Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Mehmet Ali Osman?

Mehmet Ali Osman

As I reported yesterday, a British Muslim soldier recently went AWOL in London, causing an unusual public media alert by the British authorities. Since a soldier going AWOL is not that big a deal, why all the fuss over Mehmet Ali Osman?

Our English correspondent Seneca III, who filed yesterday’s report, sends this follow-up:

As you know, I can dig pretty well, but I am not getting any closer to why this AWOL is being dealt with in the way that it is, and neither are any of the sources that I use.

There are three options at the moment:

1. He has simply gone AWOL for whatever reason (of which there could be a myriad) and not told his family of his intent or why.
2. He has gone AWOL and did tell his family, and they are now running cover for him by implying or covertly suggesting to the police that his disappearance could be the result things beyond his control, e.g. a re-run of the case in which a Muslim gang plotted to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier.
3. He has been kidnapped/taken by his fellow believers and is in mortal danger.

Whatever the reason, the police are working hard to try and find him:

“Officers from Southwark Missing Persons Unit have asked anyone with any information contact them on 020 7232 6246.”

Perhaps the Blogosphere could help in the search — now, that would be interesting!

I’ve attached two photographs.

Seneca III