Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/15/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/15/2011Even as EU leaders and the ECB inch closer to the next rescue package for Greece, the situation in Athens is fast descending into chaos. Protesters — whose ranks include violent rioters who deliberately provoked police retaliation — occupied downtown Athens, threw smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails, and pelted the prime minister’s car with oranges. The demonstrators are protesting high unemployment and the cuts in state programs that are part of the austerity plan mandated by the IMF.

In addition to the articles below, check out these on-the-scene videos from Athens hosted by Russia Today: Video 1, Video 2.

In other news, Rep. Peter King (R-NY), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has convened hearings to investigate whether there is a concerted attempt by Islamic zealots to convert and radicalize inmates in American prisons.

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bewick said...

Mmmm. Unemployment in Gaza, at 46%, is "highest in the world". Why would that be I wonder? Might it be zillions of aid over 60+ years. no need to work since others will pay the jizzya.
The figure though is yet another abuse of statistics. Remember that 90% of 10 is 9. The base "population" is important to understand the context.
The UK has many more Muslims than does Gaza.
According to the UK Office of National Statistics 50% of male Muslims and 75% of female Muslims are unemployed and claiming benefits. The ONS of course doesn't say "muslims" but the native countries , Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and so on tells the story.
So does Gaza have the highest unemployment rate in the world? Probably yes as a single geograpical area but NO if the base "population" of Muslims is taken into account. The UK probably has the highest unemployment rate of Muslims thanks to our massively over-generous benefits system.

On a totally different note. Belgium.
Perhaps 35 years ago I became lost when driving through Belgium. Can't temember the town but it was neither Bruges nor Brussels but it was North Belgium.
Contrary to female views that men never ask for directions I did just that.
I asked a passing pedestrian, in French, for directions. His look of disdain is imprinted on my memory. He looked at me with hate and walked on.I shouted after him "Do you speak English" and his manner changed completely and he then gave me perfect directions in a mixture of French and English.
I didn't know at the time the "Kurdish" type problem on my own doorstep. Ah well my French must have been seriously good if he thought I was a Belgian from the French sector!

bewick said...

The Office of National Statistics doesn't record, separately, unemployment of Muslims born in the UK - just those born outside the UK. So far as the ONS is concerned Muslims born here are "British" and are lumped in with the "indigenous" Brits.

The UK STILL has more immigrant Muslims than the 1.25m (or is it now 1.5m and rising?) population of Gaza so the UK unemployment rate is still higher for Muslim working age immigrants than for working age Muslims in Gaza.

It would be seriously interesting to know how many Muslims in Britain are employed and/or (theft is endemic in Islam) claiming benefits and working or NOT working.
Our successive Governments are too "frit" - Margaret Thatcher) to explore this. Until they do then the full cost of impportation of Muslims will not be known.
Time for change.

Anonymous said...

Did I already say that, anytime there is violence like this, it's because of Agents Provocateurs?

philip.zhao said...

Today's News Posts are very newsy on US front!
Weinergate is still open with the reports that Weiner's mother-in-law has been a card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood while his wife has been in bed (figuratively?) with Secretary Clinton as an adviser in custom-framing the policy against Israel.
Ironically, his wife,a product of Hebrew University, once branded the IDF as rapists because,as she put it,"they refuse to rape the Palastinian women".

With Muslim brothers and sisters under the hood working like termites in and on the Capitol/Capital, who needs another 9/11?

philip.zhao said...

Correction:...."rapist" should read "racist". Sorry.