Sunday, January 31, 2010

After the Blizzard

Snow January 2010 #7
Well, it wasn’t really a blizzard. We had just over a foot of snow (about 31 cm), quite a bit less than last time. But considering that we often go through entire winters with less than three inches of snow, to have had three feet of the stuff before February even begins is quite remarkable.

The porch railings were transformed into translucent causeways of snow, and there were perfect caps on all the posts, each one shaped like the hat of a garden gnome:

Snow January 2010 #5

The cars are just two white humps — it will take a while to dig them out:
- - - - - - - - -
Snow January 2010 #6

And this is the curly willow, which even without snow is visually intricate:

Snow January 2010 #8

There may be more snow on Tuesday, and the forecast for next weekend predicts the possibility of another big storm like this one.


Free Hal said...


Puts me in mind of a speech Reagan made saying something to the effect that there aren't words in the language to describe the beauty of the American land.

Best wishes,


. said...

Enjoy the snow for now, Baron. After all, with global warming your yard will have citrus and avocado trees in it within a couple of decades!