.

Barricades were provided in an effort to separate protesters from furious festival goers. But after three hours, organizers were ready to take them down.

To the offended Muslim festival-goers, saying bad things about Islam exceeds the limits of free speech. In other words, Muslims in Dearborn expect the enforcement of sharia law in their locality:

“If this is how they are going to behave, then this has gone beyond free speech at this point,” said Ahmad Chebbani, Chairman of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce. [emphasis added]

“Things are going to get real pushy on the sidewalk. And whatever happens, blood is on his shoulder,” said Israel.

And here’s the most chilling part: “free speech zones”.

The last time I looked, the only acknowledged free speech zone was known as “The United States of America”. Or has that changed?

Organizers said most people apply for a permit to protest at their festivals. This group did not apply for a permit. But according to the law, a permit is not needed because they are in a free speech zone.

This article from 9&10 News is partially good news: Christians will be able to hand out leaflets at the Arab Festival in Dearborn.

The bad news is that it required a federal appeals court and a federal court order to re-establish the First Amendment in Dearborn:

Court Order Allows Christian Leaflets at Arab Fest

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — A Detroit federal judge has signed an order allowing Christian evangelists to work the sidewalks of a popular Arab-American festival in Dearborn.

The three-day festival starts Friday in the heavily Arab Detroit suburb. Christian activists led by a California pastor like to attend the festival to try to convert Muslims.

A federal appeals court in May said Dearborn couldn’t prohibit the evangelists from passing leaflets on sidewalks inside the festival boundaries. The court found that past restrictions violated free-speech rights.

Judge Paul Borman signed an order Tuesday reinforcing the decision by the appeals court. He says it applies to city officials, Dearborn police, festival organizers and the Wayne County sheriff’s office.

For some unsettling raw footage of what happened to Terry Jones and his companions on the sidewalks of Dearborn, see this YouTube video.

Parts of Dearborn are already virtual no-go zones for infidels. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Hat tips: RE and Vlad Tepes.


EscapeVelocity said...

Just a note. There are plenty of ethnic festivals in teh US, including a plethora of European ethnicities.

Baron Bodissey said...

EV --

I'm not talking about Swedish festivals or Portuguese festivals, I'm talking about white festivals. We can't have those.

We can have black festivals and Arab festivals though, no problem. And we can have festivals for La Raza, The Race.

Dearborn did not have an Egyptian Festival or a Yemeni festival -- it had an Arab festival, i.e. a race-based festival.

The distinction is significant.

Zenster said...

I applaud Ruben Israel for getting in Islam's face during one of the largest, if not the largest Muslim event in America. Although he would probably not agree, his message of Free Speech transcends any other that he brought to Dearborn. After all, without Free Speech, Freedom of Religion is not going to have much meaning.

“When you arrest men for passing out literature, you’re going to get guys like us,” said Israel.

Again, this is the message Muslims like Ahmad Chebbani need to have thrown in their face. This is not some Islamic cesspit, this is America and filthy shari'a law has no place in our civilized society.

“Why are you going to come to our city and disrespect us like that,” said on angry onlooker.

Tough sugar, little boy. Obviously you have no understanding of just how totally pissed off large portions of America are about Islam and creeping shari'a. It does no good to protest Islam in Galveston, Texas. You have to go where the Muslims are.

When asked why he held up banks, robber, Willie Sutton, famously replied:

"Because that's where the money is."

So long as Muslims in America agitate for their preposterous, Neanderthal, barbaric shari'a law, people like Ruben Israel will be desperately needed to "go where Islam is" and deliver the message that theirs is, indeed, a "religion" of blood and murder" and deliver it straight into the teeth of American Muslims.

And here’s the most chilling part: “free speech zones”.

The last time I looked, the only acknowledged free speech zone was known as “The United States of America”. Or has that changed?

Over my dead body and those of all other patriotic Americans. Appeasers of Islam, like Senator Lindsey Graham, need to be blacklisted so that, later on, they can be put on trial for attempting to betray America to its enemies.

Thank goodness that there are people like Judge Paul Borman who still enforce America's Constitution.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Which is why it's long past tea for things to "get worse" for Muslims until they finally purchase a clue and return to their Islamic utopias where they belong.

Ban halal slaughter. Dismantle the hawala network. Prohibit the wearing of burqas and the niqab. Remorselessly hack all jihadist web sites and jam channels like Al-Manar and its ilk. Aggressively prosecute and incarcerate all practitioners of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Relentlessly profile Muslims at airports and all other transportation hubs.

In short, make life in America miserable for any and all devout Muslims.

Zenster said...

PS: Thank you so much, Vlad, for assembling coverage of this important event. Your contributions to this web site are deeply appreciated.

cumpa_29 said...

Race based festivals ARE a bad framework in which to celebrate. Baron is right. Festivals should be cultural in nature.
People shun the idea of even "western civ" festivals because western civ is so superior to all others, that it could easily lead to feelings of superiority that then slide into bigotry. If we are to celebrate Western Civ at all, we should celebrate its openness and universalism, WITHOUT falling into the trap of the progressive notions of these ideas.
I love the inclusiveness of the U.S. Without it, my family and I wouldn't be here. However, this doesn't mean I'm for open borders or the notion of global citizenry.
Openness is one thing, but suicidal openness another.

To slightly adulterate a line from the movie Valkyrie: "Long live the sacred U.S.of A!......not the dumb one!"

JS123 said...

White Americans are a distinct ethnic group. The name of this ethnic group used to be "Americans." But American was turned into a mere name for the class of people who happen to live in within the borders of the US. There is currently no name for this group, although European-Americans has been bandied about from time to time. But forget about this group deciding to have an ethnic festival.

History Snark said...

I grew up in Detroit, just a few minutes away from Dearborn. Whenever I think of that place and the racism there today, a thought comes to mind. Back in the day (up until the 1970s), Dearborn was controlled by Mayor Orville Hubbard, who was about as open to minorities as the Klan. As far as I can recall, it was only when he died that the Arabs moved in- and that was certainly when the Blacks moved in.

Not judging anyone (well... maybe Hubbard), but I find that ironic. I suspect most of Hubbard's supporters are long gone, but I wonder if there isn't an element of white guilt in the City, making people more politically correct when it comes to minorities.

As to festivals, once upon a time Detroit had a great system of "Ethnic Festivals" down on the Detroit River. Irish one weekend, Polish, Italian, "Captive Nations" was one that sticks in my mind. They were amazing! But then, according to my uncle, who worked closely on the setup, it became an issue with... lets just say, the majority population of the City, who didn't like the fact that there was never any food they liked at the festivals. That, white flight, and the increasing crime rate combined to kill them off completely.

Sad really. That was still a time when one could be reasonably proud of being a Detroiter.

EscapeVelocity said...

I just think that you are doing yourself a disservice by promoting that as an angle.

Arabs have a culture, that is why people are called Arabs....and the term Arabization is used to denote the acculturation of non Arabs.

White Europeans have ethnic cultures, and in the US, Whites culture is Anglo (British Isles-Scotch-Irish but mostly English although they overlap).

Anglo culture is the dominant culture, which people assimilate to. Black African former slaves and their decendents have Anglo as their base culture. See Allen West.

philip.zhao said...

Like it or not, Dearbornization is the wave of the future for America !

Blogger said...

There is no such thing as an "arab". It was an identity that was cleverly invented and imposed by Muhammad and his gang in order to create an Ummah. Speaking the Arabic language is the only factor that appears to make people think that they must be 'Arabs'. But language, race and identity are three separate entities. For example, there are approximately 60 countries in the world where English is the offical language, but only one of those countries' inhabitants call themselves 'English'. The Irish don't call themselves English, the Singaporians don't call themselves English, the Canadians and South Africans don't call themselves English. Just as Brazilians don't call themselves Portugese, or Mexicans; Spanish. So, who are the people these Arabic speaking people? They are Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, Libyans, Egyptians, Saudis, Yemenites, Omanis, Iraqis (or Babylonians), Jordanians and Syrians. The Arabic language is a ministrone of local dialects, Old Syriac and Aramaic, as recently argued by Christoph Luxenberg . The Arabic speakers of the Middle East are a very diverse group of people with different customs and dialects. They are a mixture of migrating people from Europe, India and Africa, across the centuries. The idea of the Nation State, where people identify with their 'country', ratther than their language, should be one of the factors involved in the fight against Islam. ie a new identity.

Kufar Dawg said...

Why aren't the police who arrested the Christians for passing out leaflets at previous Muslo-nazi festivals arrested for violating the civil rights of these Christians? Because that's EXACTLY what they did.

I hope these Christians sue the Muslo-nazi city of Dearbornistan for every dime they have.

Whiskey said...

My guess is that it is only a matter of time before either Sharia or the Zeta-type culture conquers America and the West.

To stand up and fight, you have to believe in something, have people willing to stand with you, and posses social coherence. I don't see that in the US or the West. I'd estimate that at least 80% of Americans would think it a good thing that Dearborn and many other parts of America are "no-go zones" for non Muslims.

Diversity and PC and Multiculturalism are religions that largely supplanted Christianity while retaining the form. They offer many advantages, not the least of which is constant criticism of the "wrong sort of White people" (i.e. those of lower class) by the new religious authorities.

I'd further estimate that 99% of Hollywood, the Media, the legal system (lawyers, judges, juries) would agree to imprison Jones merely for 'insulting Islam.'

imnokuffar said...

I like it when large angry groups of Muslims come together to celebrate their thuggish cult. It underscores just what a violent and illiberal bunch of scum these people are and hopefully gets some more people into the Anti-Jihad movement.

When we eventually begin to take action against them it also makes them easier to find.

Anonymous said...

"Aggressively prosecute and incarcerate all practitioners of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)."

Nope. Incarceration costs us money. Castration is a MUCH better option: quicker, cheaper, easier, and limits both population growth due to Mohammedan child molestation (aka child 'marriage') and infidel gang rape. Yep. Castration seems appropriate. Then, deportation....

EscapeVelocity said...

Whiskey, you discount the Christians.

They saved Western Civiliztaion at least once before. This time period known as the Dark Ages is now blamed on the Christians, when it was the Christians that actually held on and drug Europe out of the Dark Ages.

Such is the folly of the modern Westerner.

Nick said...

Yes, if one looks at the numbers of for instance, the Great Siege of Malta in 1565, one sees that a few devout men have before now stood against the forces of Islam. And prevailed. I note here also that (as Ernle Bradford says) the faith of the locals played a part in this key military victory.

Maybe if this situation ends up in direct confrontation, everything will come out into the open, and the 'battle lines' will eventually be drawn - as they ought to have been on September 12th, 2001.

For all the Islamic doublespeak we hear about Mohammadens recognising Jesus - Islam denies that Jesus is the Son of God, denies that Jesus was crucified, and denies the resurrection. As for Islam being a religion of peace - that's a fantasy dreamed up by someone sitting in an ivory tower somewhere. Look at the way Christians are treated in Islamic countries around the world. Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt etc.

So it does seem likely that somewhere, perhaps in America, a direct confrontation will occur between Islam and the forces of civilisation that will spark up a larger conflagration.

Nick said...

As I've said before though, we have a political system in place whose practitioners have so much invested in it, that they will fight tooth and nail to hold on to it, and stay in their comfy offices. You'll also get your true believer type of politician. And if any confrontations occur, we all know where these people will point the finger. (We see how the British authorities are treating 'Tommy Robinson' for example - tip of the iceberg, that.)

I think therefore that it's massively important to support those few politicians who do stand for what is right in this world, and to try to cultivate any others we can find who might be prepared to listen to reason. And obviously to vote in any candidates who realise that they have to stand up for Israel, Christianity, and Western civilization.

History Snark said...

Sadly, I'm kinda with Whiskey. I see too many people out there who shrug at the travails of Terry Jones. I'm not a fan of his, but I totally agree with what he was doing.

People agree with free speech in principle, but then when somebody upsets the perceived social order with it, the liberals go nuts, and they control the media, and the non-media liberals are too well organized and too willing to say anything to promote their agenda.

And arguing or discussing it is a waste of time. I have never yet managed to change a single mind with a presentation of the facts.

Nick is also correct. That's what irks me about these churches having multi-cultural and interfaith outreaches and services. I'm not exactly a practicing Christian- as someone said, I practiced for years and years, and never got any better- but even I can tell the difference between calling Jesus a "prophet" and calling him the Son of Man, God, or whatever. So how come people with Seminary Degrees and the like cannot?

Jimbo said...

@cornholio. No Christians were arrested for handing out literature in Dearborn. Dearborn has a sizable muslim population but, they are in the minority even among the Arab population, which is mostly Christian. The Arab festival has undergone some commotion recently because the chief of police with the mayors backing decided to limit the handing out of pamphlets to booth holders at the festival or to the free speech zone. George Saieg, an Arabic Christian who specializes in the evangelization and conversion of muslims took exception to this and sued the city and won his case in the US Court of Appeals. He was never arrested. He followed the unconstitutional rules the last few years during the litigation of his lawsuit. This year he can hand out and evangelize like he used to. Separate from him, there was the arrest of Acts 17 Apologetics crew for the dubious charge of disturbing the peace. They were acquitted of those charges and are suing the city for unlawful arrest. They were not handing out literature, only speaking to people that came up to them. Dearborn created this problem by limiting free speech to certain areas and the popular Mayor O'Reily may be feeling a bit too confident because of his 90% favorable election returns. They made a terrible mistake in sidestepping the US Constitution. There is great delight that can be had by saying "yes" or "no, thank you" to someone trying to hand you or talk to you about something they care deeply about. Terry Jones is but a sideshow act to all of this.

Zenster said...

imnokuffar: When we eventually begin to take action against them it also makes them easier to find.

Muslims just love to bunch up into enclaves in order to impose their beloved no-go zones.

Any well-trained soldier knows such gatherings by another more familiar term:


matism said...

Once again, it is "Law Enforcement" that is the enabler for this damnable swill. When will it be time for the filthy maggot pigs to rot in hell where they belong?

Kufar Dawg said...


Thanks for the information.

I hope the Christians imprisoned win their suit for false arrest against the city, but it still seems like the cops were really just using a convenient law to violate their civil rights -- just like they dug up a 150 year old law to violate
Terry Jones' civil rights. I'm betting we'll be seeing a lot more civil rights violations on behalf of Islamonazism, because that is its nature.