Thursday, January 28, 2010

Muslim Anti-Semitism in Germany

Below is a news report from German TV about the extent of Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany and elsewhere, with a particular focus on the Palestinian issue. Many thanks to ESW for the translation and Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below the jump is a full transcript:
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0:00:06.2: A look at a very sensitive topic: It’s about Israel.
0:00:11.4: It’s about anti-Israeli emotions, and about the Gaza conflict, which is the cause for anti-Semitic sentiments among Muslims living here in Germany.
0:00:19.3: Since the beginning of this year, there have been weekly demonstrations which condemned Israel
0:00:26.4: without any differentiation and without looking at the injustice that Israel is subjected to with the rocket attacks launched by Hamas.
0:00:36.2: Many pro-Palestine demonstrations, like the one here in Munich, have revealed blanket judgments against Israel.
0:00:43.3: A fundamental anti-Jewish attitude was laid bare, according to a new study presented by the Amadeo Antonio Foundation.
0:00:50.2: Even the Turkish-born Green politician, Cem Özdemir, warns of a growing anti-Semitism among young Muslims.
0:00:58.7: The undifferentiated condemnation of Israel culminates in strong emotions.
0:01:03.1: Equating the swastika with the Star of David is instrumental in fomenting anti-Israeli propaganda on (German) streets.
0:01:17.0: Israel’s right to statehood is disavowed, and
0:01:19.8: Israel’s defense against attacks since the foundation of the state in 1948 is absurdly compared to genocide.
0:01:27.1: The protest against the war in Gaza turned into downright hate with rallying cries like: “Israel is the killer of women and children.”
0:01:33.5: As a result, counter-demonstrators who were standing on the “Square for the victims of National-Socialism” and holding up a flag of Israel were attacked.
0:01:42.0: Only the police who quickly intervened were able to prevent an escalation.
0:01:46.1: In other cities too, pro-Israel demonstrators had to be protected by police
0:01:51.3: A study commissioned by the ministry of interior in 2007 warned of the increasing disposition to violence among the Muslim youth who are anti-Semitic.
0:02:00.5: “Where is Hitler, where is he?”
0:02:01.8: “He didn’t quite finish…”
0:02:05.6: “Murder of children — Israel”
0:02:07.2: “Many say ‘Anti-Semitism, yes and no, and Germany is indebted to the Jews, but I think what Hitler did back then… well, I also don’t think everything he did was OK…
0:02:16.7: they (the Israelis) are also human beings, but they also have the right to live and to be free…”
0:02:22.8: but what is happening in Gaza… it is nothing but a huge concentration camp, where people can’t get out, where they are exterminated.”
0:02:32.4: In order to find out more about the causes behind all this, the “Volkshochschule” (community college) Munich hosted a seminar titled “Israel and the Media”
0:02:39.5: which took a closer look at the Israel’s role in the Palestinian conflict.
0:02:43.2: Journalist and film maker Esther Shapira showed the massive propaganda against Israel.
0:02:50.5: For instance, with the help of media forgery like this funeral
0:02:55.2: where the would-be corpse fell of the stretcher and is suddenly alive.
0:03:00.4: Stagings such as this one are now called “Pallywood”.
0:03:01.6: I know about these manipulations, I myself have seen them. From the perspective of the Palestinians, who feel they cannot win the war, it is of utmost importance to win over the public
0:03:12.6: in order to generate pressure on a moral and political level.
0:03:15.2: Here the media are the crucial and decisive weapon.
0:03:18.3: One has to be ware of that, both when sitting in front of the television set and journalist who are working with these pictures, which have taken by Palestinians.
0:03:28.2: Pallywood is carefully prepared and set up.
0:03:30.3: After the cameraman has positioned himself, the Palestinians start their provocations
0:03:34.5: in the hope that the other side will react at some point so that there might be victims.
0:03:39.0: Consequently, there are about 20 photographers and camera people present in this situation in order to capture suitable pictures.
0:03:45.4: When the camera rolls, a Palestinian civilian simulates a shot in the leg.
0:03:50.3: No blood is seen. Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrives.
0:03:55.1: The purported victim is dragged across the asphalted street and hoisted onto the stretcher.
0:03:59.3: But on the wrong side! On the purportedly hurt right leg. An obvious fake from Pallywood.
0:04:05.7: One of the worst fake was the alleged death of the Palestinian boy Mohamed al-Dura,
0:04:11.8: who was allegedly shot to death by Israeli snipers.
0:04:14.5: In the meantime, a court has ruled that it was Palestinians who shot father and son.
0:04:21.3: Even the death of the boy is now seriously doubted.
0:04:22.7: For many years, Mohamed al-Dura has been considered a symbol for Israeli brutality who motivated, and inspired thousands to become fanatics and to join the jihad.
0:04:31.0: “This is an ideology, a fanatic ideology. These people are driven. There is this totally crazy belief that ‘we love death, while the Jews love life.’
0:04:48.9: This is something I was told by some Palestinians.
0:04:53.6: A society with suicidal thoughts, (with shahids who are then) admired as heroes,
0:04:59.5: schools that are named after these heroes who are forced to become suicide bombers.
0:05:07.2: Hamas consequently uses civilians as human shields for their battle positions.
0:05:12.2: When Israel announced their targets, Hamas dragged civilian, especially children, to the points of impact
0:05:21.0: in order to raise the number of victims.
0:05:23.1: “This is an education that I have seen there with my own eyes, with the aim to use these children as an instrument.
0:05:35.9: I was once told in a bazaar in Jerusalem:’ I have five children, I will all send them into holy war, and if they’re dead, I’ll make another five.
0:05:46.0: There is a reality that we as Europeans refuse to accept.”
0:05:52.9: The Hamas government drills children into jihad.
0:05:56.4: During this performance, children are furnished with weapons, explosives belts and bloody hands to prepare them for the fight against Israel.
0:06:04.6: The aim: death as a martyr.
0:06:05.9: And the resulting dead children are used years later as a moral weapon against Israel to keep the picture of the child-murder Jew alive.
0:06:16.2: “Israel is a killer of children and a killer of women. (They are doing this) on purpose.
0:06:21.9: They have no right to do this with our people. With our Muslim brother.”
0:06:28.2: Many time leftist radical groups take part in these demonstrations against Israel
0:06:32.1: like the German communist party. Also taking part is the right-wing radicalism, which is spread out in the Arab world.
0:06:39.5: The Jew-hating national socialism is openly seen as a example.
0:06:44.4: Even in 2003, Hitler’s openly anti-Semitic hate propaganda pamphlet reached number 3 on the book rankings before its sale was banned on the initiative of Bavaria.
0:06:54.5: “I believe history is repeating itself. I find extremely problematic that radical Palestinian groups are teaming up with radical right-wing and radical left-wing groups, and this alliance is extremely dangerous.”
0:07:06.9: Justice in the Middle East definitely also includes a separate state for the Palestinians.
0:07:12.2: But this right to exist must also be granted to Israel.
0:07:16.3: It is alarming, though, that demonstrations like this one for Israel’s right to exist are quite rare here in Germany.


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

"It’s about anti-Israeli emotions, and about the Gaza conflict, which is the cause for anti-Semitic sentiments among Muslims living here in Germany."

Jew hating muslims are nothing new to the streets of Germany, the cause for anti-Semitic sentiments among muslims living in Germany is islam period.

Bilal Ahmed said...

Go to hell with your fanaticism, Islam would rule Europe again, and this time conquest would be not only of region but hearts.Europe would be Eurabia one day.We are the religion, mankind is embracing most fast. When fanatics like you open blogs like this, Jesus (pbuh) laughs on them.

Free Hal said...

Ah, Bilal, the triumphs of a madrassa education!!

But would you mind running that argument by me again? I didn't quite follow it...

Best wishes,


Fjordman said...

Bilal Ahmed: Islam is a useless, primitive and backward religion founded by an evil pervert. Your country is a failed state even by Muslim standards. Take your false pride and go troll somewhere else.

bewick said...

When the "Balfour Treaty" was put into practice (badly) at the behest of the USA and UN in 1947/8 TWO states were indeed formed - Jordan and Israel. The supposed "Palestinians" (there never WAS historically a Palestinian State or even Palestinians)were supposed to migrate to their new state of Jordan.
At the behest of their Muslim Arab masters many did not and were declared "refugees" by their Arab masters.
60+ years on they are still "refugees" particularly in Gaza.
Interesting that there are more nearly new 4x4s and Mercs per square mile in Gaza than nearly anywhere. SO sad that the Gazan "Palestinians" are so so impoverished!!!
Since 1948 of course they have increased from .25m to about 1.5m and ALL financed with aid. Despite a fertile land mass they seem incapable of feeding their own populationand they will continue to increase their population and DEMAND international aid. The Law of Nature would mean that they should die out since they cannot sustain themselves.

MUCH is said about Israeli "occupation". If I read the history correctly then Gaza and the whole of Jerusalem and the West Bank were originally assigned to the Israeli State. The river Jordan was supposed to be the dividing line between Jordan and Israel. Jordan and others invaded and sequestered large tracts of that land. Israel recaptured much of that in 1967 and the troubles have continued since.

I am not Jewish. I'm Christian and EXPECT fair play. Israel clearly isn't getting that.
Tell me I'm wrong.

bewick said...

the displaced "palestinians" were I think supposed to get compensation if they moved but not if they didn't.

If my understanding of 1948 is correct then it is the Gaazans who are now "occupying" gaza and the "palestinians" are occupying Jerusalem and the West Bank contrary to the original international decision.
As I said tell me if I'm wrong!