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Trouble is Brewing in Culemborg

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Our Flemish correspondent VH has prepared an extensive report (the first part was compiled yesterday) on the growing conflict between Dutch-Moluccans and Moroccan immigrants in Culemborg. VH includes this prefatory note:

This is a translation of an article about what seems to have been an assault on a 15-year-old girl by Moroccans, carried out in retaliation for girl’s reporting a Moroccan to the police for the arson of a car.

The girl is of a Dutch-Moluccan (Christian background) family, and in her neighborhood more Dutch-Moluccan families live. They have had a lot of trouble with Moroccans in the past, but this assault might trigger bigger riots and has also enraged the Dutch, who in comments show their anger and sympathy with the Dutch-Moluccans. Maybe some are prepared to join the Dutch-Moluccans in taking action or organizing revenge against the Moroccans.

I have also compiled additional material from a variety of sources (links are at the bottom).

Note: the attacked girl seems to be 15 years old (not 13, as I reported in my translation).

As of post-time, the maluku4you link does not work. If I understand the Dutch-language notice correctly, it says that the site has been blocked:

Battles in Culemborg district, attack on 13-year-old girl

Culemborg 1On New Year’s Eve the Dutch city of Culemborg was the scene of serious disturbances. Moroccan and Dutch-Moluccan[1] youths clashed with each other after a car fire. The police responded to the hostilities and were pelted with stones and fireworks.

According to the comments in the local newspaper and on a Dutch-Moluccan website, a Moroccan boy was caught trying to set fire to a car belonging to a Dutch-Moluccan. When the father of the boy involved himself, a row emerged, more Moroccans showed up, and it evolved to a fight on a larger scale. The mobile brigade (ME) of the police then intervened and the rest returned when residents were ordered to enter their homes.

Culemborg 2At five in the morning everything again went wrong, when Moroccans tried to run down Dutch-Moluccan people with their car. Their attempt ended up with their driving into a garden against the front of a house in the Diepenbrockstraat (a street were many Dutch-Moluccans reside [map]), whereby they struck two people who were celebrating the new year with others in the front garden. These victims, one of them a 13-year-old girl, suffered minor injuries.

The occupants of the car tried to escape, but two of them were caught by angry Dutch-Moluccans and beaten up: one of the Moroccans had to be transferred to the hospital by ambulance. The other Moroccans were later arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. The five Moroccans are 18 and 19, and 21 years of age and are from the cities Culemborg, Zeist and Utrecht. Some of them have already been released [Monday] but are still suspects. The driver of the car is still behind bars.

Windows smashed

Culemborg 3On Sunday, the mobile brigade was withdrawn by the mayor although the tension was still there. Sunday evening it all broke loose again. According to residents, a group of Moroccans (about 40 of them) came walking into the neighborhood and smashed the windows of five houses and threw Molotov cocktails inside. They also smashed a few car windows. Two people were slightly injured, one of them again, the 13-year-old girl: “At the same address where the car drove into the front garden, now a huge boulder went through the window. One person who was wounded was the same 13-year old girl who was hit by the car a few nights before.”

The mother of the girl: “I got down on my knees to get to her … there she lay, bleeding. […] What do they want, her life?” The mother of the injured girl would have preferred that the police had kept a better eye on the street after the New Year’s assault. “How can the police not have seen that, it cannot be, I am not going to take this any longer… really.”

After the attack, the Dutch-Moluccans were outraged, and the mobile brigade and police entered the Moluccan district with their guns drawn. A policeman was wounded, and the mobile brigade tried to calm the residents. Everybody was ordered to go inside, or arrests would follow. According to a commenter on the Dutch-Moluccan website maluku4you, Dutch-Moluccan youngsters had later on staged a counter-action against the houses in the nearby Moroccan district.

Targeted assault on 13-year-old girl
- - - - - - - - -
Culemborg 4The action in the early morning on New Year’s Day was not just an attack, the residents say. It was a targeted assault as Algemeen Dagblad reports, on the 13-year-old Shoëla Coenmans, who earlier that week, Tuesday, witnessed a car being set on fire. She recognized one of the Moroccan boys, called 112 [emergency number], and later filed a witness report with the police. Only a few days later five Moroccan boys crashed their car against her parents house and wounded her.

The father of the girl, John Coenmans: “This is no coincidence. Last Wednesday she was even intimidated in the supermarket, threatened, and again on Thursday. Later on, they tried to run over her (with a car). They first drove towards a group across the street. Fortunately, those people hopped out of the way. Then they drove against the garden fence. That did not work. They then reversed to take a run at it. The second time they did manage to crash through the fence.’’

Daughter Shoëla is still walking with a limp. Her leg was bruised by the collision with the car: “I could just barely jump aside.” Shoëla also sees a link with her earlier declaration with the police: “They recognized me. I came walking up there, the car was just set on fire. I saw them run away and recognized one of the (Moroccan) boys. He saw me as well.”

The family will not think of moving. Coenmans: “Never!’’ But what does touch John Coenmans is the attitude of the mayor of Culemborg, Roland Van Schelven (of the anti-Wilders party D66): “He said on television that he had been in the neighborhood, but we have ‘t seen him. Something like this happens in your town and you don’t show up. What kind of behavior is that? We are not the royals, but still.”

According to a comment on the website “maluku4you,” on that Sunday evening, January 3, the Moroccans had held an emergency meeting in their mosque, and probably from there went straight towards the Dutch-Moluccan district to attack.

Mayor Roland Van Schelven, former alderman of the city of Gouda, which also has trouble with Moroccan street terror, is according to many commenters on a Moluccan website totally incompetent and easily chooses the side of the Moroccans. He now seems to have ordered that cameras be put up in the Diepenbrockstraat where the attack happened, and the Mayor has proclaimed an emergency order, hoping to prevent groups from gathering and Dutch-Moluccans and Moroccans from clashing again in Culemborg.

A commenter on maluku4you: “The situation is explosive in Culemborg, now a Moroccan is seriously wounded and in the hospital. Fortunately there were no dead, otherwise it would be war and the situation incalculable. The Culemborg district Terweijde is a Dutch-Moluccan district that is now heavily guarded by the police. The atmosphere is grim and explosive. Especially the Dutch-Moluccan church is closely guarded, because many Moroccans live around there. They are afraid the Moroccans might do something with the Dutch-Moluccan church and then the storm would certainly burst, the mobile brigade and police are monitoring everything very strictly.”

Additional material:

GeenStijl reports that possibly tonight [Monday] the Satuh Darah Motorclub [meaning “one region”, pointing at the Moluccan Islands in Indonesia], the Dutch-Moluccan branch of the Hells Angels, will try to make a drive through Culemborg. “Dear fellow Dutch-Moluccans, don’t be afraid, we are here for you.”

Anger is shared by Dutch-Moluccans and native Dutch anywhere you look in comments today. GeenStijl has a poll asking: “All right: who are right here?”, on which 97.3% side with the Dutch-Moluccans. A few comments on the Dutch-Moluccan website maluku4you:

Come on native Dutch, don’t let our Dutch-Moluccans stand in the cold, choose sides, for it is a big scandal to attack a 13-year-old girl simply because she had recognized those Berbers [Moroccans]. I stand firmly behind our Moluccans, which are Dutch and those desert-rats will never become that. — Comment by: inherent | January 4, 2010 at 15:29

[A Moroccan] Hahah, who says that we want to be Dutch? We are proud of who we are! So keep that small talk with yourself, better a desert than a cheese-head… [“cheese head” = Dutch national] — Comment by: Marokkaantje | January 4, 2010 at 15:34

This Muslim mob wants to make dhimmis of Dutch-Moluccans! Very good and quite right that you are not taking this. And do not believe this is just a bizarre incident. This is a harbinger of the upcoming multicultural civil war. Like Israel is at the international front in the fight against Muslims, so the Dutch-Moluccans are the front in the Netherlands. Well … Keep up the good work. You fight for freedom and security. — Comment by: erdebe | January 4, 2010 at 14:30

I wish the Moluccan people in that district all the best, don’t expect anything of this worthless government, which only likes Muslims, and also only has respect for that Muslim scum. — Comment by: Ben | January 4, 2010 at 14:30

Hit them, don’t turn away, hit those Moroccans — Comment by: opa Ferry van G | January 4, 2010 at 13:54

The Dutch-Moluccans are in the Netherlands due to historical ties because of Dutch responsibility. This is of completely different order than the designed wave of immigration the leftist elite makes use of to destroy Western civilization and destroy capitalism, because of self hatred. As a Dutchman I am 100% in solidarity with my Dutch-Moluccan compatriots — we share history! Do not think that all Dutch are cowards. Self-conscious Dutch are not yet sufficiently organized. Come to Islamsterdam on January 20 to protest against the Wilders trial. We try to build an organization there! For information see www.joostniemoller.com [he is pointing at the same information offered by Gates of Vienna on the upcoming demonstration] — Comment by: jip gulzen | January 4, 2010 at 13:47

It is bad in the Netherlands, even worse than in Flanders. That there sooner or later emerge civil wars from, seems normal to me, people will not continue to accept that violence of Moroccans. It’s all about OIL. The only thing they have in those magnificent Islamic countries is oil, and what is the West still worth without oil? Nothing! That is why there is a Muslim invasion in Europe and we dare not to act against the thugs among them, fearing to get no more oil. The West should be as soon as possible try to function without oil, then we can kick out all those Berbers [Moroccans]. […] This people has no place in our Western culture. And today’s order-word that we and our cultures are all equal is nonsense, nothing is equal, let alone equivalent. […] Islam is NOT a religion but a subversive sect of barbaric ruthless murderers. See the example of Kosovo and be attentive to the coming danger: one part (or whole) of the Netherlands will eventually be declared an independent Muslim region, established with bloodshed. People get up, fight for your land and your safety, your right to a peaceful life. — Comment by: fee | January 4, 2010 at 13:37

F**k them little Islamites bangsas [people] Maluku 4Everrr!!!!!! 1 for all, all for 1 — Comment by: Maluku Bredaaaaa | 4 January 2010 at 13:18

The Dutch-Moluccan revenge will be sweet! Various districts in the Netherlands are standing prepared. — Comment by: | January 4, 2010 at 12:35

People from Indonesia have always behaved exemplary and together with the Dutch lived in good friendship. They married each other, started to discover and appreciate each other’s culture and food. The Indonesians have a sophisticated culture and among one of the finest and best people on this earth. The Dutch-Moluccan temperament is slightly more direct and more temperamental but also very righteous and friendly. In short, no problem. […]And they [the government] brought the Moroccans to our country. But they do not greet us on the street. They do not talk to us. They do not marry with us. No ties at all. And that’s weird. Moreover, they are very coarse and direct and full of temperament. That in itself is not bad, but it clashes with our culture and even more with the more sophisticated Dutch-Moluccan culture. […] Can you change this all? I think not. So it seems to me that the Moroccans are also not able to feel at home here. Project failed. — Comment by: tamar | January 4, 2010 at 12:33

Justice, Municipalities and Police are all the same!! They do not dare to deal with the Moroccan nuisance here in our own country!! Dutch-Moluccans, we salute you !!!!! — Comment by: | January 4, 2010 at 11:37

Because politics and the judiciary have been failing for years now, the Dutch-Moluccans get “carte blanche” by me to solve the Moroccan problem. The Dutch support the Dutch-Moluccans! Our cowardly authorities are everyone’s enemy. May pitch and feathers be their lot! — Comment by: 2Crazy2bTrue | January 4, 2010 at 11:23

One People, One Spirit keeping the people together. Time has come to settle this quickly and effectively. — Comment by: | January 4, 2010 at 11:16

Don’t budge from what’s coming at you [Apa datang dari muka jangan undur]… We will not budge. Malukus from [the cities of] Groningen, Assen, Bovensmilde, Rotterdam, Capelle, Oostgaarde, Krimpen, Moordrecht, Elst, Leerdam, Vaassen, Vught, Barneveld, Hatert, Bemmel, Zevenaar, Breukelen, Middelburg, Oost-Souburg, Koudekerke, Geleen, Helmond, Breda, Tilburg, etcetera, are prepared… — Comment by: MALUKU | January 4, 2010 at 11:04

My white fist goes up and gives respect to the Maluku, and if I can help I will do it! — Comment by: L. uit rotterdam | January 4, 2010 at 9:36

Time for action has come. Not too much blablabla, each district in the Netherlands is waiting for a signal! And no police / mobile brigade can stop us. Mena-Muria — Comment by: Elst | January 4, 2010 at 9:15

It hurts me, and makes me angry that you are attacked by the Moroccans. While you are a prime example of how you can integrate. I have deep respect for the Dutch-Moluccan community and my sympathy goes out to all of them […] I wish you all the best for 2010. All the very best. — Comment by: vriend van Molukkers | January 4, 2010 at 9:09

I’m just reading the reactions on Spits-news. If this is even 1 indicator of the support that the Dutch-Moluccans in the country have, than they are solid. And I think ‘t is an indication, because the Netherlands is fed up with the Moroccan scum and where — unfortunately — Dutch are cowards and the Dutch “politics” consists of incompetent failures, Dutch-Moluccans are still men with balls. — Comment by: Ton | January 4, 2010 at 9:05

It is about time for us Dutch to support the Dutch-Moluccans, for we seriously owe these people. — Comment by: freddie | January 4, 2010 at 6:27

Bangsa Maluku di tanah orang; DJANGAN TIDUR!!!!! Marokko sekarang sudah ambil tindakan! [To all Dutch-Moluccan people; Don’t sleep! (or: “Wake up!) Marokko is already taking action! — Comment by: | January 4, 2010 at 1:27

That Moluccan scum must be finished! They get too much a big mouth! — Comment by: Ben | January 4, 2010 at 13:13

In some instances I have added “Dutch” to “Moluccan” to easier distinguish “Moluccan” from “Moroccan”.


A follow-up story was published today in De Telegraaf:

Moroccan and Dutch-Moluccans from across the country ready for battle

by Johan van den Dongen

CULEMBORG — The racial riots[2] between Moroccans and Dutch-Moluccans in Culemborg threaten to become a nationwide conflagration.

Although for years the tensions between two groups in the city of Culemborg have occasionally flared up and then calmed down, the flames now seem to spread. Moroccans and Dutch-Moluccans from other parts of the country have already indicated they will come down to the Culemborg district Terweijde [see map] to assist their own group and prepare for a possible battle.

Also, on the Internet, groups of signature [Indonesians, native Dutch, Surinamians and others] are challenging in a hooligan-like manner to a confrontation with Moroccans[3]. The spark seems to have appeared in September, when a Moroccan and a Dutch-Moluccan got into a fight in a kebab take-away [the Moroccan had purposely damaged the car of the Dutch Moluccan]. Big fights followed, and after the turn of the year there was a double attack on the 15-year-old girl [father Dutch, mother Dutch-Moluccan] Shoëla Coenmans, because she had reported a Moroccan for having set a car on fire.

Special emergency law

Mayor Roland van Schelven [D66, anti-Wilders party; former teacher and alderman in Gouda where they also do not dare to deal with the Moroccan street terror], who yesterday issued an emergency regulation for the next two weeks [special emergency law which for instance forbids gatherings of more than four people], fears the arrival of rioters. “Stay away from Terweijde”, he warned yesterday in an emotional appeal to the public. Mayor van Schelven in the meantime has asked Minister of the interior Guusje [“elite revolt”] ter Horst for financial help. “I hope for the support of the minister. To a small town like Culemborg, any assistance in this case is of good use.”

The PvdA [Socialist] Minister announced yesterday that he would make available €150,000 [about US $220,000] to allow Culemborg to employ three “street coaches” against the nuisance. Late last year, there a mobile squad of experts had already been sent to the municipality to intervene.

The police are also on alert about groups from outside of Culemborg. For a while the police will be present, including among others a mobile brigade unit. The deployment cost tons of euros, says police chief Van Zwam. For the next two weeks there will be a ban on the assembly of four or more people in the district. Firebreaks are closed with concrete fences. That should make it difficult for “unauthorized persons” to get behind the houses.

The Diepenbrockstraat [the street in the city of Culemborg where the 15-year old girl lives with her family and the Moroccan attacks took place] yesterday was partially closed off with concrete blocks. According to Mayor Roland van Schelven — who calls for parents to keep their rioting youth off the street — the police operation in Culemborg in the new year was bigger than ever. Nevertheless, during [actually after] the serious disturbances a black Fiat Punto with five Moroccans drove into two groups of people [aiming for the second group of the girl]. Residents talk about an assault against the girl Shoëla Coenmans who a few days earlier had recognized a Moroccan boy trying to burn a car and filed a declaration with the police.

Last night about ten Moluccan residents were guarding the district. They say they stand for their own safety because out of the blue Sunday night people [some 40] Moroccans had shown up to perpetrate destruction. They do not trust the mobile brigade unit that is around the corner. The police in Culemborg made 14 arrests, including five Moroccans who were in the car. Of them only the driver is still locked up. Two men who were arrested for serious assault are also still under arrest.


[1] Dutch-Moluccans are descendants of former “Royal Dutch East Indies Army” (KNIL) military and are Dutch nationals. After the independence of Indonesia they had to go to the Netherlands and were treated quite disrespectfully by the Dutch government of the day. Dutch-Moluccans are mostly Christian and many hope for an eventual independent South Moluccas, but have settled and are very well integrated in Dutch society.
[2] It is not racial tension, but a tension caused by Muslim Moroccans who feel themselves some kind of herrenvolk and demand that others behave like obedient dhimmis (like Socialist- and Christian-Socialist politicians already do). In Culemborg it is non-integrated Muslim Moroccans against integrated (in the majority) Christian Dutch-Moluccans, which latter group receives an increasingly larger and stronger amount of support from native Dutch and other non-Muslim population groups, who are all fed up with the Moroccans or “little Islamites” as they are called sometimes in comments.
[3] In the comment sections of many websites, quite a bit of tough talk is expressed against Moroccans and Islamites, both by Dutch-Moluccans as well as native Dutch and other groups. It possibly will remain confined to expressions of sincere outrage only, but if what is said in the comments becomes real action, mayor battles can be expected against the Moroccan Muslims, with the risk of spreading elsewhere in the Netherlands.

More information about the Culemborg incidents may be found at Klein Verzet.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the one of the quoted comments that the ethnic Dutch should take sides with the Muluccans against the Moroccan assailants.

Why does it seem like we're importing the religious persecution by Muslims in the Middle East (Egyptian persecution of the Copts, Pakistani persecution of the Sikhs, Yemeni persecution of Jews, etc) and institutionalizing it within our own "free" Western countries?!

Anonymous said...

It seems the Dutch-Moluccans tick all the "wrong" boxes (wrong for Muslims, of course) :

- Devout Christians coming from a Muslim country ;

- Former soldiers, or having inherited the traditions of the military : patriotism, loyalty, bravery ;

- Ethnically non-white people coming from abroad, having succesfully integrated in their host country.

Of course, the Moroccan scum were especially enraged by the fact that it's a a young woman who dared report them ; they have no qualms about assaulting a 15-year old girl several-to-one, with a car used as a weapon.

It's very simple, really. The reality is there in plain sight, for everybody who has eyes to see.

See what and whom the Muslims hate. See what and whom they try to rob, rape, hurt, maim and kill. See how they do it.

Then draw your own conclusions.

Abu Abdullah said...

Key sentence: "See how they do it."

christian soldier said...

Same question I always ask - when such as this is reported-:
Do the __________have a Second Amendment?
This time the blank space would be filled w/ the word _Dutch_...
Does any country in Europe have a Second Amendment?

christian soldier said...

guess the answer is NO!

Abu Abdullah said...

Wrong questions, C-CS. The right questions are:

Where can I get them?

How can I make them?