Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Denmark the Model

Europe from the Danocentric point of viewGates of Vienna has been the cheering section for Denmark for quite some time, and I know everyone who’s not Danish must be getting sick of it.

But really, you gotta love those Danes.

Here’s the latest from the group SIAD, Stop the Islamification of Denmark. As I reported on Saturday, SIAD has called for certain verses of the Koran to be banned in Denmark, since they violate the clauses of the Danish Constitution prohibiting speech that incites violence.

SIAD took the trouble to send the relevant information as a press release to Al Jazeera and the embassies of various Muslim countries. Upon reading about SIAD’s initiative, a journalist in Turkey contacted Anders Gravers, the leader of the group, for an interview.

Here’s the report from SIAD’s blog:

The journalist asked which parts of the Koran offend the Danish constitution. We answered, sura 8 and 9, especially 9:5, and sura 4:34, sura 4:15, sura 33:60, sura 4:11, sura 2:282, sura 24:13, sura 9:3, sura 12:29, sura 48:17, sura 47:36, sura 76:5, sura 4:57, sura 33:27. And 33:21 which involves the hadith.

To the question about which translation we have used, we answered the German version, which is more true to the Arabic version than the Danish.

The journalist had seen in a Danish newspaper, Politiken, that we have sent our claim to the head of the Danish justice department, Lene Espersen. But we have also sent it to Al Jazeera and a couple of Arabic embassies. He wanted to know why we had send it to Al Jazeera and the embassies. Anders Gravers answered that we want to save the Danish imams from another trip to the Arabic countries. Instead of travelling around, they could just as well hear the truth from their own channel Al Jazeera and from their embassies.

Denmark is the model. These guys really know how to treat the bullies of Islam.
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Without even consulting the 910 Group, they’re following the 910 playbook:

1. Don’t be defensive; be aggressive. Take the fight into the enemy’s territory.
2. Refuse to be intimidated by the bullying tactics and threats of the Islamic groups.
3. Take a tip from the Islamists and use legal initiatives and lawsuits to pressure them.
4. Emphasize the overwhelmingly violent nature of the writings in the Koran and the Hadith.
5. Use humor as a major weapon, since Muslims are defenseless against it.

These guys can’t be mau-maued. Anders Gravers’ share of manly generative organs is larger than that of the entire U.S. Congress combined.

A lot of Danes drop by here to read what we have to say. You guys tell me: Are all Danes this gutsy, or is Anders an exception?

SIAD’s operational strategies need to be cloned, translated, and imitated throughout the gutless West.


Anonymous said...

While this is a great post on Denmark's status, check THIS out:

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union citizens are overwhelmingly happy with life -- and that's official.

A pan-European opinion poll conducted for the European Commission and published on Monday showed that 87 percent of EU citizens considered themselves happy, with a record 97 percent in Denmark.

Only in Bulgaria, which joined the bloc in January, did a majority of people (55 percent) say they were unhappy.

But the Eurobarometer survey on "European social reality," conducted between mid-November and mid-December, found far lower satisfaction levels with retirement and employment prospects.

And two-thirds of the 26,755 Europeans questioned think life will be more difficult for the next generation because of unemployment, the cost of living and uncertain pensions.

Citizens of Germany, Europe's biggest and most powerful economy, have the least confidence in the future of their pensions, with only 25 percent voicing confidence. Fewer than one-third of French, Poles and Hungarians trust their pensions.

On the other hand, nearly three-quarters of Danes feel their pension is safe, while two-thirds of Finns and Dutch agree.

Read the rest here:

Well well well. Isn't THAT just grand? EU is happy. Especially Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Let me add this:

Since WHEN do POLLS make things OFFICIAL????

THAT's the MEDIA for you.

ziontruth said...


"Gates of Vienna has been the cheering section for Denmark for quite some time, and I know everyone who’s not Danish must be getting sick of it."

I don't know about the others, but this Israeli isn't sick of it at all. Quite the opposite: I'm glad to read of this light amidst all the dhimmi gloom.

As I said before, sometime here: the Great Dane barks and the camels from the Middle East stop.

Mikael said...

Alas, not all Danes are that gutsy, we have our Dhimmies, some of them in high places. In Copenhagen, there is talk about any firm recieving a contract from the City must have a Religious Code, meaning the firm will have to take into account the needs of minorities [read: Muslims] in order to get the contract, such as payed praying time.

This is of course absurd. Given the average Muslim even wanted a menial job, the Danish workers (who take very much pride in having a job) wouldn't stand for it. This is what would happen if an Arab or Turk should wander of to do his prayers, leaving his Danish colleagues.

Never the less, it's an interesting stunt SIAD have made. Hopefully it will add to the debate.

kepiblanc said...

Mikael is right. We have a fair share of useful idiots too. Matter-o'-factly an entire, political party which cannot be described according to traditional left/right patterns. Its stereotypical voter is what the Germans call a "gutmensch" (do-gooder), incredibly naïve, middle class, public employed, yuppie, female, tree-hugger etc., etc....

That party a.k.a. "The Ricule Left" presently stands to 7.5% in polls.

As I've mentioned here before, the typical left/right pattern doesn't apply with respect to immigration in Denmark. An example from today : In our second largest city, Aarhus, some 70 representatives for Islamic organizations demanded more "respect and sensitivity" form the municipality, such as Muslim children and students should not have to learn Christendom and how to make traditional, Danish foods (pork meatballs), participate in swimming lessons etc., etc....

The municipality (socialist) rejected all demands.

Our second largest political party, Labour, supports the present conservative government's "draconian and restrictive" policy on immigration.

But we have some really nasty and disgusting spots as well, disgracing our entire nation in the eyes of the world : The daily "Politiken" and "Danish Broadcasting Company" (DR) comes to mind...

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Baron, no I don't think all Danes are like that, What the Danes don't have is a sense of Delusions of grandeur, of there own importance. They do not look kindly on people who put on front. This gives the Danes a feeling of equality, that seems to permeate all stratas of society. Let me give you an example, While waiting for a train for Copenhagen at Roskilde station I bought a Tuborg at the Bar and went and sat down by a rather portly gentleman with a large cigar and drinking his beer out of a bottle. I didn't recognise him at first but it turned out to be Per Haekkerup the Danish minister of finance. He was going in to work no official car not no swarm of bodyguards with dark glasses. He started the conversation and it continued all the way into Copenhagen and down towards the Parliamentary building, until I turned off down a side street. Now imagine an Immam speaking Danish with a heavy accent living off the State and telling the Danes that they are deluded because they are not Muslim, going to the ME and organising the cartoon fracas. I am certain that when the anal solids hit the ventilation system a few panicked but as soon as Anders Fogh refused to be browbeaten he set the tone for the rest of Denmark. I personally can imagine how the Danes were feeling, a sense of suppressed anger and contempt for the Immam, how dare he think that he knows better than me how I must live my life. Anders Gravers is a Dane that is a little more pissed off than most but have no fear the numbers will grow. It is this commonsense no nonsense approach that I admire so much in the Danes, along with there dry sense of humor. I pulled this comment off a Danish Blogg when Imman Laban who started the whole Cartoon affair died. I think that it says a lot about the Danish Character enjoy.

At hoere at Laban er doed er lidt ligesom at finde nogle faa hundrede kroner i et par gamle bukser man havde glemt man havde, det giver en lille og kortvarig glaede.

Hearing that Laban is dead is like finding a couple of hundred kroner in a pair of old trousers your had forgotten about, it gives a little short term pleasure.

KyleS. said...
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Fabian Pascal said...

I would say that a "model" means that (a) there is at least majority support for SIAD and (b) it will translate into action if push comes to shove.

As others commented here, it does not look like (a), and I very much doubt about (b). I would bet that the elites who call the shots are dhimmis, not SIADis.

A lot more damage must be done to Europeans before they wake up (if they do at all), and it may happen when it's too late. And by the look of things here in the US, this time they won't have America to save their butt.

Fabian Pascal said...

Unfortunately, just when the west needs its science and rule of law, it has destroyed its educational system and it produces ignorance and inability to reason in large quantities.

It is the main reason why the islamists have been effective inroading into the west and striving to eat it alive from the inside, while they're worrying about their pensions.

Steen said...

Per Hækkerup - Yorkshireminer?

That must have been some time ago - he died in 1979.

The only politician I can think of who could have lasted a late night conference with Churchill (as we know Roosevelt had difficulties with) :-)))))


Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Steen,
yes it was, it was about 1973-74, when I was studying at Roskilde University, and I was living in larsensplads. Anker Jorgensen was the Prime minister. When the two of them were together they always put me in mind of Laurel and Hardy or was it Bi og Fyrtoren. I have just been visiting your Blogg and watched the excelent video with Lars Hedegaard, it is a pity the Swedish interviewer couldn't have kept his big mouth shut , his continuous interruptions were a pain in the anal orifice. I recommend that all the Danish readers go to Steen's Blogg SNAPHANEN and check it out. For all you English speaking readers don't feel left out go here and down load a couple of Lars Hedegaard's articles that have been translated into English, you wont be disappointed.


Deep regards

Yorkshire miner

Asger Trier Engberg said...

That will teach them!


eatyourbeans said...

There's a fascinating piece over at:


It says that KGB/FSB trolls systemically use intimidation, invective, diversions, threats, to close down dissent on the Russian blogosphere.

My question to European readers here is, might your pc-governments resort to the same measures to shut you up? The internet is the only weapon the resistance has.

PapaBear said...

The pension issue may be the issue which gets a lot of people to wake up.

The whole concept of pension relies on the assumption that there will be a following younger generation who will be productive, and who will be willing to labor for the benefit of the retirees. As long as the retirees are the parents of the current generation of workers, that model works.

The current generation of workers faces a retirement future where the next generation, composed mostly of the children of immigrants, will not be productive enough to support them, will have no affinity for the native-born retirees, and will soon enough comprise a voting majority.

If you want to get somebody's attention, talk to him about the possible need to get to like the taste of dog food in his old age

Mikael said...

On the debate going on in Denmark at the present which Kepiblank and I mentionen, you might want to read this from Copenhagen Post (link is in English) for a brief.


You were a student at RUC in that period? Good God man, how did you avoid being turned in to a raving, mouth-frothing Marxist?

Fabian Pascal said...

1. It's unlikely that the jail will teach them. More likely they will be deemed martyrs and will reinforce dreams of imposing sharia law.

2. The problem is that, given the demographic situation in europe, the forthcoming generations will be muslim.

3. A friend in sweden says the govt limits access to the net and even takes legal action against the public on that subject.

4. In the US there is an increasingly vociferous and imbecilic fake left which acts to suppress any information on the net about islamism. To get a feel for it check out

www. littlegreenfootballs.com

John Sobieski said...

Fogh standing up to the mad muslims really was a turning point for Denmark in my opinion. Isn't it amazing how great leadership at a critical juncture can lend strength and resolve to a nation's citizens. Denmark will not let the Muslims railroad them.

On leftists and the poison spewed by our universities, it really is universal. US, Canada, England, Europe - all of the universities have been infiltrated by leftists and anarchists. They despise the West, absolutely despise it. To them, Islam is the cleansing the vile West desperately needs. As I have said many times, 'The left believes they can use that crocodile Islam to devour Western civilization and they can then make a pair of shoes and a handbag from their fat friend. They couldn't be more wrong if they succeed. It is they who will be eaten; the West will be Islam and only Islam.'

Fabian Pascal said...

The current so-called left -- as they are hardly that anymore -- has lost their economic struggle, hence their hatred. So they had to find another "oppressed" cause to get worked up about.

Unfortunately, because out of their economic/class orientation they are totally ignorant and blind, they adoped a cause which, if they are successful, they will be eaten alive.

Here's the logo of my blog:

They came for the Jews, and I did not speak up because I wasn't a Jew. They came for the Christians, and I did not speak up because I was not a Christian. They came for the leftists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a leftist. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak up for me. --Martin Niemoller (paraphrased to fit the times)

Captain USpace said...

This is great news, hopefully they will persist and the word will get around. The 910 Group advice is what must become natural for the west to fight Islam.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never confront Islamists

just let them push you around
change your culture to fit them