Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Taliban’s Lethal Response to Obama’s Speechifying

*** UPDATE ***

From the Guardian, NATO brought it to an end:

Nato helicopters fired on and killed members of a Taliban squad who attacked a landmark Kabul hotel on Tuesday night where senior Afghan officials were staying.

At least six Taliban, some of them suicide bombers, were involved in the assault on the Inter-Continental, which began when militants in civilian clothes burst into the hotel while many guests were in the dining room and others were attending at least two receptions, including a wedding party.

The Nato rocket attack appeared to have brought an end to the fighting, which lasted for more than four hours.

Go to link at the Guardian to see a photo that is sure to make the rounds. Compelling.

Obama as the Hanged ManThey didn’t even wait a fortnight after Obama revealed his plans to draw down troops in Afghanistan before the Taliban did a Mumbai-style attack on a hotel in Kabul which caters to Westerners.

Bill Roggio says [my emphasis — D]:

…Initial reports indicate that 14 people may have been killed while fighting is still underway.

A heavily armed Taliban assault team, estimated at six fighters strong, penetrated several rings of security at the Intercontinental and have entered the hotel. Three or four members of the assault team broke through the security, entered the hotel, and began targeting the guests, many of whom are foreigners. Many of the hotel guests were in the restaurant at the time of the attack. At least one Taliban sniper is said to have opened fire on security forces using rocket propelled grenades and a rifle from the rooftop. Afghan security forces have surrounded the hotel, cut off power, and are engaging the remaining Taliban fighters.

The Taliban, via their spokesman, Zahibullah Mujahid, claimed credit for the attack in a statement released to the press.

Meanwhile, back at the White House last week, we were treated to a schedule of events. Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s report of the speech back then, “Obama Sets Afghan Rollback”:

…President Barack Obama ordered the withdrawal of 10,000 troops from Afghanistan this year, leaving the bulk of U.S. forces in place into the summer of 2012, when fighting is fiercest, but also signaling the beginning of the end of America’s role in the 10-year war.


Mr. Obama faces reelection in November 2012, and some critics said the timeline he set for pulling out 33,000 surge troops-leaving about 70,000 troops in the country-was influenced by politics, a charge the White House strongly denied.

“We are starting this drawdown from a position of strength. Al Qaeda is under more pressure than at any time since 9/11,” Mr. Obama said. “Of course, huge challenges remain. This is the beginning-but not the end-of our effort to wind down this war.”

Well, let’s see exactly when the New York Times, Obama’s pet ventriloquist’s dummy, says the Q word.

Anyone taking bets on any MSM jornolist belching out “quagmire” within the hearing of White House staff?

Funny thing about language: Bill Roggio’s headline is Taliban Suicide Assault Team, while Aljazeera says Fighters Attack Hotel. Then AJ goes to an Associated Press regurgitation. Gosh, no embeds, y’all??

Of course most folks who live in Real Land will think back to Mumbai. The others will say “‘Mum’ what? You must be crazy. No connection at all.” Uh huh.

Well, let’s just put another little X mark in the column where it says “Fate is Working Against Obama…it’s not his fault”. It’s never his fault, and the buck, for what it’s worth now, never stops at the desk in the Oval Office. Let’s see... blame this one on...eenie, meenie... I know! Let’s blame it on Meanie Bush. Yeah. It’s his fault.

…but never fear, Our Feckless Follower will just keep leading from the rear. I like it when he stays in character.