Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diana West Reviews Fjordman’s “Defeating Eurabia”

The American columnist Diana West, author of the book The Death of the Grown-Up and Vice President of the International Free Press Society, reviews Fjordman’s book Defeating Eurabia, which is now available in a cheaper printed version and can also be found online:

“As I am rereading Fjordman’s essays in ‘Defeating Eurabia’ — rereading them because Fjordman’s essays and journalism are always essential reading as they come out — I am reminded that this forceful rush of civilization-changing events we in the West are living though is almost impossible to grasp in real time, and I am grateful to Fjordman for compiling and giving form and vigorous sense to them. If you have read his work before, read it again. If you are finally opening your eyes to the jihad (wake up!) and wish to learn what the expert apologists and the media dupes don’t tell you, read it for the first time. And if you wish to remain blind to Islamization, buy ‘Defeating Eurabia’ anyway, lock it away, and then, one day, when the Islam you didn’t bother about rules the world, take it out, secretively, and find out how it happened.”

Dr. Andrew Bostom, the author of the well-researched books The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, has reviewed the book previously:
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“Fjordman’s collection of short works, “Defeating Eurabia” marks his emergence as a uniquely informed European essayist. Remarkably curious and erudite, the author’s lucid essays are ultimately a testament to that rarest and most desperately needed attribute in our era—intellectual honesty. An unapologetic defender of the Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian values of Western civilization, and their apotheosis in Western Europe, Fjordman expresses alarm at Europe’s supine Islamization, and condemns the demonization of ordinary non-Muslim indigenous Europeans who have the “temerity” to voice their objection to this ongoing cultural jihad. “Defeating Eurabia” is a brilliantly argued, passionate critique of Western Europe’s contemporary utopian “multiculturalist” governing elites—avatars of the latest fanatical European politico-religious creed—a bizarre, toxic brew of statism and unreformed, Shari’a-compliant Islam.”



For those of us who unfortunately cannot afford the LULU edition to $34.99 - here are the original GoV publishings -- with interesting comments, also by Robin Shadowes. ;-)