Monday, December 11, 2006

Even If We Have to Kill Your Kids, We’ll Get You

Or so Hamas seems to say…

Palestine politics is a cesspit beyond our imagining. The latest evil is the murder of three children whose father, Baha Balousheh, a loyalist of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement.

In a bungled attempt to kill Balousheh, it is thought that Hamas assassins murdered his children instead:

Palestinian gunmen killed the three young children of a leading enemy of the ruling Islamic Hamas movement today, firing dozens of rounds into their car as it passed through a street crowded with youngsters.

It is believed the assassination target was the children’s father, Baha Balousheh, a senior Palestinian intelligence officer. He was not in the car.

There has been no immediate claim of responsibility and Hamas has denounced the drive-by attack.

The car was riddled with some 60 bullets by gunmen driving in two vehicles, Palestinian security officials said. Its seats, school bags and a small plastic bag with a sandwich in it were splattered with blood.

Three of Mr. Balousheh’s children, ranging in age from six to ten, were killed in addition to an adult, hospital officials said. Four more people were wounded in the attack in Palestine Street, lined with nine schools.


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An Abbas aide, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, said he was concerned the attack will lead to a large-scale confrontation. “If this continues, it will lead to our worst nightmare, internal fighting.”

Gaza has been plagued by factional violence in the past, with dozens killed and hundreds wounded.

Today’s attack targeting children was unprecedented, and was likely to trigger widespread confrontations at a time when the lines between Hamas and Fatah have hardened.

Earlier this month, Abbas announced that talks on forming a unity government between Hamas and Fatah have broken down. Earlier this week, he raised the possibility of calling early elections, drawing angry protests by Hamas which said he does not have the authority to dissolve the Hamas-dominated parliament.

The mills of Hamas grind slowly…Balousheh was - is - an intelligence officer known for his crackdown on Hamas’ violent tactics some years ago.

Hamas deserves to be blackballed by every legitimate government in the world, and every NGO currently funneling money to them. Saudi Arabia deserves to be hung out to dry for supporting them. Iran, too. The UN should be deep-sixed for their byzantine efforts on Hamas’ behalf.

Meanwhile, this old globe keeps spinning, and Hamas continues to metastasize further: an evil, spreading tumor on Palestine’s already weakened system.

“Factional” fighting? More like suicide nightmares lived out in the streets of Palestine.

You wait, though. Somehow this will be Israel’s fault. The Zionist entity, powerful as it is, will be the root cause of the grotesque mayhem that Hamas inflicts on its brothers.

Massive projection is just another term for Jihad.


Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Hamas is scum, but....

Collateral damage is much the same whether machine gun or laser guided bomb : "... target of an assassination attempt, noting that the car’s windows had been covered by black shades, blocking a view of the passengers."

But since the attack was in a school area, its reasonable to assume the perps factored in the children and did it anyway, kind of a two for one bonus.

The Islamoids don't seem to care about muslim children becoming casualties much. The Palis happily used them as a shield during the intifada. Hezbollah dug them up for use as propaganda props (the "Green Helmet Guy"). The Kosovo Albanians hid gunmen and arsonists behind crowds of unarmed school kids in their assaults on KFOR and Serb objects during the 2004 riots. The Taliban have not allowed the presence of even 'friendly' Pastun children to stop suicide attacks in Afghanistan this year, indeed a patrol distracted by handing out candy to a crowd of kids is a attractive soft target (as the Canadians found out the hard way).

Dymphna said...

Not to mention the little kids in suicide bomber costumes, or the indoctrination in kindergarten.

There is no way out for these children.

Carl in Jerusalem said...

I believe that they were trying to get the kids as a warning to the father and to other Fatah members. Nice people, huh?

Clovis Sangrail said...

I too, along with Carl in Jerusalem, believe that this was deliberate, for the reasons he stated. Moreover, it goes with the mentality: "if we can't get you yet, we can still get your children".

Zerosumgame said...

The Palestinians are so depraved that they send little children to blow up other children and make heroes of them.

I hope they kill each other until there are none left.

This is a sick and depraved culture that is beyond being saved.

Voltaire said...


I have tried to look at it from 1,000 different angles, but... Here's another vote for "sick and depraved culture that is beyond being saved."

Beyond algebra, I can't think of a single positive contribution that Islam has given the world, in 1400 years on this planet. (And as someone said, thanks a heck of a lot for that one.)

It is a sick culture, and our only hope is to stop its spreading like cancer to the rest of the world. I know this sounds hateful, but given the state of affairs in Islamic countries, I defy anyone to come up with a reasoned way to disprove this sentiment.

Urban Infidel said...

Sounds intentional. Paleo warfare at its scummiest.

Zerosumgame said...


The sad thing is that the Islamofascists are confident, breeding and ruthless, while the West is weak, effeminate, self-hating, and wimpy.

I think we will either face a nuclear confrontation with these people, or regress into the most brutal, and horrible of Dark Ages, one that sets Civilization back far more than the fall of Rome -- because the Islamic conquest will be close to total -- involving the West, Russia and Africa, while turning Latin America, and India into dhimmi states.

The far east will fall into domination by the one culture that will have the numbers, the will and the weapons to resist Islamofascism, but basically will be allied with it -- a resurgent, Fascist China. China will turn East and Southeast Asia into its protectorate.

ziontruth said...

I said this before, and I'll say it again:

All those kids should be taken from their parents, by force if need be, and sent to be raised as non-Muslims.

Now, I know this'll send a hue and cry from the self-righteous, merciful-unto-the-cruel (which always leads to cruelty to the merciful--a saying of the Jewish Sages) Leftists, EU-UN-uchs and other dhimmis, but that's the most merciful thing to do. Because the parents, being adults, are well-nigh beyond hope. They're raising their kids to a culture of suicide-"martyrdom", little different than if they sacrificed them to the Molech as babies. Those kids still have a chance of being good and sane human beings--but not under their parents. Taking them away from their parents and raising them as non-Muslims would be the best thing that could be done to them, the greatest favor unto them, the fairest and justest deed.

I don't know if it's possible (as the Baron said a few posts ago: policymaking-wise, we're now on a nose-dive), but the only other option would nearly certainly be to kill the kids on the battlefield (toward which their parents had educated them). And that, I think not many disagree, would be far worse.

X said...

Voltaire, even algebra is arguable. The evidence points to it being passed through islamic lands from India, where complex mathematical theorems were being devised and implemented in engineering and the like before Uncle Mo was even born. They called it Beez Ganit.