Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sheikh Gilani Lane Videos

An extra-big size 7¾ hat tip to CP, who recorded these WDBJ7 News stories from Tuesday night and uploaded them to YouTube. With his permission and encouragement, I am embedding them here:

Now I know that “The Rev” (see previous post) and Sam Weddington are one and the same person.

The elderly lady who gets interviewed in the video is Nathalie Jones, the mother of Averett Jones. Mr. Jones, as you may remember from the Charlotte County Files, is the editor of The Southside Messenger.

It’s all in the family, y’all.

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Cindi said...

Stupid, foolish, condescending cowards!
And lazy, to boot.
They call themselves 'newspeople', when even a few minutes research would have revealed exactly what is in the records on these vermin.


Always On Watch said...

Meek Christians or not, I cannot find any justification for naming a road after a designated terrorist!

Anonymous said...

Two phrases stood out for me. In the first, the newsman said, ". . . alleged terrorist" when making reference to Gilani." This suggests to me that there is still some question about that in the mind of the newsman. Either that, or he was cautioned not to further inflame the Islamic masses by making a direct claim. So long as the MSM continues to lack moral courage, extremists will continue to find aid and comfort from the 4th estate.

Next, the newsman reported that one member of the Board of Supervisors said "We have the power to change the name of the street, but choose not to." If this is indeed an accurate report, it would seem to me that the CAN ought to be organizing a campaign to ensure that NOT ONE SINGLE MEMBER of the current board of supervisors is reelected.

Virginians -- force YOUR WILL upon these "servants" of the people.