Sunday, February 04, 2007

America is No Longer the #1 Satan

According to a poll:

92 percent of all Egyptians agree, that Israel is hostile toward Egypt. 60 percent agreed that Denmark is hostile, followed by Britain, [and] leaving the US at a measly fourth place!

Wow! Denmark is more unfriendly than even the US — though of course not more hostile than that Zionist entity. Everybody knows those Zionists are irrationally hostile towards everyone: Egypt… and Jordan, and Lebanon, and Syria and Yemen, and so on and on and on and on...

And let us not forget the Palestinian Entity — some real hostility is being beamed there from Tel Aviv. Poor Pals are always being picked on by those mean Hebrews. Must be some kind of twisted Jewish thinking, hmm?

Think about it. Which country goes around making the most noise? Which country has companies that refuse to sell to the Middle East? Which country talks out loud about its Muslims’ refugees’ hateful treatment of the Jews within its own borders?

Here are a few items to ponder about Denmark from the blog of Turban Bomb:

From November — Danish Troops in Afghanistan(video):

The fiercest fighting Danish troops have been engaged in since 1864. Official estimates: at least 70 Taliban who [won’t] bother anyone anymore.

From December, in Jyllands-PostenDanish Jews Harassed by Muslims [translation by Turban Bomb]:

The international tensions between Jews and Muslims are reflecting in the Danish society. Danish Jews feel intimidated by the Muslims and are afraid to reveal their identity when walking the streets of Copenhagen.

Jewish parents choose not to send their children to public schools with a large percentage of children with Muslim background, and outside the synagogue in Copenhagen the security guards are asking the attending Jews to remove their skullcaps and Stars of David before leaving the temple.

There is a fear among Jews for the Muslim minority. They are afraid of being harassed physical and verbally, says Jacques Blum, spokesman of the Mosaic Faith community.

Do you think a similar story would make it through the MSM filter in this country?

From January, Al Gore refuses to meet Bjorn Lomborg:

Bjørn Lomborg [aka “the skeptical environmentalist”— D], together with Jyllands-Posten’s culture editor Flemming Rose [the man behind the Motoon-crisis] was supposed to have interviewed Al Gore on Thursday. However, though his agent Wylie Agency in London, Al Gore announced Wednesday that the presence of Bjørn Lomborg was unwanted.

“This is not the first time this has happened. Several people have tried unsuccessfully to set a dialog-meeting between the two of us. It is deeply troublesome that he doesn’t dare to be challenged and only wants to speak to his followers”, says Bjørn Lomborg.


The agent and Flemming Rose subsequently agreed that the interview would be done by Rose alone and that the subject would be the book and the movie.

However, an hour later Flemming Rose received an e-mail from the agent with the wording:

“We regret to announce that we have to cancel the interview.”

No reason was giving but when the editor contacted the agent by phone, the agent said the cancellation was due to the fact that Lomborg had even been part of the process.

According to Bjørn Lomborg he’s willing to debate Al Gore on global heating any time and anywhere.

By the way, were you aware that Al Gore almost flunked Environmental Sciences in college? Here are his grades, according to an article which appeared inThe Washington Post in 2000 [cited by “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming” on page 238]:
- - - - - - - - - -
  Natural Sciences 6:  
  (Man’s Place in Nature) D
  Natural Sciences 118 C+

Now that’s an inconvenient truth, Mr. Gore. No wonder you didn’t want to meet with a skeptical scientist — you probably couldn’t pass his class, either.

Since Al's conversion to Greeniedom, there's no talking to him, period. He does the talking; you listen. Losing your ability to listen often happens with fundamentalists, especially those of the political sect.

And here’s my favorite entry, from February: A Non-Dhimmi Danish Dairy:

Danablu cheeseThe co-operative dairy “Bornholms Andelsmejeri” has stopped its export of dairy-products to the Middle East.

“It’s all about being able to look at your self in the mirror each morning. I will not be judged on what some Danish paper writes, but on my products and my services. We have no intention to take up trade and have turned those who have approached us down”, says Peter Olesen [head of the dairy].

Turban Bomb says if you want to buy some of their cheese, look for Saint Clement’s.

Let’s face it: the Danes are way cool. To paraphrase the song from South Pacific:

There is nothing like a Dane.
Nothing in the world.
There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a Dane...


There are no drinks like a Dane.
And no books like a Dane.
And nothing looks like a Dane.
And nothing acts like a Dane.
Or attacks like a Dane.
There ain’t a thing that’s wrong with any state here
That can’t be cured by a manly, forthright, tell-it-like-is...DANE!


kepiblanc said...

WHAT ??? - Those pesky Joooos beat us again ? - Being no. 2 isn't good enough. Back to the drawing board....

Jason Pappas said...

Damn, they didn’t record my hostility … we could have been #1. Ah, well. I don’t mind our losing to the Danes. At least we're all on the same honor roll.

View from the Trekant said...

"Jewish parents choose not to send their children to public schools . . .(and) security guards are asking the attending Jews to remove their skullcaps and Stars of David before leaving the temple."

What? This is the great country where the thousands of Jews were ferried across the sound to Sweden to escape the last Nazi round up. They can't be Jews in public there?

View from the Trekant said...

I was not trying to paint all of Denmark with the same brush - just to point out the irony that this would happen here.

One of the books about the rescue of the Jews in Denmark I have is entitled "In Denmark It Could Not Happen."

Let's hope that title continues to be right and that people of conscience of all religious backgrounds will stand up with the Jews.

Flanders Fields said...

Here is a link for further information on Gore and his personal record on enviornment. His grades were high compared to his record.
The title of Texas humour, but the post is about Gore.

Ironmistress said...

Okay Danes, time for everyone to dig up those Stars of David again and everyone to use them. What worked in WWII would work also today.

Captain USpace said...

Good stuff, it's nice to know the US is still hated though, we must still be doing somethings right...

countries do bad things -
somehow little Israel
is always to blame

monkeys murder their citizens
U.N. finally scolds them...

Mikael said...

Oh My God!!!

This is embarrassing. All this praise and linking, and i missed it?!?

Thank you Dymphna, I am most humble.

BTW, reading your quote on the Lomborg-post I can now see, that I somehow accuse Flemming Rose from Jyllands-Posten to be behind the Motoon crisis, which he of course is not. Rose was the man who got the idea and took the decision og printing the
toons, Gods bless him. I have changed that in the original post.