Friday, February 09, 2007

Running Scared in Red House

The Muslims of AmericaAs I reported on Wednesday, the Christian Action Network is planning a demonstration on February 20th in Charlotte Court House against the “Sheikh Gilani Lane” road sign at the Muslims of America (a.k.a. Jamaat ul-Fuqra) compound in Red House, Virginia.

But CAN is having ploblems attracting local Charlotte County people to the demonstration. Folks will be coming in from the adjacent counties and Lynchburg, but not from right there in Charlotte County. As Martin Mawyer, the president of Christian Action Network, told me, “The people over there are scared of those guys. They have to live next to them all the time, and they know that there are some bad people down there at the Red House compound. So they just don’t want to get involved.”

I have an acquaintance — I’ll call him Ray — who lives in southern Appomattox County, which is just to the north of Charlotte County. He in turn has a friend in Red House who lives on Rolling Hill Road, a short distance away from the JF compound.

I know that Ray and his friend are both hardy good ol’ boys, the kind of guys who are comfortable with firearms, and not easily intimidated. So I called Ray this afternoon to see if he could help me locate some Charlotte County residents who might be willing to show up at the courthouse on the 20th.

When I asked him about his friend who lives on Rolling Hill Road, a note of apprehension crept into Ray’s voice.

“Yeah, he used to be all gung-ho and say things like ‘we’re not going to put up with this crap’ — he was all ready to take ’em on. But not long ago he ran into one of those Muslims down at the convenience store [at the corner of Rolling Hill Road and SR 727] and got into an argument. And would you believe, that sucker went to his van and pulled an assault rifle on him. Ever since then he’s been keeping a low profile — he doesn’t want anything else to happen to him, so he’s laying low.”

This is a textbook example of mau-mauing in action. But it’s the most hardcore example of mau-mauing I’ve ever personally heard of.

The Great Jihad operates by stealth. The knife at the throat is not its primary weapon of aggression; it prefers to erode our defenses incrementally, using social pressure, legal action, media manipulation, subversion, and good old-fashioned intimidation.
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Yesterday Christine from the 910 Group sent me the following in an email:

So now the [Charlotte County] Board of Supervisors has voted to honor one of the worst known terrorists with a commemorative road sign. Their chances of replacing the 450 lost textile jobs, or attracting tourism or new businesses just fell — they’re losing jobs, having to replace tobacco, and have an aging population. And now, to solve all their problems, they’ve decided to coddle Jamaat ul Fuqra. They’ve attained the distinction of being the one county to officially honor Sheikh Gilani. It’s something to remember when Board elections come around again.

By voting to keep the sign, the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors has insulted the entire Commonwealth of Virginia, not just their own citizens.

We need to create a national focus on their idiocy — as long as they make it a local fight, they’re fighting on JF’s terms.

Now that they’ve voted, it just became a national fight. That is what the 910 Group is all about. These little local fights are NEVER local.

CAIR and similar organizations operate by attacking individuals. Islamofascists are hunters — they cull the weakest, only going after those who are away from the herd. Bullies only attack the weak

The trick is never again to be trapped into thinking that something is local and others can’t help. The Counterjihad is always global. When the Board voted to support that sign, they made this an international issue involving Pakistan, and not just a state issue that shames all Virginians.

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Map of Charlotte CountyThe demonstration on the 20th will go ahead as planned, with or without Charlotte County residents.

On the very slight chance that someone who reads this blog is a Charlotte County resident, or knows a Charlotte County resident: see if you can find a retired marine, or a VFW member, or an Iraq war vet, or maybe an off-duty state cop. Someone who’s not easily intimidated by punks with weapons. Somebody who wants to stand up for this country before it turns into France.

Have that person make his presence known. The date is February 20th. The place is Charlotte County Courthouse, at the junction of VA 47 and VA 40, right in the heart of Southside Virginia.


X said...

Aren't assault rifles illegal? Why didn't the guy phone the feds?

Vicktorya said...

could it be, 'why not', that the feds are already aware of this situation? Or the individual realizes the degree of underwhelm that this comment will be met with?

Baron Bodissey said...

Some "assault rifles" are illegal; others aren't.

I'm not a firearms expert, so I'm not sure what was involved, or what precisely Ray meant.

Uriah said...

"Assault rifles" as generally understood by civilians are not illegal but "brandishing" one certainly is. How many of these people are there at that compound? This crap makes me wonder if running down all the "militias" was such a good idea.....

Uriah said...

Clarification here: If it was fully automatic, as in one trigger pull=multiple rounds fired, it would be very unlikely that it was owned legally. If it was of the semi-auto variety, meaning one trigger pull=one shot, then it would almost certainly legal for a private individual to own. This difference would be extremely difficult to discern quickly or from any distance.

diondrum said...

True assault rifles and machine guns are legal as long as the owner has submitted to rigorous FBI scrutiny and paid the appropriate fees and taxes. Since it's unlikely that the little Islamofascist would be willing to draw FBI attention, he either has an illegal (for him) assault rifle or one of the myriad "assault-type" rifles that are capable of semi-auto fire only and available to anyone without a felony or history of mental instability.

Illegal or otherwise, a firearm brandished with the intent to threaten and intimidate could be considered assault with a deadly weapon. The young Turk should be spreading his disease in jail.

X said...

Well given that the majority of jamaat al fuqra members are ex convicts...

I guess he figured they wouldn't want to get involved in a "sensitive racial issue" or something. I doubt many people will act rationally when some crazy muslim has pointed a gun at them. Or perhaps they'll act all too rationally. In the end, I can't blame the guy for wanting to lie low.

Vicktorya said...

question: What does it take for an area to be considered a 'no-go zone'?

If regular Americans (armed), are afraid to confidently putter about their local community, should we color in parts of this Virginiastan County with a certain color on maps? It would ensure that tourists do not blunder in to a state within a state.

I guess we can at least provide public service announcements.

How does France identify their 750+ areas where the police don't go?

KyleS. said...

We've been conditioned to think that the government will take care of us, and protect us from these threats. But more and more we are finding that that simply isn't the case. When the cry goes up, "Someone, quick, do something!" We need to remember we are that someone.

Good on you Baron! Keep up the good fight.

Deuce ☂ said...

Is this video report staged news?

Redneck Texan said...

Another great post cuts to the bone.

But I also figure you're not exactly surprised by the local's reaction, because as an astute observer of modern America's pre-disposition to letting the authorities "take care of us" you have seen this reaction many times before.

I think we were both born either about a 150 years too late or about 25 years too soon. Because 150 years ago, had angry Muslims been attacking us at home and abroad, the Texans and Virginians of that time period wouldn't have given a second thought to torching the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound and more than likely stringing up the survivors. Back then the "local authorities" would have organized the late night B-B-Q. And 25 years from now, I would imagine America, or at least what remains habitable of it, will be Muslim free.

The American spirit that our ancestors harnessed to conquer this continent lies somewhat dormant today, especially in certain regions of America. They woke up in a world every morning where there were other groups of humans in the woods with a uncompromising violent warrior ideology looking to butcher our families. In an environment like that you cant afford to let political correctness dictate your responses. You cant wait for the authorities to come protect you. You had to be willing to take responsibility for your family's survival into your own hands, and if that meant you had to use your technological and tactical superiority in a preemptive use of locally organized violence, local law enforcement would understand. But the further the threat was pushed away from the backyards of the northeast political elite the easier it was for them to legislate a conscience.

Nowadays, at least until the next major attack on our shores, the good people of Charlotte County are simply reacting the way that they have been programmed to for generations now. For starters they know our system of justice is efficient enough to imprison them if they get caught defending their culture in an extra-judicial manner, but not effective enough to protect them from a local group of committed extremest adhering to a violent religious doctrine.

Secondly, its become taboo in America for any group of conservative Christian Caucasians to even organize, much less assemble in protest against a minority group of people who just happen to be blessed with a higher concentration of pigmentation, regardless the underlying incompatible ideologies. The last time white folks in our necks of the woods gathered around and shouted "we’re not going to put up with this crap", they ended up on the wrong side of history.

I wish you luck in your efforts, but if those efforts were to garner state-wide media attention, and some reporter sticks their camera and mike in the face of elected officials from districts north of the new population center in the Old Dominion, which side of the issue do you suppose they would take? Which group would their liberal Northern Virginian constituents sympathize with most?

Things are changin' though. Blind support for religious freedom that doesn't segregate Islam from every other religion practiced on American soil is unsustainable in the long run. We both know, from the mountains of historical evidence, that Islam's spread into the American heartland will eventually turn violent at a time of their choosing, but their going to have to behead Oprah on national television before the proprietor of the local convenience store need worry.

On a personal level, I have never bothered protesting for changes I'd like to see occur. I, like the vast majority of redneck Americans, am too busy getting up everyday and going to work to take time to demonstrate my disgust beyond the confines of my recliner.....but I am getting close. The reverend Phelps nut jobs were protesting a soldier's funeral about an hour's drive from me and I seriously considered, what with my boss promising to pay all my legal expenses, to make the national evening news that day.

But I didn't.....and it bothers me inside that I didn't. And it bothers me that no one else has either, but I cant point the finger at them if I am just as complacent. So until a catalyst comes along, and one most certainly will in our lifetimes, that will allow my anger towards muslims on American soil to supersede my desire for financial stability and my instincts for self-preservation, I can understand where the people in Charlotte County are comin from. When that time comes though I'll do my protesting through a Leopold scope.

Papa Ray said...

Yep, what RT said.

Except that I am afraid that if it doesn't happen soon, I won't be around for all the killin.

Shame too, because I am a better shot now than I was when I was 20.

Oh well, all my grandsons are good shots too.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Ironmistress said...

You Americans shouldn't be too upset if some lunatic professes his right of bearing the arms by toting an assault rifle upon you. They do that all the time in Warlordistan.

I mean, that is a perfectly approvable behaviour in the various Warlordistans around the world, and when I was trained as a peacekeeper in Niinisalo, we were stressed there are nuts and wackos with big guns who do not share exactly the same Weltanschaung as you are, and who are worse shots than you but far more eager to use their guns. I never faced such situation, but they are quite common on UN missions.

That's what you get with too much liberties with firearms. Nobody guarantees it will remain merely on pistols and revolvers: there may always be some whacko who has a Kalashnikov and who is eager to use it too.

So get yourself a bulletproof vest (grade 3 is good against Kalashnikovs) and learn to humiliate that loonie without him ever realizing he has been humiliated. And most of all, if someone is toting at you with an assault rifle, don't get intimidated. It is a game two can play.

(And if you still desire to have a pistol, prepare yourself mentally to use it too - and to shoot to kill. You get only one shot so you'd better fell the perp with one round.)

Exile said...

Poor old Andy Jackson must be spinning in his grave....

The Apostrophe Cop said...

Hmmm. The guy needs to call ATF or FBI.

It's an org. with terrorist affiliations, some members of which are convicted felons.

Then a member brandishes a firearm at a citizen out in public, off their property.

Sounds like a job for the feds. The complaint can be left anonymously, I think. Or the tip can be emailed to the FBI.

To say that nobody's going to be interested, and nothing's going to be done, without even passing on the info or making the complaint is a bit premature.

Vicktorya said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yankee Doodle said...

Actually, the fine print in the gun laws says that certain firearms are outlawed for all law-abiding American civilians everywhere in the US, and all firearms are outlawed for law-abiding American civilians in some places. Radical jihadi freaks can have whatever they want wherever they want it. It's in the fine print!

What was the issue when the Clinton Administration went after the David Koresh (sp?) compound in Texas? I ask because I'm wondering if there might not be a similar issue here with some of these Muslim compounds. Or is that law similar to the gun laws I explained above?

Baron Bodissey said...

Yankee Doodle,

Your point is well taken. I've thought about it, and I'll be talking about in an upcoming post.

If it weren't for the history of Sheikh Gilani and his organization, I'd seriously consider the possibility that this is another Waco in the making.

But David Koresh's people didn't firebomb Hindu temples or order people murdered. They didn't stockpile major weapons in compounds all over the country. They didn't recruit convicted violent felons in the prison system.

Janet Reno helped make our job more difficult today, the same way Joe McCarthy made it more difficult to deal with Communism.

The Apostrophe Cop said...

vsk -

"well, we'd hate to be premature. And authorities have been notified, by many, over many years now."

Point taken. But if this incident isn't reported, then we don't know if it would have been the last straw, enabling the feds to get a warrant or somethin', or moving an investigation of the compound to the top of the heap. We can speculate from now until forever, but we don't know.

If we want to get the terrorists out, citizens can't be chickenshite in reporting stuff like this. It's what bullies count on, too. Now that this compound fellow got away with this action, things Will Get Worse. Give a bully an inch, they take a mile. Happens every time; I've seen it.

A call to ATF doesn't mean the same thing as a local call to 911. The guy won't be standing out on the street pointing a finger, saying, "Yes, officer, that's the jerk who pointed a gun at me."

Yankee Doodle said...


Actually, as I'm thinking about it more, I recall during the Oklahoma City bombing more information coming to light on certain extremist groups. Naturally the media labeled them "right-wing".

Personally, I think that "right-wing" stuff is nonsense. A group that gets far enough from civilized behavior is on the other side of the ideological globe, and in basically the same place there, regardless of whether they started going to the "left" or the "right".

Which brings me to the point: many of those "right-wing" extremist groups used to (and probably still do?) refer to the federal government as the "Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG)".

As I'm thinking about this, their rhetoric seems like it might fight nicely with radical Islam's.

Recall that the Mujahideen were only able to conquer Spain in three years because of extreme division and apathy on the part of the people living there. Their occupation broke down, as they took to fighting amongst themselves, just like the Arabs do today. The Christians were in a very similar situation, so the Reconquista took so many centuries. Throughout that time, there were Christian and Muslim groups allied with each other, but battling against other Christian/Muslim alliances.

Pardon the history lesson -- I'm sure you know this better than I do.

Then, I wonder if certain elements of the left, who seem to have a de facto alliance with radical Islam, might mix in as well. It could be quite a potpourri.


You're right. The trouble is, decent people are out working for a living, then they have families. During these encounters, they are in small numbers, while the thugs are in bigger groups, and armed. It's the same situation that contributes to gangs ruling some neighborhoods in this country.

But, again, you're right -- a couple of folks with guts (I was going to use another word) would sure make the thugs think. Bullies are chicken at heart, much more so than anyone else; they're covering their insecurity, and that's what radical Islam today is -- dysfunctional insecurity. Bullies are tough when it's easy to be tough; decent folks are tough when they've had it and it's tough to be tough.

Vicktorya said...

Hi, thanks Bogalusan.

Baron, perhaps you can help here. What, to your knowledge, has been reported to what agencies over what time? Is there an avenue to take this to 'the authorities' (whoever best that may be) that has not been explored?

Certainly knowing what has been said/notified, to who, when, with what result/response, would be handy to have.


Baron Bodissey said...

VSK, everyone else --

I wish I did know. My contact has my number, but I don't have his.

I was too startled to think of asking him about whether his friend had reported it.

I've been to that store and seen some of those guys. The whole story really creeps me out.

Baron Bodissey said...

VSK -- I had to delete your comment because of the long URL. Here's the comment, with the URLs as hotlinks.

VSK said...

well, we'd hate to be premature. And authorities have been notified, by many, over many years now.

Clinton deregistered Muslims of America as a terrorist organization in 2000.

Here's a bit of what is coming out in the 910 Group newsletter:


Please attend – even if you are not a Virginia resident, Feburary 20th.

On February 6, 2007 the Charlotte County, Virginia Board of Supervisors voted to name a local road to honor Sheikh Gilani. The road is an access road to the Red House, Virginia compound of Jamaat ul Fuqra, aka “Muslims of the Americas”. This group has been listed as a terrorist group – until removed from the list by the Clinton administration in 2000. Join several 910 Group members and participate in the Christian Action Network’s public demonstration at the February 20, 2007 Charlotte County Board of Supervisors Meeting to demand that they remove the Sheikh Gilani road sign.

If you can join us, ... The demonstration will begin at 6:00 pm, one hour before the scheduled meeting, County Administration Building, 250 LeGrande Avenue, Suite A, (PO Box 608) Charlotte Court House, Virginia, 23923.
The road sign, named “Sheikh Gilani Ln,” is erected in front of a guard shack at the “Muslims of America” compound in Red House, VA. Additionally, the road sign appears on the public maps of Charlotte County.

“This road sign is named after Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, a known international terrorist. It must come down,” said Martin Mawyer, president of the Christian Action Network. “Sheikh Gilani is the head of a Pakistani terrorist organization called ‘Jamaat al-Fuqra’, which has been responsible for numerous fire bombings and murders inside the United States.”

During the 1980s, Sheikh Gilani entered the United States and began forming guerilla training camps that go by the name of “Muslims of America” and “International Open Quranic University.” Sheikh Gilani has established at least two-dozen guerilla compounds inside America and claims to have between 10,000 and 15,000 followers in 22 states.

For more information on the Red House, Virginia Jamaat ul Fuqra compound and others throughout the U.S.A.:
Christian Action Network
Gates of Vienna
Politics of CP