Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Something-or-Other

The Red-Nosed OneHappy… uh… Holidays. Merry… um… Saturnalia. Have a joyous… er… Winter Solstice.

Let’s celebrate… Yule. That’s it: Yule!

Let’s cut down the sacred spruce and hang candles on its boughs, representing the stars pivoting around Yggdrasil, the axle-tree of the cosmos!

Let’s participate in the ritual slaughter of the Corn God, and thereby destroy the old year to make way for the new!

Viscum albumJoin us at the Year’s Midnight as we cut the mistletoe from the oak with a golden sickle and then lower the Sperm of the Gods onto a silken sheet, recapitulating the death of Balder at the hands of Loki, and thus the birth of the new year!

Shout for joy as the Priestess of the Moon raises her silver blade!

But whatever you do, don’t mention the name of Jesus Christ…


Francis W. Porretto said...

Jesus...Christ? Pray tell, who was He?

unaha-closp said...

Was a beautiful summers day today, ate lunch by the sea, opened presents on the deck, going to have a BBQ tomorrow and maybe watch some cricket.

Got to say find your Yuletide wishes totally inappropriate.

Merry Christmas to you.

Dymphna said...

And Happy Solstice Season to you, unaha-closp, in your lovely bubble where the word "Christmas" is not a problematic one.

May you continue to thrive there.

Happy New Year, too...that greeting is safe.

unaha-closp said...

Lots of "lovely bubbles", red wines and beer and port - I am filled with the Spirits. All partaken in the company of family, rather pleasently. You have all this to look forward to, I wish you all the best.

It may have been a co-opted mid-winter celebration that got it started. But it is now (or it was until an hour ago) Christmas Day. It is Christmas everywhere and only winter in half the world, it is the middle of summer here and it is Christmas. So please accept the wishes of a very Merry Christmas.

PS - If you truly want Yuletide greetings you'll have to wait about six months.

PPS - Hope you have a white Christmas.

eatyourbeans said...

Merry Christmas all. There! I said the C-word? Has anybody else noticed that people have been saying it more this year?
To our Europeans: Joyeux Noel....Froeliche Weihnachten....sorry I've run out of languages.

Jason Pappas said...

Merry Christmas to both of you.

The odd thing that saying or not saying "Merry Christmas" is making a statement when it used to be an unproblematic festive greeting. Soon we’ll even have to wonder what people mean when they say “God bless you” after every sneeze. The Spanish have a greater problem with “Adios” which is a contraction of “A Dios” which I assume means “To God.”

And Happy New Years ... you're not Chinese are you?

Frank said...

Merry Christmas. I think, with due respect to the folks who think this post was inappropriate, that it was extremely appropriate. I'm almost sick to my stomach from the fact that its almost impossible to hear it in Canada these days.

In fact, I was watching "Its a Wonderful Life" with my 10 year old daughter last night on CBC TV(the state propaganda organ) and during the commercials I was treated to a pre-mercial of a show starting in January. Get this:

"Little Mosque on the Prairie"

I kid you not. Of all the ethnic minorities in Canada, including a huge Chinese population and Sikh population, who gets their own TV show? Islam? WTF? Apparently all it takes to get the state to pay for a show is to let off a few bombs so the state can run around trying to convince everyone that you DON'T let off bombs.

Its time the US occupied Canada so we can be run by non-insanity. Even if its just for a week or so...just to get a taste of normalcy.

hank_F_M said...


Yes I had a merry Christmas.

I hope your Christmas (and/or holiday of choice) was truly merry..

At the risk of ruining the Gates reputation for slavish political correctness, I will say the name; at Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

And a happy new year.