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Advised by the Toilet Duck

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Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an op-ed by Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma from today’s De Volkskrant.

VH includes these explanatory notes:
Toilet Eend (“Toilet duck”), or WC-eend, is a toilet bowl cleaner like this one.

The NSB was the Dutch National Socialist Party during World War Two.

This op-ed concerns the IVA report mentioned in last night’s post at Gates of Vienna.

And his translation:

Toilet duck advising Guusje ter Horst

by Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma

Minister of the Interior Ter Horst is using research to influence my trial and harm the PVV.

Does the Church of the Left still know any shame, still have any desire left somewhere for truth and honesty? It is difficult to see any after the release of the report “Polarization and Radicalization in the Netherlands”. It is almost painful to see how the lefties are forced to squirm to justify their hatred and supply their project with its last remaining oxygen.

Philosophy of Destruction

This is the essence: for decades the left wing has lined itself up as the water carrier for Islam. It supports, facilitates, and funds a totalitarian ideology of conquest — with its most important service being the opening of the immigration floodgates. After fourteen centuries of jihad, the philosophy of destruction has booked a huge success because of this. The Netherlands must and shall aim for the multicultural utopian state. All resistance is useless and will be countered vigorously. Everything that deviates from the party line will be taken on rock-hard by the leftist elite and stamped “Nazi”. A short half-hour state broadcast provides a dreary queue of NSB! NSB! announcers. Come on in, great thinkers like Herman van Veen [a singer who compared the PVV to the NSB because both lacked membership; though n fact the NSB had one hundred thousand members] and Peter R. de Vries [TV crime-show host who blasted Bram Moszkowicz for defending Geert Wilders].

Toilet DuckEls Lucas of the PvdA [Socialists] was one of the plaintiffs last week in the trial against freedom of expression. To ease her work for the party, minister Ter Horst (PvdA) had already opened a new front. She hired Jaap van Donselaar to fix her PvdA. Van Donselaar is from the Anne Frank Foundation, which in 1984 was described by former State Secretary Ploeg as a crypto-communist organization. Director Hans Westra is a member of the PvdA. And what does the Toilet Duck advise? Well, the Toilet Duck advises Toilet Duck. Ter Horst gets exactly what she wanted: the PVV has been branded again. And the timing is perfect. Just before the beginning of part two of the trial. If they cannot win it with the electorate, then try another way.

- - - - - - - - -
By not distancing herself from this malicious report and by sending it to Parliament at this time, Ter Horst makes herself especially guilty of directly influencing the political trial. And what does that bet with tax money deliver? A quote: “Ideologically, there are definitely certain elements of radical right ideas to be found in the PVV, such as a positive orientation to ‘one’s own’, a dislike of ‘the foreign’ and of political opponents, and a penchant for the authoritarian”.

Since when is a positive orientation to ‘one’s own’ part of the radical right? Wouter Bos [PvdA, vice PM] preaches a “civilized form of nationalism” and declares himself “proud of the Netherlands”. This once again demonstrates that the multicultural project and democracy go together poorly.

Is that kindly Wouter now also a Nazi? When will he come out of the closet as an NSB member? Was Willem Drees Sr. [former PvdA MP, who gave up his membership in 1972 because he strongly disagreed with New Left tendencies] oriented to ‘his own’ or to those of another country? And Saint Obama, who is put up on the wall in many a left-winger’s bedroom, certainly orients himself one hundred percent towards his own, considering the American flags and patriotic language. Even so, is he radical right? And all those immigrants with their homesick satellite dishes: they, too, orient themselves towards ‘their own’. Are they all also the new radical right?


The Freedom Party is also accused of having an aversion to ‘the foreign’. Once again it is never good. One moment we are accused of being in America or Israel too often, and the next we suddenly have an aversion to ‘the foreign’. The reality: few parties are more the subject of international discussion than ours.

We even have a website in English. While other party leaders are hardly active just across the border crossing at Wuustwezel, the PVV stands her ground in Rome, Copenhagen, New York, or Los Angeles. Check the columns of the Wall Street Journal or the broadcasts of CNN or Fox News about it. That dos not really show an aversion to ‘the foreign’.

Dislike of political opponents. Well, though, that is in fact correct, when they are of the stature of Jaap van Donselaar — of the little leftist clique that is called the Anne Frank Foundation.

That foundation abuses a little murdered Jewish girl for their own agenda. People of that kind will indeed find an enemy in us. But otherwise we are friendly to everyone. The grimness that the leftist fellow sometimes displays is strange to us. The castigating and demonization (watch just once the Pauw & Witteman TV show for fifteen minutes) we will leave with pleasure to third parties. We will remain friendly.

The fourth charge of the thought police: that we lean to ‘the authoritarian’. Those pseudo-scientists cannot even substantiate the charge. Did the subsidy money run out? Could they not find the motion in which the PVV proposed to abolish democracy? Or did they just not want to play up the ‘authoritarian’ the too much, because it might draw attention to the sponsoring party: Minister Ter Horst. She is doing something that properly belongs in authoritarian countries: the state assessing and stigmatizing political parties. In democracies it is the other way around: there the political parties assess the government.

This once again shows that the multicultural project and democracy do not go well together. Now here is something that should be researched: where does the minister get the nerve to judge political parties?

Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma are president and secretary respectively of the Parliamentary Group of the PVV.


Anonymous said...

The toilet duck company has been running an add for years now. In it the researchers of the toilet duck-company claim that their research into toilet hygiene, has shown that the best product for cleaning your toilet is ........ toilet duck. So, no surprises there :) Holland it has become a kind of a symbol for biast research.