Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cross Dressers, Cartoons and Carnage

Minnie in a burqa

Fox News and other outlets are running a brief AP story about the latest capture of another AlQaeda cross dresser terrorist leader caught while disguised as a woman:

A senior leader of an Al Qaeda-linked terror group has been captured in northern Afghanistan dressed up like a woman — the latest in a recent series of cases involving male militants disguised as females, the U.S.-led military coalition said Tuesday.

A “male militant”? For heaven’s sake! These cowardly contortions of language strain one’s good will toward… toward our own side, actually. Both the U.S. military leaders’ equivocations and the trained-dog repetitions by our press make one’s eyes glaze over.

Meanwhile in Egypt there’s an outrage outbreak over a Mickey Mouse cartoon. I love cartoon rage; inevitably it ends up mocking itself.

This time, the richest businessman in Egypt (a Copt — it figures) thought it would be amusing to tweet a bearded Mickey Mouse cartoon. The Telegraph questions the man’s motives:

Mr Sawiris’s firm, Orascom, owns Egypt’s largest mobile phone company, Mobinil.


…Although Mr Sawiris claimed to be acting in jest, he is a Coptic Christian and religious tensions, particularly between Salafis and Christians, having been running high since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in January…

Since January?? Since when haven’t “religious tensions” toward Copts been “high”? Copts show up for their services on Sundays and they’re easy pickings for an angry, hungry, illiterate hoi polloi. The question is why the Telegraph jornolists elide enough information to permit one infer that these “tensions” are a result of the recent political turmoil when in fact persecuting Copts is simply what Egyptian Muslims do.

Meanwhile the dervish dance must go on: calls for a boycott begin; the lawyers are lining up; Facebook pages o’ rage proliferate. These steps have long been choreographed by a culture in love with its own grievance rage.

Thus will we have crowds with ugly signs, the even uglier Rage Boy participants, and the special flammable flags. That last one might be a bit tougher here — unless Mr. Sawiris’ mobile phone company has a handy logo. They could jam paper copies onto sticks and wave them before settling down to a weenie roast. Halal weenies, of course. It’s unlikely any of them will actually cut their Mobinil connections. They’re crazy and stupid, but not that stupid. How else could they transmit their circuses to the waiting world of breathless MSM morons?

Although this bearded Mickey image Sawiris sent out is supposed to be “all over the internet” I haven’t found it. And no bonfires over Minnie in all her veiled glory. Perhaps it’s because Minnie is a woman so who cares? Or maybe the move against Sawiris is useful?

Michelle Malkin reminds us of the pictures drawn with the other hand — i.e., all those Jew-bashing cartoons that are ubiquitous in the Arab world. She has a few of the milder images up for your perusal.

What would be cognitive dissonance for a Western mind doesn’t present any problems at all for a Muslim. Come to think of it, their double standard is a direct inheritance from Mohammed: one rule for the believers and another (lethal) rule for the infidels. Hey, it works for them: cartoons for the Jihad but carnage for the rest of us. Yes, indeed: it’s in the Koran.

Oh…and the real reason for Mr. Sawiris’ jest and the Salafist-driven reflix rage?

[He has] founded a new political party, Free Egyptians, to contest parliamentary elections scheduled for September, on a secular, liberal platform. He has previously said the growing use of the veil by women in Egypt has made him feel like a “foreigner”.

That piece of information was in the Telegraph report linked above. Jornolism grows increasingly schizophrenic. So-called news stories are simply bits of discrete information disengaged from one another. The new J rule appears to have these nuggets float in the same murky medium accompanied by nudges, winks, and “who, me?” innuendo.

They “report”? Hardly. Think of it as the zen of news management: an artful arrangement of factoids where the overall design is understood only by other afficianados. The rest of us can go fishing.


Anonymous said...

That cartoon is completely haram!

The female mouse should have her ears covered and no pink bow. Colors are out!

How DARE she dress like that! I'm going to get my gang and stone that Minnie.