Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Latest News from Norway

Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark sends a report on the latest from Norway, including an update on Amir Payan (who was featured in last week’s post), the repatriation of more Iraqis, a Norwegian communist cover organization under investigation, and — most importantly — the shooting attack on Mullah Krekar.

I received tips about the Mullah Krekar story a couple of days ago, but all the articles were in Norwegian, so I’m very pleased to be able to provide a synopsis in English.

Here’s what Zylark has to report:

There’s a lot of variety in this update from the top of Europe.

Mullah KrekarThe biggest story is the attempted murder of Mullah Krekar (real name Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad) at his home around 2 AM this Monday morning. The Norwegian press don’t quite know which foot to stand on when reporting this botched assassination attempt. The police are completely in the dark, and do not want to speculate or comment, apart from stating what we all know, that Krekar has been the subject of several threats to his life, although none are recent.

The only facts released are that several bullets were fired through his living room window after whoever did it failed to force the door open at the apartment where he lives. His son-in-law, on a visit from England, was wounded, but not critically. Shortly thereafter two persons were spotted running from the scene. No good description of the suspects has been given by witnesses. Not long after that, a car was set ablaze a short distance from the scene. It is suspected this was used by the would-be assassins as transport prior to the shootings, or was set on fire as a diversionary tactic.

The press, however, has theories in abundance. Highest on the list of suspects are Kurds seeking revenge — or justice, depending on one’s point of view. Mullah Krekar, for those who may not know, is the former (he claims to have resigned) leader of Ansar al-Islam, an Islamist group operating in northern Iraq which has quite a few Kurdish lives on its collective conscience.
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Then of course the press, especially the far-left Klassekampen [“Class Struggle”], have zeroed in on, shall we say, Islam-critical forces. Mostly revolving around a Facebook group called “Få Mullah Krekar ut av landet” [Get Mullah Krekar out of the country], which has no less than 83,000 members. The page for this group has detailed information on where Krekar lives, how to gain access to the back yard of the building where he lives, which apartment is his, and which floor he lives on, and so on. All the intel one would need, though none of this is any secret for someone with a phone book close to hand. Reportedly the debate has been quite lively on that page after news of the botched hit became known. Most express regret that it did not succeed.

Meanwhile Krekar’s attorney, Brynjar Meling — the kind who gives solicitors everywhere a bad name — is churning away. He says it is the fault of Norwegian authorities that Krekar has gotten into this situation. And, given this episode, Krekar should be granted permanent residency here in Norway. Never mind that Krekar is a terrorist with some rather horrendous views and a wake of dead bodies behind him from his actions in northern Iraq. Or that our Supreme Court have deemed him a national security threat, upholding an earlier verdict that he must be expelled as soon as the humanitarian situation in Iraq allows it. Later pleas to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg upheld the Norwegian Supreme Court decision as well.

Meling claims the attempted assassination was of a professional character, almost certainly performed or contracted by his former enemies in Iraq. Therefore, by some strange logic, Krekar must be given permanent residency here in Norway, and a proper security detail. No prize for guessing who should be stuck with the bill.

Former homicide investigator Finn Abrahamsen sees this assassination attempt as the work of rank amateurs. Abrahamsen, former leader of the Violent Crimes unit at the Oslo Police, says to that “When they first tried to force open the door into the apartment, they already attracted too much attention to themselves. It was very noisy, and increased the risk of being caught when the police were just a phone call away. Professional and competent people would not take such chances.”

The leader of the Progress Party [FrP], Siv Jensen, has a better idea on how to handle Krekar. A jail cell until the situation in Iraq allows repatriation, or until he grows tired of the confinement and leaves voluntarily. Whichever happens first. After all, Krekar has already been to Iraq several times, after first arriving in Norway in 1991 as a quota-refugee.

In somewhat related news, news was leaked today that a new chartered jet repatriated some illegal Iraqis to their homeland. Just thirteen this time around. Last night a Finnish chartered 757 made a stop in Oslo, and thirteen Iraqis and a number of police officers boarded. Of the Iraqis, six were convicted criminals. A small stop was made in Sweden, where a further thirty-three more Iraqis joined the flight to Baghdad.

The Norwegian press — unlike the press in, say, Sweden or Denmark, who have simply ignored the views of the UNHCR — still harp on the fact that the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) is not a big fan of repatriation to Iraq. If indeed to any country. But Norwegian officials say they take into consideration individual cases involving the human rights situation in Iraq.

The usual “do-gooders” have commented on how heartless this form of forced repatriation is. The leader of NOAS [Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers], Morten Tjessem said to, “It’s very sad that one can’t show more loyalty to the recommendations of the UN.”

Our friend Amir Payan from my last report — the man who tried to stage a coup in the Bergen chapter of the Socialist Party not once, but twice — has so far made no comment on this latest show of (in his words from the last such chartered flight) Nazi methods.

However, it has surfaced that he was a bit fast and loose with the truth regarding his latest coup attempt. He claimed many if not most of his surprise supporters were already party members who were simply renewing their membership, though somewhat late, after the last coup attempt. Since my last posting the list of supporters have been leaked to, and of the 84 supporters he surprised the annual local congress with, only four were repeats from the list of 70 in last year’s surprise coup attempt. Most were even freshly arrived asylum-seekers, sitting in local asylum-reception centers.

Finally, the anti-racist organization SOS Rasisme [SOS Racism] is under investigation, and may have to pay back 10 million kroner [about 1 million Euros] to the state, after having artificially enlarged the membership base from which their state and other grants are calculated. They are also under threat of disqualification from future grants, due to not following democratic rules. No big surprise there, as SOS Rasisme was infiltrated by communists in the late 80s and early 90s, and is now entirely a communist cover organization, led by people who were formerly prominent in Rød Ungdom [Red Youth], AKP-ml [Workers’ Communist Party — Marxist Leninists] and Tjen Folket [Serve the People, a particularly vile communist activist group]. These infiltrators finally staged a coup in the organization in 1993 after lengthy positioning and plotting.

We’re not quite at the end of the first month of the new year, a year that seems poised to put more focus on Islam and immigration and their enablers than any previous one. A bit early to pop the champagne corks quite yet, but it would seem that certain aspects of the insane Norwegian policy in these areas are up for some serious scrutiny.


Zenster said...

Clearly a case of insufficient practice time at the range.

Mikael said...

Perhaps this was the would be culprit. That would explain a lot. ;.)

Yorkshireminer said...

What ever happened too that Norwegian who wrote this on his facebook page over two years ago

For the killing of Norway's enemy no 1.

Since Krek hides himself behind freedom of expression and incites people to kill the enemies of Islam who he calls us. I am starting a group for people who are willing to donate money to give a certain person a bullet in the head.
If anybody knows a vermin expert say so. If we do not collect enough money this will be given back to the respective doners.

I know they collected quiet a large amount, surprisingly from all layers of society, before the police closed it down. There are some really pissed off Norwegian out there, perhaps they got there act together on the quiet.