Thursday, February 15, 2007

Helloooo from Frigidaire

There was a small ice storm the other night and we've been without electricity for what is beginning to seem like ages.

There’s some power left in this laptop – enough to let everyone know that’s the reaon we are not on line. At the moment, we have no heat, no lights, and no water. We do have a phone however…thus this post can slooowly wend its way out via dial-up.

The Baron lugged in a smelly kerosene heater from the storage shed so we’re not freezing – yet. And we keep bottled water and food supplies on hand so we shouldn’t waste away before the electric co-operative figures out which tree is lying across which line and fixes things.

Yesterday the ice melted and the B went to get Chinese food (what do you eat when your hands are turning to icicles?)

The next time you hear from us, things will have returned to their normal humdrum routine and this will simply be “hey, remember the Saint Valentine’s Day Freeze of ’07?” If I had enough battery power I’d tell you about the real ice storm in ’94. But that tale will have to wait until warmer times.

Now I must go find my coat…this down comforter makes it hard to move.

Should the world end, no doubt someone will call us. By then, the news may even come as a relief. At least it won’t be freezing anymore.

Our main concern is tonight. It’s supposed to go about fifteen degrees below freezing before daylight and that doesn’t bode well for the pump, which may freeze with water in its veins. Not good.

The Baron -- gentleman that he is -- wants me to go to a hotel in Li’l Kumquat while he stays here to keep the pipes from freezing. But I’m going down with the ship, thank you just the same.

Stay warm, wherever you are! And don’t worry: the top of the kerosene heater makes great coffee. In fact, I may be able to cook bacon and eggs later on.


Clovis Sangrail said...

I hope and trust you're now over the worst of the freeze.

Zerosumgame said...

Off-topic, but I'd like to ask this:

Baron & Dymphna, you have a rather interesting niche as a site for Danish conservatives to come and discuss their fight against Islamofascism; a niche probably served by no other American blog. Being a rather small country (but let me hasten to add -- big in courage...), I would think that some Danes would be impressed that you pay such close attention to Denmark, even if your politics do not agree with theirs.

Have you ever been contacted or interviewed by Danish media, be they newspapers, radio or television? I have Jyllands-Posten in mind when I ask this, but I'd be curious about any contact with their media.

(Danish posters feel free to answer this if you have an answer.)

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Stay warm inside those Gates of Vienna.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

kepiblanc said...

Zero, we certainly are impressed that we get so much attention on this great blog. And I sometimes wonder why ? As you state, we're a very small nation, so why should an American blog pay us any attention at all ?

Besides, we have an abundance of good bloggers ourselves - some of them even in English.

On the other hand I'm absolutely sure that if you sometimes want to stick your head above the surface of your abysmal pessimism concerning the self-destruction of the civilized world, Denmark is the place to look at.

Maybe that's why Dymphna and the Baron honor us so remarkably. I hope you appreciate it as much as we do.

MikeZ said...

As they say, if theis global warming thng keeps up, we're al going to freeze to death.

What is "Occupation" said...

no fireplace?


not good...

I am seeking a diesel generator for back up and i now get 5 gallons of soy fryer oil at my food supplier to run it. ( have been using the fryer oil instead of diesel in the benz, works great!)

El Jefe Maximo said...

Hey Lady D, Baron...

Hope you get un-frozen soon ! Find some PC tracts and make a bonfire. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

You have to open a window if you are using a kerosene heater.