Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flanders: In Solidarity with Geert Wilders

Free Geert banner

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated some material about expressions of solidarity for Geert Wilders from the Flemish independence party Vlaams Belang.

First, from Filip Dewinter’s website:

Solidarity action Vlaams Belang, January 20, Brussels

The trial against Geert Wilders in many ways presents similarities with the trials against the Vlaams Blok / Vlaams Belang. It is also concerns an attempt to silence a non-politically correct party that criticizes uncontrolled immigration, multiculturalism, and increasing Islamization. Not only in Flanders but also in the Netherlands, freedom of expression is going downhill. The trial against Wilders and a possible conviction in practical terms means an organized assassination attempt on one of the major political forces in the Netherlands.

Vlaams Belang is in solidarity in every respect with Geert Wilders and denounces the witch hunt and the political lynching party. On Wednesday, January 20, at 11 am, Vlaams Belang will organize a solidarity action in front of the Dutch Embassy in Brussels.

There will be a delegation of some 100 representatives and activists to demonstrate there. Filip Dewinter will speak at 11:30. Furthermore, a delegation of parliamentarians will hand a letter addressed to the Dutch Parliament to the Dutch ambassador.

Supplementary notes from VH:
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“Procedure against Wilders is assassination attempt on the PVV”

Elsevier writes that the leader of Vlaams Belang, Filip Dewinter, is shocked at the continuation of the trial against PVV leader Geert Wilders. According to the Belgian politician, this is an outright attempt to destroy the PVV and to silence Wilders.

Filip Dewinter sees many similarities to the proceedings that have been conducted against his own party. Previously he called the case against Wilders an “assassination attempt on the PVV”. Freedom of speech in the Netherlands, according Dewinter, is in great danger. “The proceedings against Geert Wilders are an assassination attempt on a democratic party. […] The Dutch government wants to silence Wilders. When they failed to reduce Wilders through the ballot box, they shamelessly opted for a legal procedure.”