Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Alpine Superpower?

The European Union’s lack of military capability has made it somewhat of a joke in recent years. Among the various member states of the EU there are some exceptions — Denmark comes to mind — but, generally speaking, Western Europe lacks the capacity to defend itself without the help of the United States. If the American hegemon were to withdraw or collapse, Europe would become vulnerable to foreign predation long before it could rearm.

Not so Switzerland. The Swiss have a long tradition of muscular self-defense, and are now intent on beefing up the size and strength of their army. Many thanks to JLH for this translation from Politically Incorrect:

Switzerland Upgrades Its Defense
June 19, 2011

The Swiss minister of defense, Ueli Maurer (SVP) has great plans for the future of the Swiss army. In defiance of all European trends to saving, there will again be 100,000 soldiers prepared to defend the country. Maurer would really like to raise the Swiss army from 80,000 to 120,000, but 100,000 will be approved by all parties and pass in parliament. This is a clear reversal from the politics of the 1990s, when the army was reduced. Equipment will also see more investment.

So what’s next? The Swiss Navy? A single aircraft carrier deployed on Lake Lucerne would match the combined naval air capabilities of Britain and France…


Zenster said...

So what’s next? The Swiss Navy?

Permit me to refer you to my first not-so-best-selling book:

"Great Swiss Naval Battles"

That, and its successor "Stage Lighting for Radio Shows"

sameer said...

It is sad to see that instead of strengthening the homeland security, US and European are bend upon protecting and wating resources on the ingrateful Muslim countries. All the aid money US gave to Pakistan to counter terrorism has been used by their corrupt government to buy military equipment and beef up their nuclear arsenal to prepare for another showdown with India.
The West should stop spending any more money and stop the sale / supply of arms and military technology to Muslim countries ... Period.

I keep repeating that unless the West clear their differences with Russia and China, the Muslim countries will switch sides for their own evil intention of world domination by siding with Russia or China for now ... to fight them later after the West is defeated.

Already we are losing money and resources in fighting for ingrateful Libyans who just like Egypt will use Western resources to overthrow dictators and form an even more brutal Islamic state. And the tsunami of rufugees into Europe will add to the already out of countrol crimes of multiculturism.

I am afraid the so called Arab spring may turn into a European nightmare, unless all monetary and military to Muslim countries is freezed.

sameer said...

Speaking of growing multiculturism ... we didnt have a "Camp of Saints" update in over a week. It breaks my heart to see the numbers rising on the thermometer :(

Again a great job by GOV in tracking the number of culture enrichers into Europe. Hope the European countries break the Schangen agreement before the muslim refugees make their way into other european countries. Also this will force Italy to refuse aslyum to more people and start the process of mass deportation.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


A photograph to pad out your book!

THE Prime Minister yesterday resorted to fighting talk in his simmering dispute with military top brass over deepening defence cuts.

He effectively told the military to shut up and concentrate on fighting instead of trying to embarrass ministers. Serving and retired senior officers have been warning for weeks of overstretch due to cutbacks ordered by the Government while Britain is fighting in Afghanistan and Libya.

But yesterday Mr Cameron said: “There are moments when I wake up, read the newspapers and think, ‘Well look, you do the fighting and I’ll do the talking’.”

Zenster said...

In Hoc Signo Vinces†: A photograph to pad out your book!

Yeesh, makes our old plywood PT boats look like regular battle-worthy vessels.

Anonymous said...

Sameer said:
"All the aid money US gave to Pakistan to counter terrorism has been used by their corrupt government to buy military equipment and beef up their nuclear arsenal to prepare for another showdown with India. "

I had the displeasure of driving through Manhattan the other day (the other wretched hive of scum and villainy) and as I came out of Central Park on East 65th Street the first thing I saw was a giant flag with a Cresent moon and star on green. The very beautiful Victorian era building was the Pakastani embassy or mission. You could practically see smoke coming out of my mouth from grinding my teeth.

Outside were a bunch of laughing and smiling Pakastani officials along with a bus sized stationary NYPD vehicle guarding the embassy 24/7. I feel for those poor cops having to actually guard those scum along with any decent New Yorkers who have to foot the bill. UN out of America now!

Anonymous said...

Kind of a small country for so many soldiers, no?

And then you think, even if it succeeded n defending itself, what good would it do, if the rest of Europe were already conquered, and the Swiss were surrpounded by islamics?

Sort of Constantinople all over again.

Anonymous said...

Good for them. Switzerland stayed out of WWII, which was very smart.

I hope the Swiss are politically incorrect enough to insist that anyone in the Swiss army be Swiss, not an aspiring immigrant, which would defeat the whole thing. As long as the Swiss have clarity, they can defend themselves, especially if they're holding everyone else's money.

Professor L said...

A perhaps apocryphal story regarding the Swiss (from ~1912, apparently), a German commander asked his Swiss conterpart "How many men could you muster?"

"I could have a million men mobilised in 24 hours," said the Swiss commander.

"And what if five million men invaded?"

"Then my men and I would fire five shots each and go home."

Shall we just leave it there?

Zenster said...

latté island: Switzerland stayed out of WWII, which was very smart.

With all due (and well-deserved), respect, please don't delude yourself.

Anonymous said...

Third photo down is the Bolivian navy on Lake Titicaca:

bobby said...

"Equipment will also see more investment."

Well, right off the bat, obviously, they're going to need 20,000 more of those cool knives.

Consul-At-Arms said...

I've quoted you and linked to you here: link