Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Muslims of America Speak Up

The Christian Action Network has apparently touched a nerve by going after Sheikh Gilani Lane and the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds. This letter to the editor appeared a few days ago in the Southside Messenger:

I am writing and responding to the ongoing Sheikh Gilani Lane sign controversy here in Red House, Virginia. We, the Muslims of the Americas here in Charlotte County, would like to reiterate our position surrounding the controversy regarding Sheikh Gilani Lane.

We are not terrorists, nor do we or shall we ever subscribe to terrorism. We are American citizens born and raised in the United States, respectful to God and the Constitution of the founding Fathers of this country. Many of us are Veterans ourselves, honorably discharged, by the various entities of the United States Armed Forces. Some of us currently have relatives serving in the Armed Forces overseas in Iraq.

In America we have a respectful working process to resolve our differences when we disagree with one another. However, we have recently found this not to be the case. I am referring to the belligerent and undisciplined act of some members who claim to be with the Christian Action Network (CAN) flying an aircraft over our peaceful Islamic Village. Heavy bundles of offensive literature were hurled out of the aircraft with little or no regard to where they landed. Fortunately no one was physically injured. Many of our women and children are now terrified whenever any sort of aircraft passes over our village.
- - - - - - - - - -
Some days after this incident, group members of CAN, appealed to the County Board of Supervisors to have our road sign removed because of what they perceived to be Anti American. We would have thought a group who claimed to be followers of the Blessed Jesus Christ, (whom we as Muslims highly revere and believe in his second coming), would have made this appeal their first approach and had respectful dialogue surrounding the issue.

Again, I reiterate, the red, white and blue is also our country’s flag, and we too, stand up for the National Anthem with respect. Our service is reflective to our respect for our Country and our neighbors. Many of our Christian brethren and neighbors in Charlotte County have apologized for the rudeness and un-American behavior of the members of CAN and assured us that they did not approve of such lawlessness. They have also assured us of their support. Red House has become a very diverse cultural and religious community over the past 10 years. We have our Amish neighbors as well as several Christian churches on Road 615 all living peacefully throughout the community. Our small Red House area is a direct reflection of the diversity in America as well as the harmony.

We, along with our Attorneys, have contacted the local Sheriff’s Department, the F.B.I., and the Justice Department in regards to the transgression and violation of the members of CAN. We have been informed locally that subpoenas are forthcoming with regards to those violations.


Charles Williams, Senior
Spokesperson (regarding this matter)

There’s also a puff-piece “news” story in the same paper about the Red House conpound.

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You can then decide for yourselves whether Mr. Williams’ letter is an accurate description of the Muslims of America.

I’ll let Sheikh Gilani’s own words do the talking:

In a videotape obtained by The Washington Times, Sheik Gilani calls on American Muslims to help him form an “international organization.”

“We have reached out and prepared them to defend themselves in a highly specialized training in guerrilla warfare,” he says, referring to two camouflage-clad black men flanking him. “Life is becoming more hard for Muslims. Therefore, every man and woman will learn to defend himself or herself.”


urbanadder22 said...

Never trust a Moslem when he speaks (nor when he is silent) This "peaceful Moslem village" is a beachhead too near the political capital of the United States.

There cannot be such a creature as a "Moslem-American." You can be either one or the other. If you believe that the koran supersedes the Constitution of the United States (and you must, to be a "good" Moslem), then you are a Moslem, loyal to the ummah and Mohammed's blueprint for Islamic world domination, NOT an American. Even if through the idiocy of the US State Department and the rest of the Administration you have managed to obtain US citiznship, even if you were born here, you are a Moslem, never an AMERICAN. You are a cancer, not a cell of the body of the United States.

Malignant, you want to kill the body and leave it in the state that is held the in the highest regard by every Moslem on Earth: DEAD.

Of course Moslems will enlist in the armed forces of the United States. It is the best military training in the world--and think of all thethings you can learn about the fighting methods of the United States. There was this Egyptian e-officer in the Egyptian army who enlisted in the US Army and, if I remember correctly, became a sergeant and spied for the ummah.

There is that Moslem US Marine (oxymoron if there ever was one) who simulated being kidnapped by Islamics in Iraq, then fooled the Marine Corps a couple of times before he escaped to his native Lebanon.

There was this convert to Islam who rolled live grenades--pins out--into the tent of his commanding officer.

Trust 'em? Accept 'em as fellow "Americans?'--NEVER!

Profitsbeard said...

If we want America to end up like Baghdad or Beirut, then more Muslims is the answer.

7,000 "refugees" from Iraq.

10,000 "students' from Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to our A) imbecilic; B)traitorous, C) greed-blinded; D)multiculturally poisoned; E) all of the above; government.

Couldn't agree with urbanadder22 more.

Know Sharia, No Peace.

Spread the dread- read the Koran.

Playbook of the pedophile warlord.

History Snark said...

Urbanadder, I fear that you will be banished to Hell for all that... And I know I'll see you there.:) Nice to hear someone else say what I have been telling people for a couple years: Islam and Democracy are in opposition to each other. You can't call for a return to the Caliphate and also claim to be a good citizen of the West.

Hopefully people will wake up to that sometime soon.

CP said...

I'd not seen that letter. Thanks for posting it. Very interesting.

Abu Abdullah said...

I was struck by this phrase in the letter:

Muslims of the Americas

Does it imply that this organization is present in South and Central American countries? If so, it is going to be a security concern in the future, given the lawlessness in most of those countries.

JeepThang said...

"...the Blessed Jesus Christ, (whom we as Muslims highly revere and believe in his second coming)..."

Since when?

CP said...

Muslims of the Americas have a presence in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Tex Swiss said...

ugh. you disgusting, racist, xenophobic bigots.

ever heard of the melting pot? america is full of lots of different kinds of people who all have different religious views. why are you so afraid of what you don't understand?

the strawman argument you make is laughable at least. we are in no way even close to being 'taken over' by islam. the tiny percentage of people in America that are muslim is so small there is no way, even if they had such pernicious plans you hold in your feverish imaginations, that they could take over anything.

How is this one muslim you are so afraid any different than the christian terrorists here in the US who shoot doctors or blow up clinics or blow up buildings in Oklahoma? McVeigh was a Christian.

I'm more afraid of my Constitution being destroyed by your abject piss-stained fear.