Saturday, January 16, 2010

Climate Fraud: Follow the (Government) Money

Vlad Tepes has much more information on this scam.

Black slaves in America used to lament “we’ve been sold down the river”.

In this case, it’s the Warmer-Mongering River and it’s our future that is being ripped out from under us. There’s lots of money to be made in the ‘science’ of global warming. See, all ya gotta do is remove the reporting stations from colder areas, and voilà! higher temperature statistics suddenly emerge. It’s just a matter of removing the pesky mountain temperatures. Easy-peasy...

I can’t remember which blogger said that when the Cap ’n’ Tax bill got through ruining the U.S., we’d be the cleanest Third World economy on the planet.

Is there any area of our government that’s not corrupt and full of lies? As the Baron often remarks, there is no one left to oversee the government. He says we have to give us credit for lasting as long as we did. Somehow that’s cold comfort.

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bewick said...

I'd like to say "Gotcha". Unfortunately that won't fit the tax ambitions of Governments and the profit hopes of their favoured business friends. SO - nothing much will happen unless the populace revolts. At least the MSM seem to have come out of their stupor (apart from the BBC) so MAYBE something will happen. Then again......... I wrote to the UK's climate change Minister Ed Miliband - a PPE graduate - asking him to justify the pile of horseshit he so often spouts on TV from his totally non-scientific background. Guess what? No reply. Perhaps I shouldn't have called him what he is - a w*****.

I'd have to say that I am TOTALLY behind any efforts to conserve the finite resources of the earth, and movement away from reliance on oil from Muslim lands. I think though that carbon credits is a total money-making CON based on bad science.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Is there any area of our government that’s not corrupt and full of lies?

Good question. Homeland Security?

OK, that was a bad one.


Well, not a good choice.

Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac?

OK, I know I can do better than that...


Ehm, I'll try again.

General Motors?

That's not even supposed to be a branch of government!

Supreme court?

If they'd uphold the Constitution...

Congress I won't consider, it's all about reelection and favours to the constituency.

Federal Reserve?

That was worse, not better.

Army & Police sounds like the best parts.

I think I've heard only about the bad parts. There must be something better out there.

Dymphna said...

Army & Police sounds like the best parts...

Which shows you how much trouble we're in.

Remember when race monger Gates mau-mau'd that Cambridge police officer and Obama jumped in with both feet?

The military is a mess. Their answer to a jihadi Army officer killing unarmed soldiers is to get more Muslims into the service.

These guys have drunk the "quota" kool aid.

Living in Wonderland with Alice would make more sense.