Monday, June 13, 2011

Brain-Dead Strategy

The title of this post is not the standard meaning of the acronym BDS, as far as I know. Those three letters used to mean “Bush Derangement Syndrome”, but that usage seems to have fallen out of fashion in the years since the Evil Chimp departed from the world stage.

Nowadays it generally refers to “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions”, the preferred strategy of those who champion Palestinian rights. The video below shows a panel discussion on the subject from Australian television. The panelists range from moderately politically correct through excessively politically correct all the way to hard-core leftists, with one exception: the comedian Austen Tayshus, a.k.a. Sandy Gutman. He’s the bearded guy with the dark glasses, and I think you’ll enjoy his contribution to the conversation.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this clip:


Steen said...

Yes, why not "Sjip to Syria" ? Syrias actually do have a mediterranian port:

Siegetower said...

Good to see Q&A featured on an international website. It is the most informative television show on Australian TV. I lets both sides put forward their opinions equally.

And then lets the freedom fighters and conservatives run logical rings in the conversation around the communists and greens.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

No mention for the Australian Aborigines, now that would have been more interesting, no islamo myth of property rights in this case a historical bona fide claim on the land - if you are minded to indulge in such claims - may as well cry for the moon.

Nilk said...

Siegetower, Q&A is a long way from balanced. It's produced by the ABC aka out of the taxpayers' pockets, and their idea of balance is one conservative (in this case Christopher Pyne) with the rest lefties.

Not sure how they slipped up with Sandy, though.

Lee Rhiannon is about to take hold of the balance of power in the senate next month, and she's an unrepentant commo.

If we thought things were bad with the socialist labor party running amok now, it's only going to get worse.

People are hungry for an election, but it's not going to happen, and the ALP and the Greens are doing their damndest to force their personal realisation of 1984 onto us.

Peter said...

Actually, I found the debate a bit better than I feared. I count Nicola, Sandy and Christopher as basically "sound". Sandy and Paul are the left-wing loonies in the equation ---McGeogh is breathtaking in his idiocy. Note how the questioner got the quote about hyenas exactly right, and is was McGeogh who misrepresented what the question was. "hyenas"! Ugh.
Disturbing to read in comments above about the potential increasing power of that dope Rhiannon, though....
The audience seemed a lot more willing to hear pro-Israel pov's than some other audiences I've seen, eg on the BBC.

Peter said...

Sorry, meant Lee Rhiannon and Paul McGeogh Asa the left wing loonies, NOT Sandy!!

Professor L said...

That first question, if asked in Parliament, would be a classic Dorothy Dixer.

For those interested in Paul McGeough's actual words, I've found the article here. He was referring to Israeli boats.

Yes, Obi-Wan. Now please, go away. Your truths "from a certain point of view" are becoming tiresome.

jlevyellow said...


Sandy should have stated that in a forced choice Lee would choose to live in Israel rather than an apartheid Palestinian state that is being proposed. If she disagreed, then it could be pointed out that many Palestinian Arabs are arranging to be on the Israel side of the pre-supposed border. Also, I am sure that you, Lee, agree that you would much rather be an Arab in Israel than a Jew in Palestine.

Or, I understand that you will be boycotting all the Syrian products that are in our local shops! I am equally sure that you will be boycotting all the Syrian books, research and tech products.

Or, I am sure that you condemn all the anti-Israel comments being made by Iran, except I cannot find any record of you saying that. Do you support the Iranian position of wiping Israel off the map?

Or, I am sure that you are aware that the Palestinians have never published a map of "Palestine" that includes a separate State of Israel.

urah2222 said...

Of course they don't protest stuff going on in the rest of the world.Those fellows might lop your head off. The "Joos" - not so much.
Also, protesting the other stuff might get one disinvited from the right cocktail parties.

Dr. Shalit

syntec said...

Typical Far Left waffle.

The ethnonationalist Right are not agressive enough when it comes to debating these Far Left cretins.

What we should be pursuing is the forced translocation of all Far Leftists who side with every anti-White regime worldwide including Islamic ones especially those female clowns along with their Muslim sisters who should know better, yet are hell-bent on defending this savage ideology.

Personally, when the ethnonationalist Right comes to power, I shall be recommending translocation of all half-wit Lefty agitators and their Muslim pet projects to hellholes such as the Sudan and Somalia where the likes of the Janjaweed can be supplied with even more fodder to feed their never-ending medieval barbarous appetite for gang rape and torture.

Also, notice the absence of any outright condemnation for the current ongoing genocide of Whites in South Africa by the present shower of black primitives, (enabled to power by successive traitorous White administrations and monarchies), who dare to demand that the World recognize them as Statemen and politicians.

It's way past time for the ethnonationalist Western world to collectively remove the proverbial blinkers once and for all.