Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sneaking Islamization

This has turned into an all-Danish weekend.

I’ve previously written about a Danish counterjihad group called SIAD, “Stop the Islamization of Denmark”. SIAD has been harassed and even subjected to violence in its opposition to creeping sharia within Denmark. It is being vilified as a reactionary and racist hate group.

Anders GraversAnd now SIAD has become a political party. Anders Gravers, the founder of the group, emailed me today with the translation of SIAD’s mission statement and the “who we are” section of the SIAD website.

I’ve often said that Denmark is way ahead of the rest of the West, and can serve as a model of how to handle an aggressive and expansionist Islam. The model can’t be applied in all respects — Denmark is a tiny country with a homogeneous native population — but some of its strategies can be adapted by other countries.

Denmark is a representative democracy with a written constitution and the rule of law. It respects the rights of free speech and assembly. Under those constraints, SIAD is proposing a series of steps to deal with the encroachment of Islam.

You can read what SIAD has to say below.

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Our mission

Although it should be unnecessary to mention it, we do so for the sake of clarity: We believe in our mission!

Holger DanskeOur conviction is not based on naive imagination, nor on arrogance, nor on a lack of realism. On the contrary, it comes from a deep feeling of responsibility for our children and descendants, and for our country in general. We are of the opinion that our country is in peril, as stated in the old poem about Holger Danske. To us this famous poem means that when our country is faced with a real dilemma, the Dane (the personification of the original people) will show his true face and rise from his chair and do what has to be done.

We feel this vocation very deeply, hearing the call for help from our ancestral home. Someone has to do something before it is too late. Now is the time, as it is five minutes to twelve! Unfortunately, we cannot count on any help or leadership from our governing politicians, and therefore we have decided that this “someone” should be us, SIAD. Nobody else seems to have thought about getting involved.

A winning cause

Another important reason for us to be sure of our mission is that we know we have a winning cause. We are convinced that justice will be done, if not today, then tomorrow.

In this way, we are exactly as decisive and firm in our fight for Denmark as are our opponents among the Islamists (and their tools, the useful idiots) in their fight against Denmark. We know the forbearance and kindness of the Danish people. “We want peace in this country” — as we sing on the Midsummer eve — but there will come a time for all of us when we cannot put up with any more. And that time has already come! Thus we have decided to ignore all the divisions normally separating public movements into political parties, and rise up in a common front against the Islamic occupying power. Therefore we urge the Danish people to join the Danish Unity Party, the ideal of which is to recreate the same sense of community that they experienced during the former occupation of this country.
- - - - - - - - - -
SIADConsequently, SIAD has no political profile except for the fact that we want to stop the process which leads Denmark toward an Islamic dictatorship.

Such an ambition is certainly not non-political, but it does not include any defined positions on financial, cultural and environmental politics, or any other conventional political doctrines. We trust the politicians with such subjects, since they are much more qualified than we are to sit and talk for hours at meetings. However, what we intend to do is to get into Parliament in order to secure the basis for the discussions about environmental, financial, cultural topics, etc., because such topics will not be allowed under an Islamic theocracy. When that day comes one will simply be required to ask the leading imam about the principles of the sharia on the subject in question. Any subsequent discussion will be understood — and punished — as heresy.

An arrangement as described above shall never be tolerated by the Danish people. Of this we are certain. Therefore we also know that we are right — on a totally democratic basis — and if we win we do it by way of democracy.

Confidence is positive

The Danish people have an extremely high degree of confidence in their elected politicians. In addition, our degree of confidence in each other is among the highest in the world.

This confidence in our society brings about a rather unconventional public stance towards the authorities, but at the same time a very strong consensus of attitude, too, due to our fundamental confidence in the political system.

Because of this implicit orthodoxy we believe that those who have been given the task of taking care of the interests of our country must do their utmost. That is, purely and simply, what we expect. And we have no doubt that each of them will do their utmost in this respect. None of our politicians, public servants, or other persons in honorary offices should want to act in bad faith and thereby put our country in jeopardy. They are convinced that they do the right thing when they sell off the assets of our country. They believe that they do their country and their people a favour if they buy “peace” by paying for the mixing of our society with the entire world population.

They really believe that it is possible to have a dialog with religious fanatics, that it is possible to talk reason with an Islamist, and that Danish values concerning welfare and democracy are universal blessings which everybody would strive to be part of.

That is what they have learned in the “school of decency”, at universities and by training within their political parties. They are so convinced that the Danish model is just as beautiful, seaworthy and impossible to sink as the Titanic, that they completely ignore the danger towards which the country is now heading.

We have a clear vision that Denmark is heading for the same fate as that of the beautiful ship which sailed to its death with drums and flags and on full steam.

The blunder was — and is — due to a state of self-important drunkenness brought about by their fantastic voyage. They totally neglect to keep their eyes on the dangers for which they are directly heading.

Be on guard!

At the risk of acting as wet blankets at the party of respectable citizens, we take the liberty to point out the danger of the sneaking (now gradually becoming obvious) Islamization of this country. Therefore, we take every opportunity to issue a “call to arms”.

This initiative finds expression in various actions and press campaigns in which we point out, lay open, and show the dangers for Danish society caused by the increasing Islamization. Our aim is to awaken the Danish people. The politicians in power have long ago shown their deafness towards warnings about Islamization. The only way to awaken these people is to punish them on election day for their irresponsibility.

In Parliament

As a consequence of the lack of political leadership in Denmark in general, and within the Government in particular (not meeting the increasing Islamization of Denmark), the resistance group “Stop islamiseringen af Danmark” (SIAD) has decided to stand for Parliament.

In Parliament our only cause shall be to fight for Denmark to remain a secure home for Danes with a democratic, open, and tolerant attitude. In Parliament — as well as outside of Parliament — we shall fight every initiative to sell out Danish values to the Islamic power. This fight shall be carried out within the law, of course, as we still have the law on our side. However, if the Islamists attain their objective, democratic and freedom-loving organizations and movements like ours shall be prohibited. Should we end in such a situation, the battle to recover the control of our country will be harder. Thus we must strike while the iron is hot — while we still have the law on our side.

Therefore, we insist that the Danish Constitution be kept and respected. Not one single comma is misplaced.

Your help

If you agree that Denmark should remain a free and democratic society based on respect and confidence, you can do something about it by letting SIAD be your representative in Parliament.

And we shall see to it that something happens — be sure of that!

Actions speak louder than words!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Who is SIAD?

  • We are a political party whose purpose is to keep the Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark
  • We support the Danish democracy as we know it today
  • We fight anything and anyone who will limit Danish sovereignty
  • We consider ourselves to be the only active resistance group against Islam.

We are a just group of ordinary citizens who have become very tired of the sneaking Islamization of Danish society.

Within a short time (30 years) this country, which has been the home of the Danish people for thousands of years, has been moving — slowly but surely — towards an Islamic society governed by Islamic law.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, after conducting population studies, have calculated that the ethnic Danes (the original population) will become a very small minority in their own country by the end of this century.

And, since according to the Koran the Muslims are not allowed to marry Christians or people from other religions — unless these convert to Islam — and since the Muslims are the fastest-growing population group in Denmark, the future majority will consequently consist of sympathizers with Islam.

Future Denmark?

The sneaking Islamization has come about because a minority has shouted so loudly that nice Danish people are now organizing the Danish society according to Islamic law. In this country, which is so proud of being a pioneer for sexual equality, it now seems that in several swimming baths women and men can no longer swim at the same time, and that it is now permissible to divide the halls between men and women at Islamic meetings in municipal buildings. This country, which has so far made a good profit from worldwide pork exports, is now forced to serve meat only from halal-slaughtered animals to their new generation in the Copenhagen kindergartens. Pork is excluded, to the annoyance of Christians and Buddhists — and Hindus, too, who are not allowed to eat beef.

Denmark, which is famous worldwide for its beautiful women and its broad-mindedness, has now got a sharia police force (groups of young muslims) who annoy Danes who are naked on the Sealand beaches, and in general harass young girls who are alone on the beach, because it is against Islamic law.

Islamization has really increased

Islamization has really increased since the Muhammed cartoon crisis. In the aftermath of the crisis the politically correct press has given its approval to the regulations of the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement (read here), which states that nice syrupy stories about Muslims should incessantly be told to the Danes in order to integrate the latter into the future Muslim society.

Never before have we seen and heard so much talk about Muslims in TV and radio as we do now. The most recent incident was DR 2’s stroke of genius in hiring Asmaa Absol-Hamid as TV host wearing a scarf (hijab). A slap in the face for all those people in Denmark working for sexual equality! A stroke of genius because nobody dares to remove her now, since this might cause a new clash with misogynistic Islam. An inevitable clash because this Asmaa Abdol-Hamid was among the first to complain of the Muhammed cartoons and thus is to be blamed herself for the crisis Denmark had to face.

From Borgerliste [list of citizens’ signatures for obtaining representation in the city council] to a political party

Summa summarum: All the above points are what we call a “sneaking Islamization” of Danish society. Because we would not tolerate this development, we established the Borgerliste “Stop the Islamization of Denmark” which ran in the local election in Ålborg. We got 2% of the votes, which was not enough to get us into the local council. However, 1300 votes represent a lot of people of the same opinion as ours. This encouraged us to change the Borgerliste “Stop the Islamization of Denmark” into a political party against the sneaking Islamization of our country.

Now our goal is not to stop until Denmark has banned the parts of the Koran prescribing that the unbelievers shall be harassed, tortured, and killed. This is not a war between civilizations, as argued by some people, but a war between a stone age religion and modern civilization.

We shall not accept a cultural decline of the Danish people and their country just because of a gang of frightened politicians.


John Sobieski said...

I'm impressed. Some excellent statements there.

PD, you're right about that problem with the Muslims here. If they are not citizens yet, just stop it, no more. We need to make it unpleasant for slaves to Islam. No recognition of any of their 'needs.' None.

Do not recognize Islam as a religion. It's naziism with a veneer of deviant monotheism.

Of course this is all fantasy in our PC/MC crazy world.

shoprat said...

This is good news indeed. The Danes are showing the way. At least some of them are. We need anti-Sharia planks in the platforms of all our political parties, throughout the free world.

Jason Pappas said...

Keep it coming ... all the news that's fit to blog. These Danes are an inspiration ... and we need on right about now.

Profitsbeard said...

Bravo and kudos to these Danish heroes!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

May this fine first step help lead the Danes -and all of the EU- away from the abysmal brink that looms from resurgent Islamic Imperialism and the demographic onslaught of Mohammedan "guest workers" amd "asylum seekers" entering the West as cuckoos eggs to undermine, eviscerate and replace the native, freedom-loving populations with Sharia-bowing drones of the pedophile prophet.


Jack Lacton said...

Well done, Denmark!

As an Australian I would like to point out that Denmark's sudden lurch into reality seems to have coincided with the marriage of one Mary Donaldson to one Crown Prince Frederik. Clearly, our high quality Australian values have rubbed off on our terrific Danish friends.

Check out my blog at for more views from sunny Oz.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Speaking of Aus : Did anyone notice John Howards unprecedented attack on Barak Obama? Cool, good to see someone say what we all think about Obama's cringing politics.

serbialives admin said...

Excellent news!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Obama - you can't be serious to let him run for president ? - Well, nothing seems impossible these days: I just saw some absolutely crazy Mullah conducting a prayer at your Democratic Party convention. If in Denmark it would be an instant political suicide to whatever party - even the most leftist.

OK - maybe I had a nigthmare or too many Carlsbergs...

Anonymous said...

Jack, Mary & Frederik are doing a great job keeping the birth rate of civilized people up !

Yankee Doodle said...

Despite the best of intentions of all the decent people in Denmark and elsewhere, it is not going to happen peacefully. The other side may be trying to implement their ideology within the bounds of western laws for now, but make no mistake about: they are Mujahideen, and they will not go down without a fight.

kepiblanc said...

Yankee doodle : that's evident. They openly declare that that have no intentions whatsoever to abide with our democracy or the law of the land. And they underscore it on a daily basis. Why do you think 80% of our prison inmates are Muslims ?

And we make no mistakes about it. Only our card-carrying useful idiots do, but they hardly amount to anything more than 20% of the population.

urbanadder22 said...

Unfortunately, for us (in the US and I suppose also in the UK)our applauding the Dans is living vicariously.

We here lag so far behind the Danes that we cannot even bring the problem of "Islamization" into a forum to be discussed publicly. If one does, one is immediately branded as "racist," bigoted," "discriminating against darker colored people," etc.

The "good" people (and I am not being sarcastic here) are so concerned with not being seen as intolerant of any group even one with an ideology that wants to submit or destroy them, that it would take too much time to unlearn them of this fatal error, when Time is running out.

Trying to equate Islam with Nazism is not readily accepted by the well-meaning "good" people, because they see it as a religion. The Moslem clerics and our own leadership reinforce that perception--modifying it with a reference to its "peacefulness."

The Moslem cum Government propaganda, supported by the MSM, is difficult to counter.

We must never give up trying, though. Little by little we gather recruits and remove the veil of political correctness that is preventing our fellow-citizens from seeing what is happening to their country, their dreams, their future.

Captain USpace said...

Go Denmark! Go SIAD! Break the veil of political correctness. This conversation has nothing to do with being 'racist' or 'against brown people'.

It is simply 'being against' an ideology that wants us Muslim, 2nd class citizens, or dead. All non-Muslims not only have a God-given right to discuss this and defend our lives and our cultures, we have a duty too.

Keep spreading the word!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe knows
Iran never nuke Europe

if they swear to Allah
or embrace full dhimmi life

absurd tanken -
Gud om Universum veta
Iran aldrig nuke Europa

om de svära till Stilla eller
omfamna full dhimmi liv

Cheryl,Free Woman Always said...

I do not understand why there is a Sharia Police force in Denmark!! This is Denmark not the Middle East. These people have immigrated to Denmark which has their own laws. Those that violate the FREEDOMS of the Danish should be punished under Danish Law. I cannot believe the Government of Denmark would allow this to go on. Or any other Country in Europe for that matter!!!“Stop the Islamization of Denmark” and the Western World!!!