Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aiming for Acquittal?

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This brief translation by our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan came in during the night while we were asleep. It’s from today’s De Telegraaf:

Prosecutor may go for acquittal in the Wilders case

AMSTERDAM — The Public Prosecutor may go for acquittal in the trial of Geert Wilders. This is what was said by a spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the NOS journal.

The trial starts today. The Amsterdam court will start with an administrative session on how the trial will be conducted.

The Public Prosecutor’s office was never in favor of the of the Wilders trial. They considered his statements hurtful, but not punishable by law. The court didn’t agree and ordered the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute Wilders.

H. Numan comments:

This seems the best act of damage control since captain Smith rammed the Titanic into the iceberg…

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thll said...

Is this the stupidity that comes of desperation?

Thrasymachus said...

Trying desperately to watch it here:

But I don't understand a word!

Thrasymachus said...

Wilders is just making a statement, I hope it can be turned into a Youtube with subtitles by our Dutch friends very soon!