Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dissin’ Les Flics

Respect police!A reader in France sent us a video link with the following note:

Hi, this short video (no words) will show you the amount of respect the French police get from the Muslim thugs in French suburbs… Spread at will.

Well, actually, you can hear some words, but they’re presumably in a French-Muslim underclass argot. I couldn’t make out a single word I recognized. Anyone who has a good ear for the dialect is welcome to translate for us in the comments.

But, please: Use asterisks where necessary in the R-rated words.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should send in our salvation army's trombone section. They'd be far more effective in quelling the riots in France.

Epaminondas said...

I speak french and I can even understand quebecois .. but I can't understand a single mot...we don't need any ..just the hands and eyes tell the tale.

pistache said...

I'm a native french-speaker, and I agree that it's very difficult to make sense out of what those monkeys are saying...

Here's what I hear, from the beginning:

"Oah, ils exagèrent, là": "Woa, they're going too far, there"
"Attends!" or "Vas-t-en!" (?): "Wait!" or "go away!" (?)
"Où est la police?!": "Where're the police?!" (as in "Where're the police when you need them", with much irony in the voice)
The next line, I don't think i'ts even in french - maybe it's someone calling another one, not a french name anyway)
then, until the end of the video, the only words I recognize are again "Attends!" and "Police!"...