Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let’s Make a Deal

Update 12/6/06 9:30am: This story has been confirmed by a reliable source in Denmark, one whose information I trust.

This video was was sent to us from Germany by “Odin Woden”. Here’s what the note accompanying it said:

Danish residents use pig blood to deter building of mosque

NjalsgadeCopenhagen 4 December 2006 — Last night some people protested against the construction of Mosques on European soil by defiling a proposed site with pigs blood.

A bag filled with Pig’s blood was splattered at the ground of a planed mosque in Copenhagen.

A video of the act — showing the men pouring a red liquid on the ground, and speaking in English, was released to the media, anonymously…

I have no way to authenticate this video, and do not vouch for it. But it’s an intriguing story.

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NjalsgadeDymphna’s Comments:

On the face of it, this looks pretty barbaric. Why would people be opposed to the building of mosques in Europe? Could it be that the heart of such dissent lies in the history of what Islam has done to Christian churches wherever it has gone?

Why don’t we make a deal… say, a church for each mosque. We could start with this one. They can trade us the Hagia Sophia for ten mosques, for surely it is worth that much, if not more.

NjalsgadeI don’t abide with desecrating other religions’ places of worship, but the Christian cheek has been turned long enough. Time to give back some of the stolen goods. And what more fitting place to start than Turkey, which wants entry into the EU?

Does Christendom have any mosques-turned-into-churches? I wonder why not.

I don’t blame these vandals, but like the invisible moderate Muslim, I don’t approve, either.

Let’s start some trading instead.


Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Not agree. Desecrating an existing mosque (and by extension the community that it serves) would be pretty barbaric. But putting bad juju on a construction site, in a way that is grossly offensive to "Islam", as opposed to specific people,, while being merely somewhat gross for the rest of us, is pretty damn low on the barbarism scale.

Bravo lads! Non-violent, non-confrontational, low effort, low cost, anonymous, potentially devastating - brilliant work.

The First Gunslinger said...

"I don’t blame these vandals, but like the invisible moderate Muslim, I don’t approve, either."

By calling them "vandals" are you not implicitly describing them as barbarous? I only jest but it will be interesting to study etymology after the present conflict is settled. Will "vandals" be replaced by "muslims" in a distant lexicon? Or, extrapolating the current euphemisms eminating from Paris, will anyone engaged in wanton destruction be a "youth?"

"Does Christendom have any mosques-turned-into-churches? I wonder why not."

I would like to note (approvingly) that the grand cathedral of Sevilla is constructed over the ruins of a grand mosque. Thankfully I was admitted entrance and allowed to revel in its majesty despite the fact that I am neither Catholic nor a practicing Christian. I would also note that while visiting this monument I overheard a tour guide quite proud of the demolition and replacement. This might indicate cultural self-respect still exists in parts of Al-Andalus.

Don_Marcelino said...
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Don_Marcelino said...


among the greatest mosques in the history of Islamic architecture--at least from an archaeological perspective--has been converted into a Christian Church: the Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain. Most Spaniards still refer to the now cathedral of Córdoba as the "great mosque of Córdoba." There is also a delightful little gem of a church in Toledo that was once a mosque (and another in the same city though less impressive). Throughout Spain, a few other buildings that were directly appropriated by Christians remain extant, some other Churches demolished the mosque but kept the minnaret as the new church´s bell tower, and many more built the new church on the ruins of the old mosque.

A couple of years ago, local Moslems began agitating for equal time in the Cathedral of Córdoba. To wit, they want to conduct their own strictly Moslem worship services under the sam roof that shelters the reserved Body of Christ. The bishop would have none of this, but it caused a minor sensation among the massed ranks of the Spanish left, ever salivating after an opportunity to appease Moslems, and if, in so doing, they can damage the Church, then they´ve pulled off a hat trick. At any rate, judging by the initial reaction, the local imams have got to like their chances for the recovery of this gem in the not-too-distant future. This is an important story and I hope to get something out about it, but it seems very much in the line of Gates of Vienna.

May God preserve Catholic Spain! Santiago Matamoros, ruega por nosotros!

John Sobieski said...

I don't have a problem with it. This is war for the survival of the West. Because our political leaders will not halt Muslim immigration and parasitic action against the West, the people must take action themselves.

kepiblanc said...

Take a look at the street's name : "Njalsgade". It means "The street of Njal". Njal is a figure from the Icelandic sagas (family tales) written around AD 1300-1400, but dealing with Nordic history from around AD 930 - 1030. Which means "pagan" times. Now, why would the Muslims want to build a mosque at a place dedicated to Nordic persons who worshiped Odin, Thor, Tyr, Freja etc...?

BTW, the other street on the planned Mosque's corner is "Artillerivej" (Artillery Street). Some 70 years ago the place was used by the King's First Artillery Regiment as a firing range. Very appropriate....

Baron Bodissey said...

ln --

No, alas, I fail to read many of the comments on this blog. Not enough time!

I read slightly more of my email, though...

Bilgeman said...


Strike a blow for Christian Europe!

...have a sandwich.



X said...

No trading. Every mosque they build is seen as a territorial claim, whereas churches are seen as houses of worship, nothing more. If we start trading churches for mosques, we're cedeing territory. What's to stop them going back on the deal in 10 or 20 years when they have what they perceive as territorial claim on so much more of our land?

Yorkshireminer said...

Archonix sometime the infidels go one better than just turning mosques into churchs go to this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page I hope they sell Carlsberg beer.


In Russet Shadows said...

It's going to have to come to this, folks. A war is on, and it's a war that the Muslims have declared. Now, we fight back with pigs' blood late at night, for our words are like shooting in the air; soon it will come to actions in the daylight. Remember that the Reconquista was not plan A -- but the last desperate hope of a nation in which everything else had failed. They have already threatened us, raped us, intimidated us; now we fight back!

Jason Pappas said...

Why am I reminded of the Boston Tea Party?

In regards to the pig’s blood episode, if this had been reversed you’d hear apologist use such phrases as “you have to understand their oppression,” “let’s put ourselves in their shoes,” “examine the root cause,” “they’ve been driven to it,” etc. Actually those excuses are used for violent Islamic acts against members of civilization. This is merely a symbolic act against property.

I’m still trying to flush a Koran down a toilet …

tvdog said...

How about mosaics in the floors of airport concourses, depicting verses of the koran in Arabic? Any moslem wishing to take a flight has to walk on the "holy book" to get there.

kepiblanc said...

tvdog -

...and upholstering all seats on airplanes with swine leather ?

Ethelred said...

How about playing catch-up and for, say, the next 30 years, that there must be 10 BIG churches IN SAUDI ARABIA for little storefront mosque anywhere in the West?

Furthermore, before ANY more mosques can be built, Christmas must be an OFFICIAL holiday in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, for every month that churches are not allowed to be built in Saudi Arabia, 100 mosques are destroyed.

Furthermore, Islam MUST reciprocate FULLY before it is allowed to be called a religion in the West.

Yes, I have quite had it with half measures.


Exile said...

Jason_Pappas said.. I’m still trying to flush a Koran down a toilet …

It's easier page by page. But while you have one page in your hand, might as well do something useful with it...!!

scrilla said...

i believe the pig's blood defilement works posthumously too (if you are buried with pigs you can't reach heaven or some crap)

so after nuking Mecca we should sow the soil with pig's blood AND salt

Anonymous said...

Reactions are becoming increasinglly virulent against Islam in Europe.

In Spain:
In France :

Switzerland : http://www.solothurnerzeitung……-115715894

Denmark: http://catholicforum.fisheater…..ic=1558665.

Australia (not the effective way) http://www.couriermail.com.au/…..6174049519

In Italy, an MP from the Lega Nord walks a piglet on a field where a mosque is to be built http://it.wikinews.org/wiki/Pa…..Via_Anelli

Other unbearable Islamophobes have urinated on a Quran or even burnt one: