Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Pathetic Badge of Honor

Pat Condell discusses the degradation of women that is built into the ideology of Islam, and the silence of the feminists on this issue:

Hat tip: Kitman.


Nick said...

Saw that & thought of this: a little ditty from the Motor City ...

Nick said...

Talking of women and Islam, I just saw a lady by the name of Michelle Bachman talking about Israel ... here's the video (it's a little over a minute long.

TheCatalyst said...

Pat Condell continues to be my favorite atheist along with Hirsi Ali.

No one I know better expresses both the reasoning and the necessary emotional and feeling tones on the subject.

Thanks for posting this.

Zenster said...

How refreshing to hear Condell begin using such absolute terms like "obscene" and "eliminated forever".

Knowingly or not, Condell has now begun sowing the seeds of a final discontent. Please keep the following in mind:

Islam cannot be modified so as to finally confer equality upon women. Not now, not later, NOT EVER.

Such a modification would require so momentous a rewriting of shari'a law and Islamic doctrine in general that, even if a significant faction of Muslims ― for instance, women, who comprise half or more of all Islam ― were to declare themselves in favor of this reform there would be only one result:


Personally, I welcome this with open arms. Muslims have always excelled at one thing above all others and that is killing other Muslims. Perhaps, if Islamic nations began killing women in large numbers the global community might sit up and take notice. Wide spread genocide against women would certainly be a good pretext for military intervention.

Even if it did not, Islam's birth rate would plummet and that could only be a good thing. Regardless of whether or not women were the primary drivers of this reform, it would still be a source of endless internecine strife. Either way, seeing a rising demand that there be equality for Muslim women is a tremendous win-win for the West that must be encouraged at every turn.

Then relax, have a cold one, and watch the gutters flow with blood in the Muslim world. It is long past tea for the West to set Islam against itself. If this is one of the few ways of inciting massive internal dissent and beginning this gruesome process, then so be it. If there is some other way, I welcome that too. Clearly, introducing the hope of democracy has not provided the spark for this.

I have long maintained that, even if it were possible to disregard terrorism ― and it most certainly is not ― shari'a law's institutionalized misogyny is still an ultimate deal-breaker with respect to ever allowing Islam to participate as an equal on the world stage.

Neither do I believe that Islam can be rehabilitated. Just rendering equality for women would make Islam alien unto itself. Abject Gender Apartheid is an unspoken "pillar" of Islam. Therefore, it is in the West's best interest to begin a calculated program of inciting endless strife in the Islamic world. All Muslim women's causes (e.g., Saudi women wishing to drive cars), in Islamic nations should receive a maximum of covert support.

There is no good reason, short of simple self-preservation, for the West to continually intervene with military force throughout the Islamic world. We face significantly less loss of life if we set Muslims upon each other and this is a golden opportunity to do so.

Nick said...

Should anyone out there wonder if there is any validity to the notion that Muslims today commit acts of terror because of the West's foreign policy post 9/11: from May 1998.

Google news archives has many stories like this from the pre-9/11 era. Acts like this occur around the world today - and stories like that one (from the New York times no less) show that Islamic terrorism has been ongoing for many years.

So reform or rehabilitate Islam? I agree with Zenster: Good luck with that project!

The attitude towards non-Muslims and to non-males shown by many, many devout Muslims males over the years is not only truly appalling, it signifies that such behavior and attitudes is not something which a few 'extreme' or 'radical' Mohammedans do. The behaviour may be 'extreme' and 'radical' but the perpetrators of such crimes are merely devout.

blogagog said...

I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to think that islam is a bad thing.

Dymphna said...

I'm starting to think that islam is a bad thing...

Only if you're a gurrrl. It's a great deal for guys, though.

Anonymous said...

EXCEPT: Homosexual pedophilia and rape are rampant in Islam - meaning that most - if not all - Muslim men have been molested and raped - often gang raped - in their childhood.

Per Phyllis Chesler: "According to Minnesota based psychoanalyst and Arabist, Dr. Nancy Kobrin, it is a culture in which shame and honor play decisive roles and in which the debasement of women is paramount. In an utterly fascinating and as-yet unpublished book, which I will be introducing, the Sheik's New Clothes: the Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Suicide Terrorism, Kobrin, and her Israeli co-author, counter-terrorism expert Yoram Schweitzer, describe barbarous family and clan dynamics in which children, both boys and girls, are routinely orally and anally raped by male relatives; infant males are sometimes sadistically over-stimulated by being masturbated; boys between the ages of 7-12 are publicly and traumatically circumcised; many girls are clitoridectomized; and women are seen as the source of all shame and dishonor and treated accordingly: very, very badly."

"In Kobrin's view, the Israeli Jews may actually function as substitutes or scapegoats for an even more primal, hated/loved enemy: Woman."

The Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Terrorism

Zenster said...

Dymphna: It's a great deal for guys, though.

Only if you call being turned into a violent, misogynistic, wife-beating, rape inclined, bigoted theocratic automaton "a great deal".

I'm also quite sure there more than a few non-Muslim "guys" in the World Trade Center on 9-11 that would dispute your claim as well.

Zenster said...

Egghead: "In Kobrin's view, the Israeli Jews may actually function as substitutes or scapegoats for an even more primal, hated/loved enemy: Woman."

Is it just coincidence that Jewish heritage must be transmitted through the matralineal line? Although I find it difficult to grant Muslims anything approaching such a degree of subtlety, a hatred of all things female can drive an amazing number of subconscious motivations.