Thursday, June 30, 2011

Up the Ladder to the Roof

Vlaams Belang: No mosque here!
“No mosque here!”

Members of Vlaams Belang made it all the way to the top today — the top of a building which the city of Antwerp plans to convert into a mosque:

Belgium: Flemish Nationalists Climb on Future Mosque Roof

(AGI) Brussels — Some members of Vlaams Belang, an intensely xenophobic Flemish nationalist group, occupied the roof of an Antwerp building that the municipal authorities will turn into a mosque. The protest against “the islamisation of Antwerp” and the “supermosque” (as Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter defined it) may continue next week with a pork barbecue in the same building.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni. Many thanks to Vlaams Belang for sending us the photo.


Elan-tima said...

Vlaams Belang are true Nationalists. They don't hide in parliament buildings and other government buildings and praten, praten, praten(talk, talk, talk), they take their politics and beliefs to the street and the people. Taking action for the promotion and protection of ones culture is the height of nobility.
There is a theocratic expression that "faith without works is dead".
Vlaams Belang is living proof that the Flemish Nation will never die.

1389 said...

Mirrored here:

I ♥ Vlaams Belang