Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Sixth-Century Sheikh Gilani?

Sheikh GilaniHere’s an update on Tuesday’s decision by the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors to retain Sheikh Gilani Lane. Most of the material in this story from The Richmond Times-Dispatch is similar to yesterday’s WSET news story, but there are a few interesting additions.

First of all, our congressman, the Hon. Virgil H. Goode, Jr., has made his feelings on the issue very clear:

Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., R-5th, said in a statement that he had no vote or voice in determining the name of any road in Charlotte County, but if he did, he had an opinion.

“If I did,” Goode said in the statement, “I would vote against naming a road for Sheikh Ghilani, based upon my knowledge of Sheikh Ghilani and his background.”

The RTD also talked to Martin Mawyer:

Martin J. Mawyer, president of Christian Action Network, yesterday called the supervisors’ action “outrageous and an act that borders on cowardice.” His group says it is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting traditions of the American family and defending the nation against radical Islam.

But my favorite snip is this one:

Sheikh Gilani LaneIn the supervisors’ discussion, a question also was raised as to whether the road sign may have referred to someone who lived in the 6th century.

This little tidbit is so rich in ignorance that it’s hard to know where to begin.
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The residents of a Muslims of America compound, for some reason, decided to name their road for a guy who lived a hundred years before Islam began?

The Muslims of AmericaThe organization known as “The Muslims of America” was founded in New York in 1980 by Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani. The Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound in Red House has a prominent sign at its entrance that reads, “The Muslims of America”. Yet there’s no connection between between MOA’s Sheikh Gilani and the name on the road sign, right?

Does the Board of Supervisors also have some prime Florida swampland that it wants to sell us?

If you’re new to this issue, start with my first JF post and follow the links to the sources. Or look down our left sidebar to find links to more Jamaat ul-Fuqra stories. Or visit CP’s place and look through his archives; he has more data on Sheikh Gilani, the Muslims of America, and Jamaat ul-Fuqra than anyone else on the web — and maybe more than the FBI.

The amount of information available about the nefarious activities of Sheikh Gilani is extensive and still growing. After you read it, see if you think that the Red House compound is just a retreat for peaceful religious believers.

See if you think that Sheikh Gilani deserves to be recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia with an official road sign bearing his name.


Counter-Jihadist said...

Ah yes, for those who read this blog as well as the contributions from fjordman and snicker incredulously at the complacent euro's lemming-like rush to become EUrabia - examine closely the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors' insane decision and ask yourself what you are doing to prevent MUSLIMerica. Make no mistake - it's coming.

X said...

Yes, just imagine... Al Abama, the republic of Qalif, Martyrland, New Jeddha, Yasin Quton... and so on. Almost as terrifying as the prospect of seeing my own home renamed to some awful islamic equivalent. Al Kashir (aka the county of Cheshire) perhaps...

We're all in the same boat. Gates of Vienna is doing its bit to put the word out and while I can appreciate your feelings on the matter - I've had my fair share of bouts with commenters here for similar reasons - I believe that it isn't fair to sit back and indiscriminately snipe at our allies. Which is why I've had those bouts in the past, as I don't like to see people I would consider allies sniping at me either. A great man once said "A house divided against itself cannot stand." It's true today as it ever was.

Consider this a plea to both sides.

Baron Bodissey said...

Archonix, I don't understand -- what allies am I snapping at?

X said...

Not you, sorry, I should have made clear I was talking to d calderalo. My apologies. :)

Counter-Jihadist said...

Actually, I thought I was making just the opposite point, archonix. It would sound condescending of me to admonish you to read my comment more carefully, but.... If I was less than artful in my prose and less than clear in my meaning let me clarify:

My comments were directed precisely at those snipers who call EUropeans complacent while doing NOTHING about what is happening here in nascent MUSLIMerica vis-a-vis the Charlotte County dhimmitude.

I agree. We're all in the same boat. If anything, I believe I was sniping at BOTH sides.

X said...

Ouch. I'm thick this week. :D

Shall we start again?

Little Black Sambo said...

Still, Gilani did a good job with law & order in New York.
Have you noticed, his face is almost reversible: there are some better pictures of him in OHO by Rex Whistler.

CP said...


I saw that snippet about the 6th Century. The Board is a little confused. They're off by about 6 centuries. However, I think what's at issue here is that the MOA has likely, and cleverly, tried to deflect the issue by saying that their road is not named for their current sheikh who lives in Pakistan, but the orignal sheik, Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Gilani, from whom Mubarak Ali Gilani claims descendancy. Hailing from Baghdad, he was the founder of the Qadiri branch of Sufism and lived in the 12th Century.