Friday, December 08, 2006

Le Mot Juste

Hamburger-eating surrender monkeyIn a comment on last night’s post, the intrepid blogger Fellow Peacekeeper had this to say:

Incidentally, will fleeing from Iraq make Americans “hamburger eating surrender monkeys”?

Well put, Fellow Peacekeeper! Speak truth to powerlessness!

In honor of our position as the world’s newest craven appeaser, I’ve photoshopped a nice self-portrait of America.

Do you want fries with that?


kepiblanc said...

Mais - après tout - a vòtre santé, mes amis :

Look at the bright side : The recent "developments" in America may stop the "brain-drain" from Europe. I mean, what's the purpose of leaving EUrabia for Islamerica ? - Now, when America is in full dhimmi mode, civilized people can just as well stay here and fight at the front line.

J.Holyfen said...

the world’s newest craven appeaser

For the love of Pete -- Give me a break, Baron. Save those comments for when the US does sit down with Syria and Iran, turns tail and runs from Iraq, and sells Israel down the river. -- none of which is about to happen any time soon, and probably not in our lifetime.

Stop thinking the headline-writers at the Times and the talking heads of the MSM or fr that matter Jimmy Baker III and the rest of those old bones on the ISG represent mainstream American opinion. They speak for no one. America is a long, long way from dhimmitude, and shame on you if you think it is.

The ISG is all about dmomestic politics, and you should know that.

I really like your site, and your take on things, but for the love of God, sometimes you come across as cravenly defeatist as the goddam pinkos. (LGF is just as bad sometimes.) Stop the kvetching about "lean times" and "surrender monkeys" and start planning the counterattack -- this sort of woe is me fatalism, besides being factually incorrect, does no one any good (outside the jihadis, it probably cheers them up to see such mopefests at an anti-jihad site), and if you'll permit me to say so, is both unChristian and unAmerican. Buck up, man! We've got a war to fight! Or if you think the game is up, get yourself to the Canadian wild and build yourself a compound. Me, I plan to fight, and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around wailing that the game is over when we haven't yet begun to fight.

Oh, and before you say, "We won,'t ever fight," allow me to say -- we will, and we will win.

Sorry in advance if this is harsh, it's just this "it's all over but the cryin'" stuff really gets on my nerves.

cold pizza said...

Hamburger and FRENCH fires? Then we could have a cheeseburger eating surrender monkey. -cp

Baron Bodissey said...

J.Holyfen --

Lighten up. I'm just having fun with F.P.'s idea.

But... there is some defeatist behavior going on; it's not all in my imagination. Look at what Gates said in his confirmation hearingd. Now, he could be lying just to get his appointment, or he might really mean that we won't attack Iran. What do you think?

The ISG is all about dmomestic politics, and you should know that.

Damn right it is, and that's what's going to ruin us: domestic politics. Our politicians will sell the country down the river to retain their power and perks. Especially the Democrats.

Stop the kvetching about "lean times" and "surrender monkeys" and start planning the counterattack.

I already am. You obviously haven't joined the 910 Group yet. Send an email to

Better get over there and pitch in.

kepiblanc said...

Planning the counterattack is fine. The information war has started. Things like the blogosphere and the 910 Group is a first. Allow me to add a word of caution : During the last Nazi occupation of my country the resistance started that way. People began distributing leaflets and illegal newspapers and the Nazis - together with the "dhimmi" government - went out of their way to stop them and soon things escacated violently.

Relying on the Internet is dangerous. The enemy has hired hands who know how to track you down. The EU and UN is working full time to censor the Net (taking control of ICANN) and Sweden already shuts down political incorrect websites belonging to legal, political parties. Organizations like Google and Youtube are learning. Really fast.

So, in parallel to establishing Internet-based networks we should prepare alternatives. Such as forming more 'physical' networks and cells. Those of us who don't know how to run covert organizations, counter-intelligence and use firearms should start training ASAP. In short : we need to realize that soon we'll have to leave our armchairs.

J.Holyfen said...

Baron --

Lighten up. I'm just having fun with F.P.'s idea.

OK buddy, I won't take you so literally when you kvetch.

I am in the 910 group, have been for a couple weeks now.

See ya at the barricades, pardner.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

A fine photoshop sir, even better than those Reuters chaps do.

In my defence, I note that I phrased the offending remark as a question.