Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Somali Terrorizing — Somali Killing — Somali Whining

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Our Danish correspondent TB has collected some reports about Somalis in Denmark, who are the purported victims of vicious discrimination. TB includes a few observations of his own:

First the whining (or the EU shaming), as reported in Politiken:

Danes Not Good to Minorities

A third of Somalis in Denmark have experienced personal discrimination according to an EU report.

Denmark comes towards the top of a list of countries in which hate crimes take place, with only Roma in the Czech Republic and Somalis in Finland worse off than Somalis in Denmark, according to an EU report.

In the report on selected minority groups in all of the member countries, a third of Somalis in Denmark say they have experienced serious racist assault, serious harassment or threats. The survey was based on 27,000 interviews across the European Union.

“Denmark has a major problem in relation to discrimination,” says Morten Kjaerum, head of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights which carried out the survey.


Mandana Zarrehparvar, who is head of the Department of Equality and Diversity is not surprised that Somalis are particular targets — and not only for ethnic Danes.

“Somalis are particularly vulnerable simply because of their very dark skin colour. They are lowest in the hierarchy, including among other ethnic groups,” says Zarrehparvar who undertook a survey of hate crime for Copenhagen Council.


“This is something we often hear from people. Most have experienced verbal harassment, but many also experience physical aspects,” says Muhammed Maxamed Abshir.

Maxamed tells of women who are pushed in the street; a boy who was held around the neck and many who are shouted or spat at in buses or in the street. He says that racist harassment and threats are part of everyday life several places in Jutland.


“Denmark focuses too little on hate crime. The police should be trained to handle situations and investigate when hate crimes are reported,” says Zarrehparvar adding that minorities themselves must be aware of their rights and where they can seek help.

“Somalis are particularly vulnerable simply because of their very dark skin colour. They are lowest in the hierarchy, including among other ethnic groups.”


It is definitely not because of these kinds of things:
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Somali kills Danish politician and caseworker

A 56-year-old caseworker who was killed close to work was a newly elected counsellor at Struer Council.

The 56-year-old woman caseworker who was knifed to death close to the Holstebro Job Center this morning was a recently-elected Social Democratic counsellor for Struer Council, according to the Struer Council Communications Consultant.

Birthe Christiansen died following multiple knife wounds she suffered at the hands of an attacker at around 8 a.m. near the Holstebro Job Centre.

This particular English-language article does not mention ethnicity, but in all the other news reports (e.g. Berlingske Tidende) it is revealed that the perpetrator was Somali.

No, it is definitely the Danes — giving them everything they could ever dream of — who are the bad guys.

It really is!

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Henrik Ræder said...

Morten Kjærum...

I met him in Warsaw back in November, and we had a nice, civil talk about freedom of expression. He's a good civil servant, never doing what would cause controversy for him or those who employ him.

Free Hal said...

Hi Baron,

A quote from Rod Liddle at the Spectator, regarding Britain, is:

"But the unemployment rates among Somalis in this country is 87 per cent; one in three who have been here for more than a year have criminal convictions."

I don't know the source for these numbers, but anything even approaching them is shocking.

Best wishes,


Baron Bodissey said...

Hal --

It is indeed shocking. And it's the same wherever Somalis migrate. Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada, the USA -- they are overwhelmingly represented in the criminal class in their adopted countries, far more than any other immigrants except possibly the Albanians.

Yet we must not discuss this, because that would be racist.

spackle said...

This post really made me chuckle because of its sheer absurdity. The first thing that popped into my mind was those old Nazi era posters of a supposed big ugly Jew (who was drawn to be quite menacing) taking advantage or doing some evil deed to an unsuspecting innocent German.

A new version of this poster would be of a giant ugly viking like Dane smashing some poor skinny helpless Somali with his battle-ax. Or an evil villain type with a greasy smile stroking his beard waiting with glee for the next time he can push a Somali man into the gutter. Next it will be all those bloodthirsty warlike Swedish men taking a break from putting dresses on their sons to secretly plot against their Muslim neighbors. I could only imagine what image us Americans would have? Perhaps giant pig like apes with cowboy hats tossing nuclear hand grenades at anything that moves. Sometimes Liberalism is just comedic gold.

Free Hal said...

Hi Baron,

Well here's another one, even more shocking from the point of view of fomenting conflict. From the BBC:

"University of Bristol researchers show that in Manchester, fewer than 1% of pupils of Pakistani origin are at schools which have a white majority."

Can anyone say "enclaves"?

When you look closer, even the racists are, as often as not, underestimating the problems.

Best wishes,


Yorkshireminer said...

The Rockwool fund produced a Pdf a couple of years ago over how immigrants had fared after they had come to Denmark and how they had integrated one of the metrics they had used was what % were employed after five years. The interesting thing was that people from the Philippines had he highest employment rate in the upper 80s closely followed by the Europeans Dutch Germans and Brits all in the 80s propping up the bottom of this list were, you guessed it the Somali's with 20%. Need I say more.