Thursday, December 07, 2006

We’re on Our Own

The lone wolfThese are lean times for the Counterjihad.

The Iraq Study Group report has revealed the depth of surrender among the political élite in the USA. The best and the brightest gathered and deliberated, and ended by codifying the Current Wisdom, which can be summarized thusly:

  • Abandon Iraq to its fate, but paper the situation over by calling it “stabilizing the situation through consultation with our regional partners.”
  • Abandon Israel to its fate, with the all-too-eager acquiescence of the Olmert government.
  • Ignore the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran, hoping that we can somehow contain the mullahs by talking and offering more gifts.
  • Ditto with Kim Jong-Il.
  • Abandon the policy of regime change when dealing with dangerous Islamofascist dictatorships.
  • In the name of multiculturalism, ignore the ever-growing Saudi Wahhabist influence in mosques throughout the West.
  • Leave the Mexican border wide open, so that terrorists, Aztlan enthusiasts, criminals, and anyone else may come to America to realize their dreams.
  • Take no action without the permission and “help” of the UN.

Considering the above, and given the fact that the academy, the permanent political class in Washington, most of the major charitable foundations, and all the major media (with the possible exception of Fox News) are in the hands of the dhimmi left, we’re in deep trouble.

The election last month clarified the existing trend: our leaders have abandoned us. They have left ordinary people to reap the results of socialism and multiculturalism, while they themselves hope to carve out a comfortable niche and continue to enjoy their accustomed perks for the rest of their lives.

It’s a fine distinction as to whether this is political calculation or moral cowardice; the end result is the same. The jihad will advance. Millions will eventually die at its hands. Whole countries will be swallowed up by it. Christians, Hindus, and Jews will face the swords of the mujahideen across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
- - - - - - - - - -
And eventually the jihad will arrive right here, on the shores of America. By then the craven and corrupt political leaders of our country may well be resting comfortably in their multicultural tombs, but it will get here.

There will come a time when the young men of this country will once again have to bear arms and shed blood to defend our ancient liberties, and when they do they will curse the leaders of our time and spit upon their graves.

But we’re not without the means to do something; we will just have to do it ourselves. Since this is primarily an information war — the same one the enemy has been fighting all along, and is in the process of winning — it is as information warriors that we can do the most to resist.

Organizations like the 910 Group and CPC have arisen because their time has come. Even if craven appeasers won the last election, there are still millions of Americans who will not willingly cede the country to the jihad and the UN. They are communicating among themselves, organizing and gathering resources in order to fight a protracted information war.

We will get no help from the government. “Homeland Security” is a sick joke. We will be unable to affect government policy for the foreseeable future, given the corruption and inertia that controls the federal behemoth.

So don’t talk to me about policy. Don’t say, “We should deport all the Muslims” or “The government should do such-and-such”. Because we can’t, and it won’t. National policy is out of our reach.

But we have the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy instead. We have a network of like-minded individuals, people who are ready to be proactive, who are not giving up, who are willing to stop kibitzing and bitching and second-guessing, and actually do something.

We’ll have to manage this one by ourselves.

We’re on our own.

This post is dedicated to Redneck Texan, and all the other Texans, and to their cousins in Denmark and Australia — the good, decent folks who have decided that they’re not going to just lie down and take it. More power to you.


Cobra said...

J. Baker's law firm has the Saudi Arabia amongst its customers.
How can this guy be leading this "commission"?
I am about to throw up.

Zerosumgame said...

The struggle is over. We've lost. We've been beaten largely by our own media.

The Islamofascists will defeat us, even destroy some of our cities with nukes, once Iran gets them. They are suicidal and do not care if hundreds of millions of fellow Muslims die in the conquest. We are going to enter a new Dark Ages, one from which we may never come out.

It is going to be worse than our worst nightmares ever imagined it would be.

Nilk said...

We are not on our own, Baron.

There are millions of us, and we will just fly under the radar, gathering strength and numbers.

I know the socialists want a revolution, but they should be careful what they wish for.

If it does come down to civil war against the appeasers, I don't see a school of jellyfish winning against a few determined Americans with their eyes open.

Those men and women coming back from the ME now and in the near future are a long way from stupid - they know exactly what's going on.

Even over here, I'm hearing anecdotes of service men choosing not to re-enlist because of the way the politicians and the media have stuffed up the war.

That just means that when the fecal matter hits the airmover, there will be a few more well-prepared civilians amongst you than you realised.

That can't be too bad a thing.

unaha-closp said...

This makes it clear to Israel that America is not a resolute ally. Israel needs to act in its own defence or not at all.

Papa Ray said...

Perhaps there is another way.

I know that since I started speaking up and out several years ago, more and more of my fellow citizens are doing so.

Sure it is only at local meetings such as city council, countty commissioners, PTA meetings and such, but it is a way to get people discussing and arguing about what is right, what is wrong and what should be done.

Those people that don't speak out can't bitch when their taxes go up, their kids aren't educated and their city spends more money than it should.

Do the same with your state and federal representives and senators.
Write letters, send emails and attend the meetings when they come to town.

Stand up and tell them what you think. Be firm, be civil but speak up.

Papa Ray
West Texas

The First Gunslinger said...

The FBI is not monitoring mosques.

Why don't we do it ourselves?

Do you have a mosque in your neighborhood or by your place of business?

Visit it, ask for Arabic lessons, try to attend a service - not to convert but to keep an eye out. What are they saying in their Friday sermons?

Perhaps someone in the 910 Group would have an idea about setting up a website where we could anonymously consolidate any information - fair or ill - to better define the domestic situation.

In Russet Shadows said...

If we want to stop this thing, we're going to have to get organized. Loosely-organized "do as thou wilt" groups WILL NOT make a difference. There needs to be structure, accountability, focus, drive, and discipline. It's time to shed the whole "in my free time / on the weekends" mentality. Maybe it's time for all of us to just give up blogging for a week or a month and do something measurable in the time instead. Talk, talk, talk, while the world burns. I'm sick of myself and I'm sick of it.

Baron Bodissey said...

Gunslinger, Russet Shadows --

Your energy and talents belong in the 910 Group. What you advocate is already unfolding there.

I invite you to send an email to and join the group. Your ideas are very much in synch with what we are doing.

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

Leave the Mexican border wide open, so that terrorists, Aztlan enthusiasts, criminals, and anyone else may come to America to realize their dreams.

Actually if you didn't have too many contradictory requirements, you could get the Drug Lords to staunch the flow of immigrants. If Mexico made marijuana and methamphetamine etc. possession legal then any Jose could make money bringing it across. This would undercut the drug lords who would try to make sure that Jose had their permission, or be dead, before he surreptitiously entered the USA. The Drug Lords would 'police' the Mexican side of the border.

Concerned American said...

My friends:

While I do not have the authorization to ally the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA) formally to the 910 Group, 910 Group members are more than welcome to join us in studying rifle marksmanship and history:

RWVA Blog Home Page

Who is the RWVA?

This Weekend's Rifle Marksmanship Clinic in Grants Pass, OR

2007 Rifle Clinic Schedule (Updated)

We're all gonna need to know how to shoot well.

Hope to see you there.

Concerned American said...

Fixed link from above:

Who is the RWVA?

Frank said...

Hey zero...any chance of a silver lining to that long moaning snivel of capitulation?

Perhaps its time for more direct tactics. I really enjoyed the video about pouring pig's blood on a mosque site. Quite entertaining.

KG said...

Bog down every application to build a mosque in the courts.
Take school boards to court if they capitulate to muslim pressure.
(where are the pro bono lawyers?)
Don't employ muslims or rent property to them.
Refuse to engage in converstion with any person wearing the veil.
Be as hostile as it's possible to be (while staying within the law) to any muslims or muslim organisations.
Boycott any company that caves in to pressure from muslim groups for any reason whatsoever. And publicise the boycott.
Let's make the West as unfriendly as possible for these people.
The dreams of this coming down to a shooting civil war are just that--dreams. We're losing inch by inch and the enemy is using our own institutions and customs to defeat us.
There will NEVER be a point at which armed citizens take to the streets against this because it's a creeping, gradual surrender that's happening while the vast majority of people are immersed in trivia and consumerism.
They just don't care.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Good morning America and Welcome to France.

The Report, written by the same ageing clowns whose policies have brought the world to this point, contains *gasp* more of the same.
Rather like the rejected D'Estaing european constitution.

Grievous, but hardly unexpected after the democrat won election.

Incidentally, will fleeing from Iraq make Americans "hamburger eating surrender monkeys"?

Zonka said...

It's with no great joy I write this, but you just had a taste of what the resistance in Europe have had to deal with for years, a political elite and media that is out of touch with the population on these issues and the report from the ISG is just as it was expected to be... James Baker is first and foremost a diplomat in the service of the elite, he was one of the main architects of the great failure of the 1st gulf war, in not toppling Saddam, he was behind the betrayal of the kurds and the shias when they followed the US encouragement to topple Saddam themselves only to be gunned down by helicopter gunships, which was excempt from the no fly zones. And now he finishes his betrayal with the new report.

The Jihadists must be overjoyed at their victory, even if the recommendations of this report will not be carried out (unlikely) there is still too much doubt about the course of the US, that they can point to the fact that they have won and the US will not have the staying power, in fact that they are weak, which will only encourage them and those that were sympathetic to the US course will stray to their side now, as they don't want to be on the losing side. And only a very determined effort from the US can now avoid that the whole region doesn't erupt in total chaos. Which would be bad, as whatever side eventually wins will come out a lot stronger in the end, and that is who we will have to fight down the road... provided that we still have the will to defend ourselves.... sigh!

Zerosumgame said...


Assuming Israel nukes Iran, I can promise you that Israel will make the world pay a truly horrific price for a second Holocaust.

Even if only half of Israel's nuclear arsenal were to survive a first strike, we are talking probably 75-100 nukes going off around the Middle East, and possibly beyond (I would not rule out attacks on Europe and Russia, which my Israeli relatives view as enemies every bit as much as the Iranians and Arabs, and I don't think they are alone in that view).

I think at the very least, Israel would hit not only the major cities of Islam, but also the major oil installations of the Persian Gulf. The result of such an attack on the world economy would cause an economic collapse on a scale far worse than the 1930s.

It is not difficult to foresee such a nuclear war rapidly growing to involve other nuclear powers, and into one that destroys the whole world.

Zerosumgame said...

I mean "assuming Iran nukes Israel", of course.

Panday said...

Fellow Peacekeeper,

"Incidentally, will fleeing from Iraq make Americans "hamburger eating surrender monkeys"?

I think the US will actually have to establish its own version of an enthusiastically collaborating Vichy government for that to apply.

al fin said...

Pro-western libertarians always feel uncomfortable about supporting a huge leviathan like the US government--even when it is fighting against encroaching muslim totalitarianism.

Like the good Baron says, it's up to us now. "Let the government do it" is a lethal disease common to leftists. Libertarians should steer clear.

Now that the US government is imitating European governments in appeasement, libertarians can go back to their traditional anti-government stance.

Panday said...

I feel compelled add this:

In many, many ways we continue to have ourselves to blame for all of this.

There. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

Now, if it weren't for oil, the entire Middle East would be nothing more than an exotic tourist destination. The only real way to win against the jihad is to quit buying oil. Period.

Buying oil, ultimately, puts money in the hands of groups who hate the west. That's the problem with money: it circulates. When we buy oil, the money doesn't just sit as bullion in the vault of some oil sheikh, waiting for him to count. He spends it (assuming he doesn't donate it directly to some hate-mongering madrassa) and it finds its way to terrorists' wallets.

If we quit buying oil, the entire Middle East would either

1)become a political zero overnight, as the only two resources they'd have would be (now worthless) oil and sand. Let them contemplate whether or not they want to buy more semtex when their childrens' bellies are swollen with hunger.


2) become the problem of someone else who still needs oil, like rapidly-industrializing China or India. I don't think people in the Middle East would take very kindly to the presence of the atheist Chinese or the polytheistic Indians. Let them be weighed down with that millstone instead of us.

But no. Instead, we virtually subsidize our enemies by buying their main export.

Instead of living closer to work, making their kids walk to school, and buying smaller cars, soccer moms and dads in America drive Hummers and F350s around the suburbs for trips as short as a half mile. On city roads. They may as well write a check and send it directly to the madrassa of their choice.

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

Assuming Israel nukes Iran.
Zerosumgame, Prince Bandahar might be consulted about the more targeted flight.

Voltaire said...


I disagree with your assessment that at no point will Americans actually take to the streets. There is unfortunately one situation that may very well trigger this: a nuclear attack on a US city.

Otherwise, I am happy to see that so many of us are completely writing off Government as an agent of change and finally taking responsibility for ourselves. This is an attitude that, if it spreads, will cause us to regain at least some control over our lives, our peers' opinions, and hopefully our communities.

What can we do as individuals? Here's a good start.

1) Stop biting your tongue when a friend, family member or colleague starts spouting PC platitudes. Don't be afraid of speaking your mind with composure and firmness. Don't improvise--be articulate and speak from reason, but with emotion.

2) Seek like-minded individuals in your neighborhood, and open a dialog with them.

3) Stop supporting establishments that are sympathetic to Islamist extremism (there's a redundancy right there). If you already did, start actively boycotting them and making their lives difficult--all within the laws of civility, of course.

4) If you do not have any involvement with public or semi-public institutions (schools, city councils, hospital boards, etc.), become involved and speak up. Better yet, get your friends to do so as well.

5) Be vigilant, protect your family and never think "it won't happen here/it won't happen to me."

KG said...

Voltaire, I hope you're right. But in any case I suspect that the islamists will stop short of nuking a major Western city. So far their actions here in the West have been carefully calibrated,(apart from 9/11) stopping just shortof sparking massive public outrage.
It's working for them. They have no need to nuke city.

KG said...

"a" city. Damn typos. :-)

Voltaire said...

And, in turn, I hope you are right about Islam stopping short of nuking a Western city. Besides the fact that my heart would break for whichever city was the object of such a catastrophe, I feel like a sitting duck here across the river from Washington, DC. Unfortunately, nothing is too crazy to envision these days...

eatyourbeans said...

yeah. Remember that Peggy Noonan piece that ran in the WSJ about a year ago? She said the elites have taken to the lifeboats. So we have a choice. Bail or drown.

Nessus said...

Well said Baron......I'm a life-long resident of Dearborn, Michigan so believe me, I know the results of un-ending Muslim immigration.

Briefly, Dearborn has always had Arabs but in the past they were mostly Arab-Christian but since about the mid-1990's, most are fundamentalist Muslim.

Bottom line (as I'm sure you all know): Observant Muslims do not assimilate well at all, they are not well suited for assimilating into modern, Western society.

Islam spreads through immigration and the building of mosques, believe me. All immigration into the USA should be reduced, especially Muslims and the illegal Latinos but what politician will do it in today's climate? Answer: None.

Dark days ahead....and now we live in a nation that can't engineer and manufacture much of anything anymore. Just what the globalists want: interdepenence and no liberty (individual or national).

Next step: The North American Union and then soon after that - one world government.

KG said...

"Next step: The North American Union and then soon after that - one world government."

i used to regard statements like that as paranoid.
Not any more.

Zerosumgame said...

If anyone is still reading this thread, please read Caroline Glick's latest column at the Jerusalem Post. Where among other things, she advocates nuking the Persian Gulf oil if there is a second Holocaust.